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Name Description
a_nameless_wolf/urabe A CRUD API for database transaction in MySQL, PostgreSQL y ORACLE
a-goryachev/yii2-fullcalendar Fullcalendar wrapper for Yii2
a-jue/moeins This is online video.
a-lawrence/laravel-wonde This is a bridge package for the Wonde API Client.
a-powell/fractal-bundle A Symfony2 Bundle for Fractal by League. Implements dependency injection into your transformers
a-s-kash/master_to_the_project_geocoder master_to_the_project_geocoder on Yii 2 Basic Template
a-s-kash/test-category-tree TreeCategoriesProject on Yii 2 Basic Template
a-s-r/laravel-dolly this is a laravel package
a-s-r/laravel-form-builder This is a laravel package !!
a-sabagh/simple-file-uploader Simple and Secure PHP File Upload with great options and very light and easy to use.
a-shpota/fastcgi FastCGI client
a-ssassi-n/awesomeimages-tags Laravel Tags. Added support for UTF-8 chars in slug. Originally License of Cartalyst LLC
a-zac/testmage2 test
a.ambrogini/phpjasper A PHP report generator that work in symfony
a.combeau/unistra-test-packagist-hello iTop - Test : Submodule to test packagist integration.
a.vinogradova/composer-lib Test Lib
a/test testing packagist - will update
a06220226/lx-helper helper functions
a06220226/simple-excel simple csv download
a07061625/pay Pay SDK
a07061625/upload 文件上传 SDK
a1133246789/the_one this_is_one
a15lam/df-alarmdotcom A DreamFactory service for
a15lam/df-core DreamFactory(tm) Core Components
a15lam/df-wemo A DreamFactory service for controlling Belkin Wemo devices
a15lam/php-iot PHP library for controlling household IoT devices.
a15lam/php-wemo PHP library for Wemo devices.
a15lam/rpi-gpio A PHP Wrapper class around WiringPi GPIO library
a15lam/wemo-plex Control Wemo devices by Plex Media Server activity
a15lam/workspace A library of commonly used classes and utilities.
a17/sprint.migration migration module for 1C-Bitrix
a17mad/laravel-cybersource This package wraps the Cybersource SOAP API in a convenient, easy to use package for Laravel.
a1bo/yii2-hiart-steam Steam web API implementation for yii2-hiart
a1comms/gae-support-l5 Google App Engine & Local SDK Support for Laravel 5.1 apps.
a1comms/gae-support-laravel Google App Engine (Standard and Flexible Environment) runtime support for Laravel apps.
a1comms/gae-support-lumen Google App Engine & Local SDK Support for Lumen apps.
a1comms/laravel-middleware Shared Laravel 5.1 compatible middleware.
a1comms/php-gds Google Cloud Datastore Library for PHP
a1comms/pim-community-appengine The "Akeneo Community Standard Edition" distribution
a1comms/protobuf PHP implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers
a1comms/socialite-lts Laravel wrapper around OAuth 1 & OAuth 2 libraries.
a1essandro/diamond-and-square Algorithm for generating heightmaps
a1essandro/larrays Large arrays and lists
a1essandro/neural-network Artificial neural network
a1essandro/perlin-noise Algorithm for generating heightmaps
a1essandro/roman-numbers Easy conversion int <-> roman numbers
a1extran/dns-made-easy PHP wrapper for the Dns Made Easy API.
a1k4id/alkaid-db PDO_MySQL Singleton
a1k4id/mysql PDO_MySQL Singleton
a1s/php-zabbix-agent Zabbix Agent implemented in PHP for long living php-servers
a2881dante/laravel-blockchain-api Library to integrate Blockchain API into Laravel project.
a2881dante/laravel-cryptobirge-api Package for using cryptobirge API.
a2bizz/magento2-happyfox-autologin Happyfox integration for Autologin by A2bizz
a2bizz/magento2-module-happyfox Happyfox integration for Autologin by A2bizz
a2design-company/mandrill-cakephp-plugin Mandrill CakePHP plugin
a2design-company/sendgrid-webapi-cakephp-plugin Sendgrid WebAPI CakePHP plugin
a2design-inc/cakephp-image-manager CakePHP Image Manager plugin
a2design-inc/cakephp-twilio Twilio CakePHP plugin
a2design-inc/laravel-form-builder Form Builder for the Laravel Framework
a2design-inc/laravel4-acl ACL component for Laravel 4
a2design-inc/minify A package for minifying styles and javascript
a2design-inc/php-html-parser An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
a2design-inc/upload CakePHP plugin to handle file uploading sans ridiculous automagic
a2design/aiml AIML parser
a2design/eloquent-presenter Model Presenters for Laravel
a2design/extended-crud Extends templates compiling for appzcoder/crud-generator
a2design/laravel-list-db Allows DB structure listing (with types)
a2design/laravel-reviewable Reviewable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for Laravel 5
a2design/laravel-service-provider DRY Service Provider for Laravel 5 Packages
a2e/arc2 ARC2 RDF library for PHP
a2e/converter Converter ARC2 parsers output to Erfurn format
a2la1101/csvhandler read from and write to a csv file
a2lix/auto-form-bundle Automatize form creation
a2lix/i18n-doctrine-bundle Manage i18n for your doctrine objects
a2lix/translation-form-bundle Translate your doctrine objects easily with some helps
a2ncer/sumatra-php-soap-client Sumatra API SoapClient library
a2nt/silverstripe-dropzone An HTML5 upload field for the CMS and frontend forms.
a2nt/silverstripe-member-profiles SilverStripe extendable profile areas. Provides registration page and extendable profile page area.
a2nt/silverstripe-vkconnect Integration of VK Connect into SilverStripe
a2nt/silverstripe-webpack The SilverStripe webpack boilerplate
a2test/testcart Send abandoned cart emails
a2way/laravel-app-settings Save data in a table called "app_settings" and retrieve them.
a2way/laravel-tenant-migrate A2Way Laravel Tenant Migrate
a2zi/ovh-sms-bundle Symfony Bundle to easily send SMS using Ovh API
a3020/centry Allows communication from concrete5 to Centry Portal.
a3020/composer_security concrete5 package that checks for vulnerabilities in Composer dependencies.
a3020/cron-expression CRON for PHP: Calculate the next or previous run date and determine if a CRON expression is due
a3020/fake_data Use fake data in your concrete5 installation
a3020/guzzle-mutable-config Guzzle Client with a mutable config
a3020/laravel-sitemap Retrieves, validates, and parses remote sitemap documents
a3020/marketplace_sales concrete5 add-on to keep track of marketplace sales
a3020/quick_not_found A concrete5 8.4.0+ add-on to quickly return a 404-response if a file isn't found.
a3020/quiz Create a quiz based on Slim, Bootstrap, JSON and Twig.
a3020/speed_analyzer Analyze loading times of your concrete5 application
a3020/theme_blank Blank theme for concrete5 8+