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Name Description
bus-factor/ares Leightweight standalone validation library
bus-factor/cakephp-json-rest-api JSON REST API plugin for CakePHP
bus-factor/phpunit-result-printer Alternative result printer for PHPUnit.
busashi/tobira Simple authentication frontend for your Laravel applications
busayo/laravel-yearly Provides helper function to get the current year and a range of years
busbyjon/mailjet A version of the mailjet API class packaged into a library for use with composer
buse974/address Module Address for ZF2
buse974/dal Data Access Layer for ZF3
buse974/dms Document management system for ZF3
buse974/jrpc Json Rpc Server for ZF3
buse974/sge System gestion Exception
buse974/simple-page-crawler ZF3 module v0.3.0 - Provide a crawler to get web page informations : title, meta, heading tags and images
buse974/skeleton-application Skeleton Application for ZF2
buse974/skeleton-dms Skeleton Dms
buse974/wsppserver Push Pull Server PHP
buse974/zendservice-google-gcm OOP wrapper for Google Cloud Messaging
buse974/zopentok Zend Module for OpenTok
bushbaby/bsb-doctrine-mysql-spacial BsbDoctrineSpacial is a ZF2 module that provides basic MySQL spatial data functionality.
bushbaby/bsb-doctrine-translation-loader BsbDoctrineTranslationLoader is a ZF2 module that provides a doctrine powered translation loader.
bushbaby/bsb-doctrine-translator BsbDoctrineTranslator is a ZF2 module that provides tools to manage translations stored with doctrine.
bushbaby/bsb-localized-template-path-stack BsbLocalizedTemplatePathStack is a small ZF2 module that provides a template stack resolver which resolves to templates based on the current locale.
bushbaby/bsb-translate-controller-plugin BsbTranslateControllerPlugin is a ZF2 module that provides controller plugin to expose the translator.
bushbaby/diawi-uploader Uploads your mobile builds to
bushbaby/doctrine-managerregistry-servicemanager An implementation of Doctrine's ManagerRegistry for the ZendFramework ServiceManager
bushbaby/doctrine-reconnect Zend Framework 2 module which attempts to reconnect when the database has 'gone away'
bushbaby/expose-fontawesome BsbFontAwesome is a ZF2 module that helps exposing the awesome font awesome project
bushbaby/expose-greensock-js BsbExposeGreensockJS is a ZF2 module that helps exposing the greensock javascript library
bushbaby/flysystem Zend Framework module bridge for flysystem filesystem.
bushbaby/flysystem-mysql-backup Utility to dump a MySql Database to an 'Flysystem' filesystem
bushbaby/gaufrette A Zend Framework 2 module that provides easy configuration and access to the Gaufrette filesystem abstraction layer.
bushbaby/php-cs-fixer-config PHP CS Fixer config
bushbaby/slmqueuedoctrine-postponablejobstrategy BsbPostponableJobStrategy is a strategy for the SlmQueueDoctrine ZF2 module that provides the ability for jobs to postpone their execution until other jobs have successfully been processed.
bushbaby/zf-oauth2-doctrine-mutatetablenames Module for Apigility's Doctrine OAuth2 Server Adapter so table names can be configured
bushbaby/zf2-module-ideal-service iDealService is module for Zend Framework 2 that aims to free shop owners from specific acquirers 'lock-in'.
bushbaby/zf2-module-phing-service Zend Framework 2 module for Phing, a PHP project build system or build tool based on Apache Ant.
bushev/php-realtypult-partner-lib API библиотека для интеграции с RealtyPult
bushidoio/pdf-bundle BushidoIOPDFBundle
bushidoio/qrcode-bundle BushidoIOQRCodeBundle
business-decision/universal-transformer Find how to transform Object to Another
business-mastery/omnipay-mobilpay MobilPay driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
business-ru/check-business-ru-api-lib-php Класс для интеграции с сервисом Бизнес.Ру 'Онлайн-чеки'
business/demo my first composer package
businessboomers/magento2-module-hoverimage This Module Adds Functinalty to Add Hover Image to Products
businessboomers/module-core This Module Adds Development Tools And Run As A Base For Other Modules
businessboomers/theme-adminhtml-adminboomers This is a white labeling theme for magento 2
businessboomers/theme-frontend-baseboomers This theme works as a base for other themes of magento2 created by BusinessBoomers
businesscomponents/businesscomponents Business components
busineyss/acrmforyou Client library for Acrm For You API
busit/busit The Universal Communication Platform
busy-noggin/bn-backend Backend customizations
busy-noggin/bn-columns Column content elements for TYPO3
busy-noggin/bn-viewhelpers Common view helpers for TYPO3
busybee/urljoin Library to correctly join relative and absolute URLs
butik/rabbitevents Laravel back-to-back broadcasting events. It uses RabbitMQ as the transport.
butler/butler The command line friend for Symfony
butochnikov/laravel-app-version Display app version number
butoibogdan/crud-generator Laravel5 CRUD Generator
butschster/kraken-api-client PHP Api Client for
buttercms/buttercms-php ButterCMS PHP API Wrapper
buttercoin/buttercoin-sdk A PHP library for connecting to the Buttercoin API
buttercorp/intrabutterschool The IBS project.
buttercup/protects Buttercup.Protects is a PHP library for building Aggregates that protect business rules, and that announce Domain Events.
butterfly/adapter-doctrine Butterfly PHP. Doctrine Adapter
butterfly/adapter-sf2-event-dispatcher Butterfly PHP. Sf2 EventDispatcher Adapter
butterfly/adapter-sf2-routing Butterfly PHP. Sf2 Routing Adapter
butterfly/adapter-swift-mailer Butterfly PHP. Swift Mailer Adapter
butterfly/adapter-twig Butterfly PHP. Twig Adapter
butterfly/annotations Butterfly PHP. Annotations Component
butterfly/app-request-response Butterfly PHP. Request-Response Application
butterfly/app-sf2-console Butterfly PHP. Sf2 Console Application
butterfly/composer-info Butterfly PHP. ComposerInfo Component
butterfly/config Butterfly PHP. Configuration Component
butterfly/dependency-injection Butterfly PHP. Dependency Injection Component
butterfly/example-web-application Butterfly PHP. Web Application Example
butterfly/example-web-site Butterfly PHP. Web Site Example
butterfly/fixtures Butterfly PHP. Fixtures Component
butterfly/form Butterfly PHP. Form Component
butterfly/image-processor Butterfly PHP. Image Processor Component
butterfly/interfaces-template-render Butterfly PHP. Template Render Interfaces
butterfly/ipgeobase Butterfly PHP. IP Geobase Component
butterfly/morph Butterfly PHP. Morph Component
butterfly/packages Butterfly PHP. Packages Component
butterfly/plugin-auth Butterfly PHP. Auth Plugin
butterfly/plugin-template-router Butterfly PHP. Template Router Plugin
butterfly/thumbnail-generator Butterfly PHP. Thumbnail Generator Component
butterfly/transform Butterfly PHP. Transform Component
butterfly/translator Butterfly PHP. Translator Component
butterfly/transliterator Butterfly PHP. Transliterator Component
butterfly/twig-assets-extension Butterfly PHP. Twig Assets Extension
butterfly/twig-data-extension Butterfly PHP. Twig Data Extension
butterfly/validation Butterfly PHP. Validation Component
butterfly1704/autoloading Butterfly 类的自动加载组件
butterfly1704/cache Butterfly 缓存控制组件
butterfly1704/config Butterfly 配置文件信息获取组件
butterfly1704/console Butterfly console 组件
butterfly1704/container Butterfly 依赖注入容器组件
butterfly1704/database Butterfly 数据库组件