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Name Description
1happyplace/phpunit-colors Class that adds color to PHPUnit testing output using ANSI escape coding
1naturalway/brightree Brightree API Wrapper for PHP
1naveengiri/packagistdemo Testing how packagist work
1nettelekom/netsms Bir Net SMS
1of0/better-annotations Wrapper around the doctrine/annotations that tries to be less verbose
1of0/curly cURL wrapper
1of0/json Abstraction layer for json_encode() and json_decode(), providing Json.NET-like functionality through annotations or mappings
1of0/league-route A league/route fork that does not force the league/container dependency
1of0/mime-resolver Resolves MIME types from file extensions and vice versa
1of0/phpdoc-reader PhpDocReader parses @var and @param values in PHP docblocks (supports namespaced class names with the same resolution rules as PHP)
1of0/streams Simple stream wrapper library
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1pilotapp/laravel-client Client to connect a Laravel app to service
1pilotapp/symfony-client 1Pilot client for Symfony
1ppl/router Router Class
1ppl/utils-compound Compound
1shiharat/block-content-editor Sir Trevor based block content editor for WordPress
1shiharat/epigone-theme-customizer utility class for WordPress.
1shiharat/wp-admin-bootstrap Bootstrap Based CSS Framework for WordPress admin screen.
1sildur/amocrm Simple PHP class for amocrm API
1stel/cloudstack-php-client Client PHP library for the CloudStack API
1stel/stratostack-portal StratoSTACK Cloud Billing Portal.
1stel/stratostack-records-generation StratoSTACK Bill Records Generation.
1stone/fetchurl Fetch an url and show the content in a TYPO3 Frontend.
1stteam/cubephp goi tien iich mo rong
1stvamp/ Website generation tools for
1upon0/ui bare-bones PHP framework with URL routing, templating and helper libraries
1william1/functions-php PHP functions