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Name Description
c410-f3r/yin-bundle Implements woohoolabs/yin framework into Symfony
c4pone/pagespeed-parser php module to parse pagespeed insights api results
c4pone/yolo_crawler An event based domain crawler
c4studio/chronos Chronos CMS - A developer friendly headless CMS built by C4studio
c4studio/chronos-menu Chronos CMS - Companion menu builder package
c4studio/email-css-inliner Automatically converts CSS in emails to inline styles
c4studio/loggr Provides an interface for storing and retrieving database stored system log messages.
c4studio/notification Provides an interface for adding and retrieving database stored notifications.
c4tech/nested-set A nested set implementation for easy extension.
c4tech/ray-emitter Dive into Domain Driven Design using Event Sourcing and CQRS within your Laravel application.
c4tech/support Base classes and traits for API backends.
c4tech/upload A basic package for handling uploaded files.
c4uno/carbon-business Carbon's extension to work with business days.
c4uno/config-database Fetch and merge configuration from database
c4wlabz/resource-server An project that implements Slim Framework becoming a resource server in a microservice ecosystem with OAuth2
c4ys/ueditor UEditor for Yii2, 允许配置上传路径以及上传action
c57fr/l5 Le Framework Laravel vu par C57.
c5labs/block-boilerplate A block boilerplate to start building from.
c5labs/cli-tools Command line tools & scaffolding generator for concrete5.
c5labs/package-boilerplate Start building standards complient concrete5 packages from me.
c5labs/theme-boilerplate A theme boilerplate to start building from.
c7/tp_ext_json_trace a extension of json trace for thinkphp.
c78/flarum-ext-mediaembed 自动识别第三方网站的媒体(图片、视频、音频)并内嵌到 Flarum 中。
c78/flarum-ext-mediaembed-https 自动识别第三方网站的媒体(图片、视频、音频)并内嵌到 Flarum 。(https版本)
c78702505/phalcon-phputils This is a php utils library
c7lab/phore-micro-app Micro framework for rest api webservices
c975l/config-bundle Used to get/set the config params for a Symfony app
c975l/contactform-bundle Bundle to manage simple contact form
c975l/countlinescode-bundle This bundle counts the lines of code written in a Symfony project
c975l/email-bundle Bundle to manage sending emails and store in a database
c975l/events-bundle Tool to manage events and display a carousel
c975l/exceptionchecker-bundle Listener for Symfony Exceptions in order to redirect to another url, or throw GoneException with a list of urls
c975l/gift-voucher-bundle Bundle to manage gift voucher, their payments and transactions
c975l/giftvoucher-bundle Bundle to manage gift voucher, their payments and transactions
c975l/includelibrary-bundle Bundle to include easily main libraries jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. to your html header
c975l/pageedit-bundle Create, modify and manage web pages
c975l/payment-bundle Defines form, transactions, database store, etc. for payments using Stripe
c975l/purchasecredits-bundle Bundle to purchase and use credits within a website
c975l/services-bundle Commons services used by c975L bundles
c975l/sharebuttons-bundle Provides share buttons in differents views, with possibility to provide url
c975l/shop-bundle Shop Bundle for eCommerce with Symfony
c975l/site-bundle Groups common files and settings to create a website
c975l/toolbar-bundle Bundle to add a common toolbar to products developed by
c975l/user-bundle Bundle to manage user profile, by users and admin
c975l/user-files-bundle Simply add a layer over FOSUserBundle for navigating files
c975l/xliff-bundle This bundle exports the content of a database table in xlf files
c9s/php-phantomjs A PHP wrapper for loading pages through PhantomJS
c9s/roller High performance PHP router
c9s/sqlbuilder Fast and Powerful SQLBuilder for PHP
caag/caag_api Laravel package to access caag api
caagsoftware/dibs-php-sdk An open-source PHP-SDK for DIBS D2
caain/chainer Create logical dependencies tree
caalvinz/walmart-partner-api-sdk-php PHP client for Walmart Partner APIs
caaqil/instagram-api Instagram's private API for PHP
caaqil/php Waa PHP Fremwork somali ah
caasdata/tars-client tars的php-client能力
caasdata/tars-config tars的配置拉取
caasdata/tars-deploy tarsphp 打包
caasdata/tars-monitor tars的主调和特性上报
caasdata/tars-registry tars的php主控寻址相关
caasdata/tars-report tars进行keep-alive上报的模块
caasdata/tars-utils tars的php辅助文件
cabag/ext-http2-push HTTP/2 Push for TYPO3 by Kevin Lieser and Björn FrommeExtended and pusblished on packagist by Tizian Schmidlin
cabag/simulatebe BE Login Simulation for FE UsersSimulates BE Login for FE Users. With this extension you can grant Frontend Users Backend User Rights. This means that, if a Frontend User logs into the Frontend and he has the proper rights, the Edit Icons will be displaye
cabalopolis/oauth-proxy A PHP OAuth2 proxy for Lumen PHP.
cabalopolis/oauth-proxy-starter A starter project for SPA projects using OAuth.
cabalphp/cabal-db 基于Swoole数据库操作类
cabbage/yii2-kindeditor kindeditor in yii2
cabbage/yii2-linkage create unlimited levels of select with yii2
cabdesigns/trace-test-listener Searches the call trace when running your unit tests. Useful for identifying dependencies that should be mocked.
cabello/selector Extract information from JSON, StdClass in a fashionable way
cabeza-de-termo/json-spec A framework to declare expectations and validate that a json object complies with those expectations. You can use this json expectations to validate jsons you send or receive in your application, or to test your API with unit tests.
cabi/microformat Add microformats to your page.
cabinet/dbal Database Abstraction Layer for PDO
cable/cable-annotations Annotations library for cable framework
cable/cable-caching Caching library for Cable Framework
cable/cable-caching-memcache Memcache driver for Cable Caching
cable/cable-config Config library for cable framework
cable/cable-container Container Component for CableFramework
cable/cable-cookie MIT
cable/cable-facades Cable Framework, New Professional PHP Framework System Libraries
cable/cable-filesystem Cable Framework, New Professional PHP Framework System Libraries
cable/cable-pipeline Pipeline for cable framework
cable/cable-redis-driver Redis support for cable caching
cable/cable-route Route library for cable framework
cable/cable-validation Validation library for cable framework
cable/cable-view View library for cable framework
cable/expo-php-sdk Expo Notificiton Sender sdk
cable/xml-builder Cable framework xml builder