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Name Description
cabrillo/bit-db-session Zend Framework 2 module for storing sessions in database.
cabul/oni contoh library
cac/api-token API Token creator and validator
cac/appboy-php-api AppBoy API PHP integration
cac/autophing Predefined Phing targets
cac/boilerplate-web Crazy Awesome Web Boilerplate
cac/esp Crazy Awesome Email Service Provider Library
cac/esp-api-engine Crazy Awesome E-Ngine API Client
cac/phpcs-git PHPCS for changed files
cache/adapter-bundle A bundle that registers cache implementations as Symfony services supporting PSR-6 and tagging
cache/adapter-common Common classes for PSR-6 adapters
cache/apc-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using apc. This implementation supports tags
cache/apcu-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using apcu. This implementation supports tags
cache/array-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using a php array. This implementation supports tags
cache/cache Library of all the php-cache adapters
cache/cache-bundle Symfony 2 bundle providing integration between PSR-6 compliant cache services and the framework. It supports cache for sessions, routing and Doctrine
cache/chain-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using chain. This implementation supports tags
cache/doctrine-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Doctrine. This implementation supports tags
cache/doctrine-adapter-bundle A bundle that registers Doctrine cache implementations as Symfony services supporting PSR-6 and tagging
cache/encryption-cache Adds encryption support to your PSR-6 cache implementation
cache/filesystem-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using filesystem. This implementation supports tags
cache/hierarchical-cache A helper trait and interface to your PSR-6 cache to support hierarchical keys.
cache/illuminate-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Illuminate. This implementation supports tags
cache/integration-tests Integration tests for PSR-6 and PSR-16 cache implementations
cache/memcache-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using memcache. This implementation supports tags
cache/memcached-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Memcached. This implementation supports tags
cache/mongodb-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using MongoDB. This implementation supports tags
cache/namespaced-cache A decorator that makes your cache support namespaces
cache/predis-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Redis (Predis). This implementation supports tags
cache/prefixed-cache A decorator that makes your cache support prefix
cache/psr-6-doctrine-bridge PSR-6 Doctrine bridge
cache/redis-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Redis (PhpRedis). This implementation supports tags
cache/session-handler An implementation of PHP's SessionHandlerInterface that allows PSR-6
cache/simple-cache-bridge A PSR-6 bridge to PSR-16. This will make any PSR-6 cache compatible with SimpleCache.
cache/tag-interop Framework interoperable interfaces for tags
cache/taggable-cache Add tag support to your PSR-6 cache implementation
cache/util PSR-6 and PSR-16 Caching Utilities
cache/void-adapter A PSR-6 cache implementation using Void. This implementation supports tags
cachegadget/cachegadget Your new favourite file-based cache library
cachethq/cachet An open source status page system, for everyone.
cachethq/cocoon A lightweight theming package for Laravel.
cachethq/segment wrapper written for Laravel
cachethq/test-theme A test theme for Cachet, how cool!
caciobanu/behat-deprecation-extension Deprecation extension for Behat
caciobanu/guzzle-bundle Integration bundle for guzzle with Symfony.
caciobanu/improved-magento-layered-navigation Improved Magento layered navigation extension
caco26i/sprout-invoices-project-panorama-integration A place where two great WordPress plugins share code to make each other better.
caconnect/games-api Games API used to buy games and manage orders from platform.
cactucs/debugger Debug your PHP app with one API for all of the debuggers!
cactucs/stormdb StormDB is an NoSQL database engine written in & for PHP. It is inspirated by MongoDB and Nette\Database.
cadabra/svc Compiles PHP values to PHP source code.
cadabra/type-checker Small library for taking a value and returning it's human readable type.
cadecannon/wpmdb-pro-installer An install helper for Wordpress Migrate DB Pro
cadence/heimdall Magento 2 Multi-Factor Authentication
cadicvnn/laravel-activitylog-backport A backport of Spatie's Laravel-ActivityLog to PHP 5.6
cadicvnn/shopify-php Simple Shopify API client in PHP
cadicvnn/slack-laravel Laravel 4 and 5 integration for the maknz/slack package, including facades and service providers.
cadmium-org/cadmium-cms Сontent management system for PHP7
cadmus/api CadmusApi hub client library
cadmus/yii2-excel-io Exporting PHP to Excel or Importing Excel to PHP
cadoles/phpback-saml Connecteur SAML pour PHPBack
cadr-sa/yii2-jsoneditor Yii2 jsoneditor widget
cadre/atlasorm-debugbar-bridge Library to use PHP DebugBar with Atlas ORM
cadre/cliadr Command line ADR implementation
cadre/module Module system based on Aura.Di
cadulis/sdk Cadulis API SDK
cadyrov/yii2-caller структура для совершения звонков
cadyrov/yii2-gii yii2-gii alternative
cadyrov/yii2-notes заметки для сайта
caedo/framework Caedo Framework Base for PHP
caelaris/arcade ARCADe: A Rapid Console Application Development tool
caesarcipher/caesarcipher A PHP package for encoding, decoding and cracking the Caesar shift cipher
cafe-serendipity/laravel-easy-log Makes logging easy inside your Laravel-project. Includes handlers for file-, MySql-, stdOut- & stdError- and also mail-logging.
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cafe24corp/recipe-channel recipe channel api
cafelatte/framework CafeLatte(CL) Framework is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs, response few types of format such as xml, json, text, html etc.
cafelatte/library Libraries are working based on Cafelatte Framework. It contains few function such as uploading, en-decrypting, image-resizing etc.
cafemedia/feature PSR-4 compliant Feature Flags library based on Etsy
caferrari/caf-common A generic collection of classes to make zf2 projects easier
caferrari/caf-doctrine-logger ZF2 Module that logs doctrine operations
caferrari/caf-file-storage ZF2 File Storage Module
caferrari/caf-test Zend Framework 2 Module for TDD
caferrari/slugify-silex2-provider Silex 2.x provider for slugfy
caferrari/whippet Thin and fast framework
caferrari/zf2-simple-crud-module Zend Framework 2 Module that provides a collection of abstract classes do simplify the Crud work with Doctrine ORM
caferrari/zf2sample ZF2 Sample
caffe1neadd1ct/php-nbt-decoder-encoder A PHP-based NBT format decoder and encoder, for the Minecraft NBT format.
caffeina-core/api API extensions for Core
caffeina-core/base-application Caffeina Core - Application Skeleton
caffeina-core/core Platform for rapid application development.
caffeina-core/markdown Markdown extension for Caffeina Core String Module
caffeina-core/redis Redis Cache service for Caffeina Core
caffeina-core/translation Translation extensions for Caffeina Core
caffeina-core/twig Twig service for Caffeina Core Views
caffeina/aeria Caffeina WordPress Development Toolkit
caffeinated/beverage Laravel 5 support package
caffeinated/bonsai Asset management package for the Laravel 5 framework.