About this page

This page once started from the idea of using the configuration of continuous integration systems like Travis to see, if a software will work with a given version of a runtime.

The first version of this site was running at and only collecting the HHVM runtime support. PHP-Eye is now collecting the runtime support infos for all PHP and HHVM versions supported by Travis-Ci.

To achieve this, constant crawling of all packages for new version from and Travis-configurations from is needed.

If you like this page, be me a beer or such and let us have a good time :)


Badges are small images showing the status of something. Thanks to for providing such a usefull service and badge-generator.

There are multiple kind of badges you can select from, but all have the same common parameters: Style and Image-Format


Two image formats can be selected from.

Format Description
PNG Format using pixels, not looking very smooth but will work always.
SVG Vector based format with smooth gradients and edges. Retina-ready ;)


Three badge styles are available.

Style Example Description
plastic Old style, was default on
flat Default style at PHP-Eye.
flat-square A squared version of the flat style.

By Runtime

A badge for each runtime can be accessed using the following table. Because of the granularity of Travis, no patch version increments can be selected, only major-minor.

Runtime Badge Link
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.0
PHP 5.6
PHP 5.5
PHP 5.4
PHP 5.3
PHP 5.2

By Status

Some special badges are available, where multiple runtimes will be collected by their status. If no runtime matches a status, a 1x1px transparent GIF will be returned to avoid breaking site layouts.

Badge Link

Version or Branch

By default, the dev-master Branch will be used for the badge. To use different branch or version use the branch queryparameter.

Branch Badge Link

API for PHP Eye

This service was possible because of others offering their APIs. So PHP-Eye will try to do the same.

The main API is documented via Nelmio/ApiDoc here and can be found here /api/doc. This API will return nearly all data we have stored about a package.

Another API call is technically another format of a badge request. When requesting a badge for JSON like this: /badge/symfony/symfony.json, all runtime support information for that branch/version is returned.