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Name Description
backpack/menucrud An admin panel for menu items, using Backpack\CRUD on Laravel 5.
backpack/newscrud An admin panel for news with categories and tags, using Backpack\CRUD on Laravel 5.
backpack/pagemanager Create admin panels for presentation websites on Laravel, using page templates and Backpack\CRUD.
backpack/permissionmanager Users and permissions management interface for Laravel 5 using Backpack CRUD.
backpack/settings Application settings interface for Laravel 5 using Backpack CRUD.
backplane/apidoc-generator Documentation generator for REST PHP codebases, using Doctrine Annotations
backplane/doctrine-module Fork of Zend Framework 2 Module that provides Doctrine basic functionality required for ORM and ODM modules. Bugfix edit for hydration by reference until Doctrine updates officially.
backplane/doctrine-mongo-odm-module Forked version of doctrine-mongo-odm-module
backplane/elastica Elasticsearch Client
backplane/leptir Background task processor
backplane/mongodb-odm Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper
backplane/oauth PHP 5.3+ oAuth 1/2 Library
backplane/phpunit The PHP Unit Testing framework.
backplane/zendservice-twitter OOP wrapper for the Twitter web service
backstageel/ajax-process-updater A simple package for updating the browser on an ajax request
backstageel/cakephp-gentelella-theme CakePHP 3.x Gentelella Theme.
backstageel/cakephp-phpexcel PhpExcel helper and component for CakePHP 2.x
backstageel/cakephp-rabbitmq A CakePHP Plugin to Interact with RabbitMQ
backstageel/cakephp-reports CakePHP Reports Generator Using JaspePHP And Jaspersoft Studio
backstageel/whoops-cakephp Integrates the Whoops library into CakePHP
backstageel/xmpp-prebind-php This class is for prebinding a XMPP Session with PHP.
backstrap/backstrap The Backstrap JavaScript library provides a layer of functionality tying together Bootstrap and Backbone.
backstrap/hammerjs A javascript library for multi-touch gestures
backstrap/jquery-mousewheel A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.
backstrap/jquery-ui-touch-punch Extension to jQuery UI for mobile touch event support
backtheweb/laravel-google Laravel google services integration
backtheweb/laravel-linguo Laravel Gettext integration
backtheweb/laravel-twig Laravel Twig 2 integration
backtheweb/linguo Laravel Gettext integration
backtory/laravel-backtory-storage Backtory Storage Driver for Laravel framework
backtory/storage-php PHP SDK for Backtory Cloud Storage :)
backup-manager/backup-manager A framework agnostic database backup manager with user-definable procedures and support for S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and more with drivers for popular frameworks.
backup-manager/laravel Database backup manager seamlessly integrated with Laravel 4 or 5 with user-definable procedures and support for S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and more.
backup-manager/symfony A simple database backup manager for Symfony2 with support for S3, Rackspace, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP.
backup-pro/rest-client A simple REST cient to interact with Backup Pro installations in a RESTful manner
backyard/sdk SDK for PHP
bacon-fist/sky-ajax-bundle dev-testing
bacon/bacon-authentication General purpose authentication module
bacon/bacon-controller BaconController is a replacment for ZF2 controllers with testability in mind.
bacon/bacon-qr-code BaconQrCode is a QR code generator for PHP.
bacon/bacon-string-utils BaconStringUtils contain utitilies to work with strings.
bacon/bacon-user BaconUser provides simple user management
baconfy/laravel-analytics Analytcs for Laravel
baconmanager/acl-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/core-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/generator-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/language-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/media-library-bundle This bundle of symfony2/3
baconmanager/menu-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/packagist-bundle This bundle of symfony2 to integration packagist API
baconmanager/rd-station-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/rest-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/translation-form-bundle This bundle of symfony2
baconmanager/user-bundle This bundle of symfony2
bacula-web/bacula-web The open source web based reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula
bad-language/php-bad-language PHP badLanguage is a PHP Package that return TRUE or FALSE when it finds a bad word in a text
bad-mushroom/crumbler Breadcrumb builder for Laravel 4
bad-wolf/rest-bundle Bundle for building REST based API's.
badaboom/jquery-ias Infinite Ajax Scroll: A jQuery plugin that turns your server-side pagination into an infinite scrolling one using AJAX
badaboom/yii2-scroll-pager Infinite AJAX scrolling for Yii2 ListView widget
badams/google-url PHP implementation of Googles URL shortener API
badams/graphviz Temporary fork of alom/graphviz
badams/microsoft-translator PHP implementation of Microsoft's Translator API
badass/skeleton Skeleton
badassninjas/badass-utils BadassNinjas Laravel Utils
badassninjas/discord-webhook Discord Webhooks
badata/yii2-simple-notifications Provides functionality for setting and reading notifications to be shown on any Yii controller/action and allows your app to have similarly designed notifications for AJAX responses and for statically rendered notifications.
badawy/embedly A Laravel 5.* package for the Embedly api
baday/package1 package person
baday/package2 package customer
badbreze/bootstrap-fileinput An enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3.x with features for file preview for many file types, multiple selection, ajax uploads, and more.
badbreze/simple-ini Simple Ini Manipulation Class for PHP
badbreze/yii2-attachments Extension for file uploading and attaching to the models
badbreze/yii2-widget-fileinput An enhanced FileInput widget for Bootstrap 3.x with file preview, multiple selection, and more features (sub repo split from yii2-widgets)
badcamp/badcamp_blog Provides a Feature with content type and view for showing news content. Details include a title, body, and tag field. Also installs taxonomy term (Drupal Planet).
badcamp/badcamp_event Provides Event content type and related configuration. An <em>Event</em> is a summit, training, party, or other non-session activity.
badcamp/badcamp_events Provides a Feature with content type and view for showing event content.
badcamp/badcamp_program_details Provides a Feature with content type and view for showing program details. Details include a title (e.g: Summits & Training) and a date.
badcamp/badcamp_session Provides Session content type and related configuration. <em>Sessions</em> are talks given by individuals.
badcamp/badcamp_sponsors A Features module that contains all of the configuration related to sponsors.
badcamp/badcamp_stripe_payment Provides integration of the Stripe payment processing service by providing a charging and refund service as well as an entity that will store the payment data for each payment made.
badcamp/badcamp_training Provides Training content type and related configuration.
badcamp/badcamp_venue Provides Venue content type and related configuration.
badcamp/camp Easily create a website for a Drupal camp in a short amount of time.
badcamp/campdistro-installer Installer used to create a Camp Distro project
badchoice/gandalf User device tracker
badchoice/grog Easy form builder from array
badchoice/handesk-php Handesk PHP sdk
badchoice/hurricane Simple css atomic framework
badchoice/mojito Stock management system
badchoice/panama Basic shop util classes such as cart and payments
badchoice/reporter A reports package
badchoice/thrust A simple resource crud generator
badcow/address-bundle Bundle for managing and storing addresses.
badcow/clickatel-php-api A PHP API for sending SMS messages using the Clickatell XML API.