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Name Description
cwp/cwp-recipe-kitchen-sink Internal testing CWP recipe for all modules, optional and suggested
cwp/cwp-recipe-search CWP search requirements recipe
cwp/cwp-search CWP fulltextsearch integration module
cwp/starter-theme CWP Theme
cwp/watea-theme CWP Watea theme
cwplus/cwplus-infos To add cwplus infos in hedar app
cwplus/web-thumbnail Webthumbnail module, is ZF2 module, will help you to generate screen captures from your website or another website, based on the API
cwplus/wordpress-nonce This class is created to using wordpress nonce functions as an object
cwreden/request-limiter Request limiting for silex
cwreden/silex-stash-service The stash cache service for silex.
cws-studio/composer-fw-checker Composer Firewall Checker
cws/liveperson Generic LiveEngage package
cwsext/m2-helloworld N/A
cwsoft/silverstripe-foldergallery A light weight and simple to use folder based image gallery for the CMS SilverStripe 3 enabling you to setup small to medium image galleries with ease.
cwspear/bootstrap-hover-dropdown An unofficial Bootstrap plugin to enable Bootstrap dropdowns to activate on hover and provide a nice user experience.
cwssrl/code-generator Forked Code Generator
cwssrl/eloquent-model-generator Eloquent Model Generator
cwt137/laravel-pubnub-broadcast-driver PubNub broadcasting events driver for Laravel
cwteam/wialon Wialon Remote API PHP library.
cx-dev/xylio PHP FrameworkOOP library
cxb/wechat-pay Laravel Wechat payment library.
cxbl1230/getui GetuiSDK
cxbyte/laravel-zmq-driver Zmq broadcasting driver for Laravel
cxc222/pimcore Content & Product Management Framework (CMS/PIM/E-Commerce)
cxj/http-client-info Provide information about client making HTTP request.
cxj/php-interval-timers Manage elapsed one or more elapsed time timers
cxj/phpsyslog Simple PSR-3 logger implementation that outputs to syslog
cxj/uuid A PHP UUID implementation
cxl/payment make a self package
cxo/open-sso-bundle Symfony OFOSUserBundle
cxp/laravel-avatar laravel avatar
cxycdz/curl laravel模拟curl请求支持https
cxysky/composer-test test-demo
cy-katsuhiro-miura/fuelphp-with-fluentd fuelphp
cy/ipc-security-bundle Fork of
cyan-framework/cms Cyan CMS Framework
cyan-framework/library Cyan Framework
cyancity/laravoole Get 10x performance for Laravel on Swoole or Workerman
cyandark/powerdns-api An easy to implement PowerDNS API class, Simple and Lightweight.
cyangbo/composer-cyangbo composer-cyangbo
cyanofresh/privatbank-api PHP wrapper for PrivatBank API
cyanofresh/yii2shop Online Shop on Yii2
cyantree/grout Framework and toolkit
cyantree/grout-acl-module module for implementing an ACL
cyantree/grout-basic-http-authorization-module module for implementing a basic http authorization
cyantree/grout-basic-login-module module for implementing a basic login
cyantree/grout-bucket-module module for using data packages called buckets
cyantree/grout-console-module module which provides a console interface
cyantree/grout-doctrine-module module which connects to the ORM Doctrine
cyantree/grout-error-reporting-module module for error reporting
cyantree/grout-experimental Experimental features for grout
cyantree/grout-logging-module module which provides logging capabilities for development purposes
cyantree/grout-mail-module module which provides simple mail processing
cyantree/grout-managed-module module for backend functionality
cyantree/grout-module-installer Installer for grout modules
cyantree/grout-project project template for grout apps
cyantree/grout-rest-module module which helps creating REST services
cyantree/grout-service-module module for simple webservices
cyantree/grout-translator-module module for translations
cyantree/grout-universal-console-module module which provides a web and commandline console
cyantree/grout-web-console-module module which provides a web based console
cyantree/mosaic PHP based spritesheet generator
cyanyde/steam The Cyanyde Steam Package include useful functions for Steam. Like Sign in through Steam.
cyawman/event-logger A ZF2 Module for Logging using events
cyb/layermultifilter A cybage extension for multiple layered navigation.
cybage-extension/multifilter A cybage extension for multiple layered navigation.
cybage/cod-extracharge Module to add extra charge on COD payment method
cybage/codextracharge Module to add extra charge on COD payment method
cybage/cybersource A cybage extension for cybersource.
cybage/layermultifilter A cybage extension for multiple layered navigation.
cybage/layernavmultifilter A cybage extension for multiple layered navigation.
cybage/module-multifilter A cybage extension for multiple layered navigation.
cybage/storepickup An extension to add option for store pickup shipping method on checkout page by Cybage
cybagequotation/module-quotation A cybage extension for quotation.
cybalex/config Configuration provider for the whole application
cybalex/fc Simple front controller for an application
cybalex/session Simplified sessions, based on symfony/http-foundation sessions
cybeanz/users A simple CRUD users package for laravel
cyber-duck/cacheing-memoizer Easy to use, flexible memoizer with optional automated cacheing
cyber-duck/laravel-alternative-mailer Allow Laravel to send emails through two different mail configurations.
cyber-duck/laravel-excel This package provides a way to export an Eloquent collection as an excel file and to import a Excel file as an Eloquent collection.
cyber-duck/laravel-google-tag-manager A laravel package to add Google Tag Manager tracking and features to an app
cyber-duck/magento2-jira-issue-collector Implementation of JIRA Issue Collector for Magento 2
cyber-duck/mailgrasp A package for Laravel applications (5.1) to add support for email testing in your test classes.
cyber-duck/model-files Model HasFiles Trait for Eloquent Models
cyber-duck/pardot-api PHP package to interact with the Pardot API
cyber-duck/pdfnet-php PDFNetPHP Library generated by SWIG for PHP 5.6.30 for PDFTron.
cyber-duck/silverstripe-blacklist Block users and log access to your silverstripe application based on IP, referer, or host
cyber-duck/silverstripe-block-page A modular approach to building pages in SilverStripe
cyber-duck/silverstripe-google-tag-manager Add Tag Manager data layer, events, and ecommerce support for SilverStripe
cyber-duck/silverstripe-linkitemfield SilverStripe 4 custom form element for anchor, email, telephone, file, image, internal and external links
cyber-duck/silverstripe-login-protection Enhanced security configuration for SilverStripe
cyber-duck/silverstripe-migration Cross platform migration tool for SilverStripe