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Name Description
b5c/javis-client PHP Client for the Javis web API.
b61/laravel-reportable reportable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for Laravel 5
b61/seeders Base seeders for our laravel applications
b7th/jaws Jade Views for Slim
b7th/jsir A Tedivm/JShrink wrapper to compile multiple javascript files and minify them
b8000h/esports Get electronic sports data like schedule, team info, etc.
b8000h/schedule Get electronic sports schedule
b84k/bk-maintenance TYPO3 Maintenance Mode
b9t/uid A generic UID module for ZF
b9t/zf-utils A collection of some general purpose modules.
ba/php-ticons Generate Titanium icons and splash screens - Based on Fokke Zandbergen TiCons project, see
ba66e77/drutinizeme A shortcut project for auditing Drupal 8 sites using the Drutiny project.
baacode/context Extract content from web documents
baacode/json-browser Helper classes for working with JSON data
baacode/json-schema-info Provides information about a JSON schema spec
baagee/colorful-echo php cli colorful echo/print
baagee/process-task php process task library
baagee/sim-frame Simple PHP framework
baagee/validator php data validator
baagee/wtf-error What the fuck! PHP error handler
baao/clear-view-cache Simple View Cache Cleaner for laravel lumen
baardbaard/bb-twitterfeed Minimal WordPress Twitterfeed plugin.
baardbaard/urllinker Autolink URLs in text or html
baas/generator Baas Laravel Dataobject generator
bab/gpx-cli A CLI application to deal with GPX files.
babacooll/command-planner Command cron planner
babacooll/imbrix Dependency Manager for PHP projects
babadee08/perfecttense This is a laravel package wrapper for the Perfect Tense API
babaganoush/datatables-bundle Data Tables integrated with Symfony2
babaganoush/flotr2-bundle Chart generator bundle using Flotr2 integrated with Symfony2
babaganoush/foundation-bundle ZURB Foundation Bundle for Symfony
babaganoush/gridster-bundle Gridster integrated with Symfony2
babanesma/laravel5-routing Laravel5 routing package
babatec/jsonres Lightweight class library for returning API-based response status code with formatted json and message.
babaweb/laravel-zohoinvoice Zoho Invoice API library
babbage/aliyun-dysms-php-sdk Aliyun SMS SDK for PHP
babblefeed/babblefeed WWE SuperCard Hack Apk - Get Unlimited Credits Android ioS no generator no survey WWE SuperCard Hack Tips and Cheats Free Credits for Android WWE SuperCard Hack Apk Unlimited Credits Cheat WWE SuperCard Hack Cheats Gratuit Tool Unlimited Credits, Unlimite
babdev/library The Transifex API Package is a wrapper of the Transifex API available for PHP developers
babdev/renderer Joomla Renderer Package
babdev/supplier-plugin Supplier processing for Sylius.
babdev/sylius-supplier-bundle Supplier processing for Sylius.
babdev/transifex The Transifex API Package is a wrapper of the Transifex API available for PHP developers
babenkocommerce/magento2-module-config-set-command Config set via console command
babenkocommerce/module-shipstation N/A
babenkoivan/elastic-mate Elasticsearch management tool
babenkoivan/fluent-array The package provides fluent interface for array management
babenkoivan/scout-elasticsearch-driver The Elasticsearch Driver for Laravel Scout
babenkoivan/telegram-notifications Telegram notifications for Laravel
babirusa/babirusa-builder Babirusa Runtime builder
baboon/subscription-bundle Symfony BaboonSubscriptionBundle
baboons/php-vardump Intercepts var_dump and output a readable output without using xdebug
babounlek/minify Package to minify css and javascript script or files
babs100/developerstatus This package show a developer rank based on github repositories
babylonpartners/php-dependency-imap Object-oriented IMAP for PHP - altered for BabylonParters
babylonpartners/php-dependency-transcoder Better encoding conversion for PHP - altered for BabylonParters
babymarkt/cron-bundle A simple Symfony cron bundle to edit the system crontab.
babymarkt/deepl-php-lib Simple PHP Library for DeepL API
babyseeme/bbsm BBSM is an open source web ecosystem based on yii2
babyshowergames/babygames Baby Shower Game Framework.
babyun/baidu-push Baidu Push Lib
babyun/upyun-php-sdk PHP SDK for UpYun
babzich/logentries-bundle A simple wrapper for the Logentries library
bacabange/employees-module Module employees for corporation app
bacanu/blwrap A very light utility class for the Bricklink API
bacao/alert laravel alert
bacardi55/carew-plugin-blogroll Blog roll plugin for carew
bacardi55/carew-plugin-fastnav FastNav plugin for carew
bacardi55/carew-plugin-taglist FastNav plugin for carew
bacart/common Bacart common utils
bacart/guzzle-client Bacart GuzzleHTTP client
bacart/mongodb-bundle Bacart MongoDB Symfony bundle
bacart/symfony-aware Symfony aware interfaces and traits
bacart/symfony-common Symfony common utils
bacart/symfony-lockable-command Symfony lockable command
bacart/transliteration Bacart transliteration library
bacart/webdav-client Bacart WebDAV client
bacbos/bacbox a leightweight php-framework
bacbos/bacbox-launcher a basic project implementation using the lightweight bacbox framework
baccano/yii2-bootstrap4-rtl The Twitter Bootstrap 4 Rtl extension for the Yii 2.0 framework
bach-pedersen/beer-provider Store/load beer recipes from Riak
bach-pedersen/laravel-riak Riak providers for Riak Connection, Cache and Session
bach-pedersen/laravel-riak-auth Riak Auth provider for laravel
bach-pedersen/opinion Laravel comment system
bach-pedersen/php-riak-stubs Stub classes for php_riak extension, very useful for IDE autocompletion.
bach-pedersen/validation The standard laravel ValidationServiceProvider with the Database dependent part removed.
bachi/couchdb CouchDB Client for PHP >=5.5
bachilli/laravel-scup Scup API Wrapper for Laravel.
bachlee/magento2-vietnamese Vietnamese language package for Magento 2
bachmac/join-owncloud Simple app for registering users on an ownCloud server
bacinsky/mpdf A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicode/UTF-8 and CJK support
back-2-95/fields CRUD Fields API for PHP7
back-2-95/fields-mongodb MongoDB storage adapter for back-2-95/fields
back-end-coder/content-manager No description
back-play-movies-2018-watch-life-of-the-party/online-full-free-hd-full-2018 123MOVIES-HD!!-WATCH AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR FULL MOVIE ONLINE STREAMING FREE HD
backbee/backbee BackBee is the next generation open source CMS
backbee/backbee-cms BackBee CMS Standard Edition distribution