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Name Description
backbee/backbee-js BackBee JS is the javascript client for backbee/backbee-cms
backbee/backbee-php BackBee is the next generation open source CMS
backbee/backbee-standard BackBee CMS Standard Edition distribution
backbee/bb-core-js BbCoreJs is the javascript client for backbee/backbee CMS
backbee/composer-handler Composer script handler for "BackBee Standard Edition" distribution
backbee/crop-bundle Crop bundle provides Backbee image cropping functionality
backbee/debug-bundle BackBee bundle to add extra features for debugging
backbee/demo-bundle BackBee CMS demonstration bundle
backbee/layout-builder-bundle BackBee layout builder bundle
backbee/script-handler Composer script handler for "BackBee Standard Edition" distribution
backbee/toolbar-bundle Toolbar bundle is the bridge between backbee/backbee-php and backbee/backbee-js
backbee/utils BackBee tools library for php
backboardcms/backcore The core of advanced Backboard CMS.
backbone/chaching Universal payment library for banking services in Slovakia
backbone/cheddar PHP bindings for Cheddar payment gateway
backboneit/contao-dao Simple DAOs for Contao.
backboneit/contao-layoutusage Shows on which pages the layouts are used
backboneit/contao-log Simple logging for Contao.
backboneit/contao-mod-article Various modules to display articles in a way so that problems that occur when using Insert-Tags are avoided.
backboneit/contao-mod-article-translated Extension of the backboneit/contao-mod-article module and CEs to automatically take language references, provided by contao-community-alliance/language-relations, into account.
backboneit/contao-multimedia Embed multimedia content with various players into Contao CMS
backboneit/contao-multimedia-jwplayer JW-Player 5 integration into backboneIT multimedia extension for Contao CMS
backboneit/contao-multimedia-videojs VideoJS integration into backboneIT multimedia extension for Contao CMS
backboneit/contao-navigation Advanced navigation module for Contao CMS
backboneit/contao-navigation-article Integrate articles into backboneIT navigation module for Contao CMS
backboneit/contao-opengraph Define OpenGraph meta data in Contao
backboneit/contao-paramsigner Signature utility for parameter arrays.
backboneit/contao-relationdca Clean SQL relations with Contao.
backboneit/contao-selectri A selection widget for large structured option sets.
backboneit/contao-trueurl Folderlike page alias' with different editing tools and an improved frontend page selection algorithmn.
backboneit/image A wrapper around gd lib for image processing
backboneit/iputils IP utilities.
backdrop/coder Coder is a library and a module to review Backdrop code.
backend-module/micro_base_component Symfony micro service base component
backend/base The Base of the Backend-PHP Framework.
backend/core Core framework tier that can be used as the beginning of a MVC / SOA system.
backend/interfaces Interfaces used by the Backend-PHP Framework.
backend/modules Modules tier for the Backend-PHP framework.
backender/epiceditor-bundle Symfony2 bundle for easy integration of the EpicEditor
backendless/sdk-for-php Backendless SDK for PHP. Contains APIs to work with the cloud mobile backend provided by Backendless
backendtea/ctype-compat Compatibility for those who have disabled ctype
backendtea/failuretest Allow failing PHPUnit tests and keep a close eye on issues until they are fixed.
backendtea/fourchanapi A php wrapper for the 4chan api
backendtea/packagist-bug A bad package that does nothing
backendtea/phinx-csv-seeder A simple way to seed your database from a csv file using phinx
backendtea/un-poly-all Removes all polyfills from your project, where possible
backendtea/un-poly-apcu Removes the symfony/polyfill-apcu polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-ctype Removes the symfony/polyfill-ctype polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-iconv Removes the symfony/polyfill-iconv polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-intl-grapheme Removes the symfony/polyfill-intl-grapheme polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-intl-icu Removes the symfony/polyfill-intl-icu polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-intl-normalizer Removes the symfony/polyfill-intl-normalizer polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-mbstring Removes the symfony/polyfill-mbstring polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-password Removes the ircmaxell/password-compat polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php54 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php54 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php55 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php55 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php56 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php56 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php70 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php70 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php71 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php71 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php72 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php72 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-php73 Removes the symfony/polyfill-php73 polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-random Removes the paragonie/random_compat polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-util Removes the symfony/polyfill-util polyfill from your project
backendtea/un-poly-xml Removes the symfony/polyfill-xml polyfill from your project
backendweb/generator-bundle A bundle to generate code for a Symfony3 with Doctrine web application.
backfront/bf_wp_toolkit A toolkit plugin containing multiple shortcodes to Wordpress
backfront/umbrella Halper Package and Toolkits Classes
backpack/backupmanager Admin interface for managing backups in Backpack, on Laravel 5.2+
backpack/base Laravel Backpack's base package, which offers admin authentication and a blank admin panel using AdminLTE
backpack/crud Quickly build an admin interface for your Eloquent models, using Laravel 5. Build a CMS in a matter of minutes.
backpack/generators Generate files for laravel projects
backpack/langfilemanager An interface to edit language files, for Laravel Backpack.
backpack/logmanager An interface to preview, download and delete Laravel log files.
backpack/menucrud An admin panel for menu items, using Backpack\CRUD on Laravel 5.
backpack/newscrud An admin panel for news with categories and tags, using Backpack\CRUD on Laravel 5.
backpack/pagemanager Create admin panels for presentation websites on Laravel, using page templates and Backpack\CRUD.
backpack/permissionmanager Users and permissions management interface for Laravel 5 using Backpack CRUD.
backpack/settings Application settings interface for Laravel 5 using Backpack CRUD.
backplane/apidoc-generator Documentation generator for REST PHP codebases, using Doctrine Annotations
backplane/doctrine-module Fork of Zend Framework 2 Module that provides Doctrine basic functionality required for ORM and ODM modules. Bugfix edit for hydration by reference until Doctrine updates officially.
backplane/doctrine-mongo-odm-module Forked version of doctrine-mongo-odm-module
backplane/elastica Elasticsearch Client
backplane/leptir Background task processor
backplane/mongodb-odm Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper
backplane/oauth PHP 5.3+ oAuth 1/2 Library
backplane/phpunit The PHP Unit Testing framework.
backplane/zendservice-twitter OOP wrapper for the Twitter web service
backstageel/ajax-process-updater A simple package for updating the browser on an ajax request
backstageel/cakephp-gentelella-theme CakePHP 3.x Gentelella Theme.
backstageel/cakephp-phpexcel PhpExcel helper and component for CakePHP 2.x
backstageel/cakephp-rabbitmq A CakePHP Plugin to Interact with RabbitMQ
backstageel/cakephp-reports CakePHP Reports Generator Using JaspePHP And Jaspersoft Studio
backstageel/whoops-cakephp Integrates the Whoops library into CakePHP
backstageel/xmpp-prebind-php This class is for prebinding a XMPP Session with PHP.