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Name Description
b-alidra/epg-generator French channels EGP generator
b-alidra/xmltv XMLTV generator
b-b3rn4rd/hack-bpay-reader Hack BPAY Reader - Biller Information File Reader
b-b3rn4rd/phplame PHP wrapper for LAME (MP3 encoder)
b-connect/drupal-project Project template for Drupal 8 projects with composer
b-connect/gogs-client Gogs client on guzzle php
b-connect/grumphp-config Default grump config for projects
b-connect/mailingwork Integration for mailingwork api.
b-connect/stylelint-composer Install custom stylelint in project root
b-poignant/serialize-data-fixer Fix corrupted serialized data
b-tokman/yii2-react Yii 2 widget for server-side rendering ReactJs
b.schmithuysen/test Test
b00gizm/alexa-skill OOP wrappers for the Amazon Alexa Skill JSON interface
b00gizm/symfony-boilerplate-app The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
b13/environment Configure multiple environments for TYPO3
b13/geocoding Services for using geocoding from Google inside TYPO3 database records
b13/http2 Speed up TYPO3 rendering via HTTP/2 Server Push
b13/memolist A simple TYPO3 Extension using the TYPO3 Frontend session to save data.
b13/pagetsconfig Configure PageTSconfig options Inline Elements in TYPO3
b13/pdfreactor Library for the PDFreactor PHP wrapper
b13/proxycachemanager TYPO3 Extension that automatically flushes cached URLs within a proxy / CDN.
b13/seo_basics Basic SEO features for TYPO3
b1rdex/predis-compressible Client gzip compression for Predis library
b1scuit/tinsymvc A tinsy, tiny MVC for tiny sites
b1tc0re/counters Компонент для модуля counters. Этот компонент привязан к блоку app-components-v2 БЭМ
b1tc0re/gis2-provider Geocoder 2Gis adapter
b1tc0re/name-case-lib Fork of
b1tc0re/sypex-geo Определение местонахождения с помощью
b23prodtm/markdown-plugin A CakePHP plugin that facilitates the use of PHP Markdown with CakePHP
b24help/app Bitrix24 REST Application abstract class
b24io/loyalty-php-sdk B24io.Loyalty: PHP-SDK for bonus cards and loyalty program for Bitrix24
b2b/decimal Decimal type
b2b/eloquent-extensions Eloquent extensions
b2b/eloquent-typecasting Eloquent extended typecasting
b2b/enum PHP Enum implementation
b2bapp/import-handler Import Handler module for Magento 2
b2bapp/update-handler Update Handler module for Magento 2
b2bcenter/googleauthenticator Google Authenticator 2-factor authentication
b2bcenter/pdfparser Pdf parser library. Can read and extract information from pdf file.
b2bcenter/php-slack-bot Slack bot user written in PHP
b2bcenter/safecurl A drop-in replacement for 'curl_exec', designed to prevent SSRF attacks.
b2binpay/api-php PHP client for B2BinPAY
b2binpay/magento2 B2BinPay Payment Method for Magento 2
b2f/file-system File system interaction libraries (unix)
b2ik/yii2-google-api yii2 service to use google api
b2ik/yii2-module-sample yii2 simple module books for tests
b2pweb/bdf-pipeline Bdf Pipeline component
b2pweb/clamd PHP wrapper of quahog for Clamd daemon
b2r/composition Easy to generate composition php source
b2r/exception b2r Exception Component
b2r/twig Twig descendants
b2systems/b2-sdk PHP SDK for B2 Systems
b2un0/php-plex Connect to your Plex library through php
b301/purifier Laravel 5 HtmlPurifier Package
b3da/dyn-form-bundle Symfony bundle for dynamic forms
b3da/eos-bundle Symfony bundle for easy OpenSSL operations
b3da/pusher-bundle Symfony bundle for Android and Ios push notifications
b3it/gnucash-eloquent Laravel Eloquent models for the GnuCash MySQL backend.
b3it/laravel-memcached-plus Extends the built-in Laravel 5 Cache Memcached driver adding support for persistent connections, SASL and Memcached options.
b3k/ewus PHP library implementing eWUS functionality from NFZ
b3n/azurestorage TYPO3 FAL driver extension for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
b3n/php-azure-search A simple PHP Class to communicate with the Microsoft Azure Search REST API
b3n/service-provider-contentful Zend Component Service Provider for Contentful
b3n/typo3-predis-cache TYPO3 backend cache based on predis
b3nl/avatar-content-type-html Adds the simple HTML content type to the avatar cms.
b3nl/laravel-mwb-model Converts an MySQL Workbench model to laravel counterparts.
b3nl/laravel-rest-scaffolding Generates basic routes and requests for REST APIs.
b3nl/laravel-theme Created my own laravel theme package, based on a model, a middleware and loading callbacks with an theme.php in a resource folder.
b3nl/phing-shopware Adds shopware tasks to your phing-build.
b3nl/sw-migrations Uses the shopware interface to enable custom database migrations.
b3nl/swredis Redis driver for Shopware
b3none/been-claimed Detect whether a google maps listing has been claimed via their ID
b3none/emtapi East Midlands Trains PHP API Client
b3none/php-cache A super simple PHP caching layer.
b3none/steam-group-checker Check whether a Steam64ID is in your group.
b3none/steam-id-converter Steam ID Converter
b3rs3rk/steamfront PHP Wrapper for Accessing the Steam Storefront API
b4djo/vk Work for VK API
b4djo/yii2-popup-image Package
b4djo/yii2-redirect301 Redirect 301
b4djo/yii2-seo Yii2 SEO
b4nan/doctrine doctrine
b4nan/forms Nette forms wrapper
b4nan/security security
b4nan/translator Simple Nette translator, uses Neon translation files
b4nan/utils utils
b4payment/b4pay-php-client B4Payment Client for PHP
b4rb4ross4/symfony-user-bundle A bundle providing functionality for user handling of an symfony application
b4u/tasks This package allows to attach 'tasks' functionality to selected Model/Entity.