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Name Description
0001000xyz/laravel-admin laravel admin
0001000xyz/single-login laravel keep user single login
001official-lust-stories-full-movie-hd-2018-online/hd-2018 PuTlOcKeR.Watch] Lust Stories FULL MoviE.(2018) Online
0099ff/dialogflowphp A PHP-SDK for V1 of the Dialogflow API
00f100/array_dot array_dot method to navigate into array
00f100/cakephp-opauth Opauth plugin for CakePHP v3.x, allowing simple plug-n-play 3rd-party authentication with CakePHP
00f100/fcphp-autoload Autoload providers and routes into composer vendor package
00f100/fcphp-cache Cache Index for FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-command Library to manipulate console commands into FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-context Context for FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-controller Abstract class Controller to FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-cookie Package to manipulate Cookies
00f100/fcphp-crypto Crypto content for FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-datasource Package to manipulate datasource
00f100/fcphp-datasource-mysql Package to manipulate datasource MySQL
00f100/fcphp-di Dependency Injection for FcPHP
00f100/fcphp-dispach Library to dispach request to controller
00f100/fcphp-i18n Internationalization i18n
00f100/fcphp-log Logs for application fcphp
00f100/fcphp-provider Provider Manager for FcPHP
00f100/fcphp-query Package to manipulate query
00f100/fcphp-redis Redis Database for FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-register Register packages to FcPHP
00f100/fcphp-repository Package to manipulate repositories
00f100/fcphp-request Package to manage requests
00f100/fcphp-route Package to manipulate route for FcPhp
00f100/fcphp-sconsole Package security console requests
00f100/fcphp-service Package to manipulate services of application
00f100/fcphp-session Package to manipulate Sessions
00f100/fcphp-shttp package security web requests
00f100/fcphp-sinput Package to clean input content
00f100/opauth-facebook-model Opauth Facebook Model for CakePHP3
00f100/phpatr Package to your test routes API REST to use in Jenkins
00f100/phpdbug Package to debug everything in PHP
00f100/phpuphar Library to self update your phar file
00f100/uuid A PHP 5.3+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID).
00tianhuo00/demoa test
0100dev/cakephp-rabbitmq A RabbitMQ plugin for CakePHP 3
0123megaema-my-friend-dahmer-2017-full-movie-online-hd/hd-2017 PuTlOcKeR.Watch] My Friend Dahmer FULL.(2017) Online
0123movies-watch-overboard-2018/online-full-movie-download 0123movies]-Watch! Overboard Movie Online Free and Full Streaming Download #Watch Overboard 2018 Online Movie HD Putlocker
0123play-hd-movie-veere-di-wedding-2018-full-movies-hd-online/hd-2018-movies PuTlOcKeR.Watch] Veere Di Wedding FULL MoviE.(2018) Online
012megaflexi-veere-di-wedding-2018-full-movies-hd-online/hd-2018-online PuTlOcKeR.Watch MoVieS] Veere Di Wedding FULL MoviE.(2018) Online
0377/image-ocr 验证码识别
0ctobat/octobat-php Octobat PHP Library
0daysolution/composer-asset-plugin-assagist Composer assets cache plugin
0k/php-oe-json OpenERP Json query
0myun/laravel-encrypt-ext laravel-encrypt-ext
0n3s3c/baselibrary Library for working with objects in PHP
0nedark/onespec Testing framework for php based on Jest and influenced by phpspec...
0nedark/onespec-stable Testing framework
0nedark/system_logger A package used to perform DataDog and system logs
0plus1/patchr MySQL version control
0plus1/patchr-laravel Laravel wrapper for Patchr
0rla/larp-bj A JWT API Boilerplate to create REST APIs with Entrust roles and permissions. Original boilerplate: thanks to francesco malatesta:
0rpc/zerorpc-php A Standard ZeroRPC client.
0s1r1s/dev-shortcuts-bundle Bundle for symfony2 console command shortcuts.
0szx0/hello A package which have a test
0tofu/drupal-japanese Drupal Coding Standard For Japanese.
0ws0/hobby my hobby!yahoo
0ws0/phpsign api sign
0x00-dev/phpdocgen Easy static documentation generator
0x13a/buxus A framework-agnostic, minimal & lightweight PHP command bus
0x13a/geodistance-php Calculate geodistance between two points, latitude and longitude
0x20h/monoconf log4j like logging configuration for the monolog framework
0x20h/phloppy A PHP client for Disque
0x46616c6b/etherpad-lite-client PHP Client for Etherpad Lite
0x46616c6b/etherpad-lite-console A thin console toolkit to maintain an etherpad lite instance
0x4a5k/omnipay-wirecard Wirecard gateway for Omnipay payment processing library
0x4a5k/wirecard-php-api Wirecard PHP API
0x6d617474/isolate Isolates composer dependencies by prefixing namespace for all vendor code within a project
0x6d617474/wp-migrations Migrations for WordPress plugins
0x6d617474/wp-testing Testing libraries for WordPress
0x775/framework framework
0xcrypto/list-shortcodes A WP CLI command to list the available shortcodes
0xct/grapes Framework PHP
0xhexspeak/service-skeleton Microservice application template