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Name Description
badcow/common Common tools used in a number of projects
badcow/dns A PHP library for creating DNS zone files based on RFC1035
badcow/dns-parser A PHP library for parsing DNS zone files based on RFC1035
badcow/eway A PHP library interacting with eWay API.
badcow/fluent-interface Turns methods of any non-final class that do not return anything into chainable, fluent interfaces.
badcow/ink A Twig powered WordPress template builder.
badcow/lorem-ipsum Lorem ipsum generator.
badcow/palette Library to handle colors and convert between different color spaces.
baddum/factory418 A trait to easily create factory
baddum/model418 A library for a simple & explicit model couch
baddum/sql418 A library for extensible SQL requests
badelal2007/validator PHP Validator class.
badges/poser Poser, add badges on your readme..
badian/translit The plugin for translitirating cyrlic string into latin. May be need for creating friendly url.
badin/steam-login steam login
badis/webscraper webscraper description
badlamer/egopay-client Клиент для интренет-эквайринга UCS
badlamer/propel-uuid-behavior Propel behavior that helps you to set fixed UUID
badlamer/symfony-hybrid-xml-parser Simple class to parse huge XML files in a memory-efficient way
badlandbrawlhackmodapk/new Badland Brawl Hack Cheats No Survey Mod APK
badmash/phpcasperjs Simple PHP wrapper for CasperJS
badmushroom/strava-v3 A php wrapper for working with Strava's V3 API.
badoo-hack/badoo-credits-generator-2018 Badoo Hack Tool Free Credits Generator & Activate Super powers ...,Badoo Hack & Free Badoo Credits Hack Tool [Online] sur le forum ...,Badoo Hack - Add Free Superpowers and Credit Method [Online] sur ...,Free Badoo Credits Hack sur le forum Wrestling Stor
badoo/liveprof Live profiler for auto running with custom frequency
badoo/liveprof-ui Aggregator and web interface for Live Profiler
badoo/soft-mocks The idea behind "Soft Mocks" - as opposed to "hardcore" mocks that work on the level of the PHP interpreter (runkit and uopz) - is to rewrite class code on the spot so that it can be inserted in any place. It works by rewriting code on the fly during file
badpenguin/flatfiledb PHP Flat File DB API
badperson-order/order-sdk Order
badperson/tp-order 基于tp5.1组件化开发的订单模块,目前正在调试,并不能应用于生产模式中。
badphp/dispatch a micro-routing library for PHP
badpirate/hacktack Hack (HHVM) Tack (Tools)
badrinathmutkule/phprestapi PHPRestAPI is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful Restful APIs
badrutdinovrr/docker-php-api Docker API generated files from OpenAPI Specification
badrutdinovrr/yii2-jui-datepicker Yii 2 jQuery UI DatePicker Widget
badrutdinovrr/yii2-jui-timepicker Yii 2 jQuery UI Datetime/TimePicker Widget
badsyntax/jquery-spellchecker A jQuery Spellchecker plugin
badta5te/brain-games a set of mini-games run on the command line
badtomcat/cache 缓存组件
badtomcat/config 用于管理网站配置项
badtomcat/connection PDO Connection
badtomcat/container IOC服务容器管理组件
badtomcat/data data tuple component
badtomcat/encrypter bad tomcat encrypter
badtomcat/filesystem 文件系统操作
badtomcat/hp hp
badtomcat/http Badtomcat HttpFoundation Component
badtomcat/httpclient bad tomcat htt client
badtomcat/pipeline pipeline
badtomcat/reflection 用于管理网站配置项
badtomcat/routing bad tomcat Routing Component
badtomcat/session 用于管理网站SESSION
badtomcat/sms 短信接口
badtomcat/ui ui element
badtomcat/validator validators
badtomcat/view bad tomcat Routing Component
baethon/laravel-criteria Minimal interface for criteria pattern
baethon/phln A practical functional library for PHP developers
baethon/union Union type for PHP
baetmaen/dql-bundle Popular missing MySQL Functions as Extension (ie. DATE,MONTH,...)
bafeiyu/str A Composer Package for test
baffo/googleapi A Google API v3 wrapper for Laravel 4.x with multiple Google Client IDs support
baffouradu/currency-convertor A php library for
baffouradu/mazzuma A library for Mazzuma's Payment Gateway
bafoed/php-tor-control PHP library to manipulate with tor
bafoed/vkapi Laravel helper for performing requests to VK API
bafs/booboo Provides an error handler for PHP that can execute a stack of handlers for various purposes.
bafs/jwt-auth JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel and Lumen
bafs/parvula An extremely simple & flexible CMS generated from flat files
bafs/testify Testify makes writing unit tests fun again. It has an elegant syntax and keeps things simple
bafs/via Via is a simple and scalable router inspired by expressjs
bag-mobile/my-yii-app Temlate Yii2-basic
bag-packers/laravel-bag Laravel package for BAG (Basisregistraties Adressen en Gebouwen) from the Kadaster.
bag/async-task php async task
bagart/laravel-api-provider Test work: Laravel response for location API
bagart/omnipay3-yandexkassa Payment gateway module for Omnipay: Yandex kassa(checkout) forked from official for version compactable with actial Laravel
bagaskarawg/mobi Parse .mobi files.
bagf/dynamic Versatile Dynamic/Hybrid class generator library which can used when existing classes or objects that need to be evolved at a runtime.
bagf/juration-php Duration string to time in seconds parser
bagf/mailboxlayer-laravel Adds Laravel 5 validation rule for checking e-mail addresses using the mailboxlayer API
bagf/storm Storm Development Library
baghayi/content-scratcher For makeing email, mobile unreadable an incomplete
baghayi/gravatar Simple Gravatar Related API
baghayi/http-verb-extraction Zf2 module for extracting http verbs of resources used in Apigility, to their own classes.
baghayi/pepipost-api A Wrapper around some of pepipost API resources
baghayi/php-bijective-encoder Bijective encoder & decoder Written for PHP
baghayi/skyroom Library for interacting with Skyroom service
baghayi/strategy-validator A zf2 validator implementing Strategy design pattern which is mainly created to be used in Apigility.
baghban/laravel-sms package for send sms with laravel (All gatways in Iran)
baghban/payamak Payamak Notifications Driver
baghban/sms package for send sms and send notification by sms with laravel (All gatways in Iran)
bagiapit/vietalias Vietnamese Alias
bagisto/bagisto Bagisto Laravel ECommerce
baglerit/envariable Adds an Artisan command, envariable:encrypt, which adds an encrypted variable to the .env file.
baglerit/oauthsimple Composer package for the PHP version of the OAuthSimple Class by @jrconlin
bagosii/laravel-theme Laravel 5 Themes: Asset & Views folder per theme. Theme inheritance. Blade integration and more...
baguette/copipe-iter Most simple iterators
baguette/fizzbuzz Modern FizzBuzz implementation for PHP 7