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Name Description
caffeinated/composer-installers A library of Composer installers for various caffeinated packages
caffeinated/flash Laravel 5 Flash Messages
caffeinated/gamification Laravel 5 Gamification
caffeinated/github Laravel 5 Github Integration
caffeinated/manifest JSON manifest manager
caffeinated/menus Laravel 5 Menus
caffeinated/modules Laravel 5.x Modules
caffeinated/path Easily customize your Laravel paths.
caffeinated/plugins Laravel 5 Plugins
caffeinated/presenter Laravel 5 View Presenters
caffeinated/repository Reusable Laravel repository interface.
caffeinated/sapling Laravel 5 Twig Implementation
caffeinated/seo Laravel 5 SEO generator
caffeinated/shinobi Laravel Roles and Permissions
caffeinated/slugs Laravel 5 Uniqe Slug Generator
caffeinated/themes Laravel 5 Themes
caffeinated/widgets Laravel 5 Widgets
caffeine-addicts/mail-awesome A simple wrapper around laravels Mail function
cafuego/phits A class library that allows you to access FITS file headers in PHP.
cagartner/correios-consulta Package para pesquisa de serviços de busca por cep, calculo de frete e etc, diretamente nos serviços dos Correios.
cagartner/laravel-sqlanywhere A Sybase driver based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel 4
cagartner/module-banner Module to control custom banner
cagartner/module-generatemigration Generate migration for your cms pages/blocks, configs, email template
cagartner/phpquery PHP5.3+ namespaced version of phpQuery with enhanced CSS support
cagartner/sql-anywhere-client Client for connection with sybase
cagataygurturk/apiception BDD-style testing framework for REST API's
cagataygurturk/digitalocean-v2 DigitalOcean API v2 PHP 5.4+ library
cagataygurturk/phpthumb A library for manipulating images in PHP.
cagataygurturk/referer-parser Snowplow Refer(r)er parser for PHP
cagataygurturk/tinyorm TinyORM is a small DBAL and ORM library written in PHP.
cagatayldzz/lang-turkish Turkish language pack.
caglaror/photoslider A very simple photo/image slider
caglaror/rating_stars A very simple rating api which using 5 stars for rating.
caglaror/simplest_date_picker_calendar A very simple date picker calendar
caherrera/fullcsv FullCSV is a simple Object Oriented CSV manipulation library for PHP 5.6+
caherrera/homesteadbat Provides homestead.bat file
caherrera/laravel-migrate-check A command to check for pending migrations. Exits with number of pending migrations if there are any
caherrera/lavsii SII Chile Service Provider for Laravel
caherrera/mysqloffsync this is a simple wrapper tool with some extras to mysqlump like connect your changes into a git repo or sync from server a to b
caherrera/pdfinfo Parse pdfinfo from shell to php 5.6+
caherrera/sanitizer Transform and fix raw data into real and unified format data
cahkampung/landa-db Mysql POD library
cahkampung/landa-migrasi Migrasi Database MySQL
cahri/laravel-paybox-gateway Laravel Paybox gateway
cahsowan/captcha Fork of Captcha Package for Laravel 4
cahuk/checking Perform some verifications
cahuk/image-downloader Set site url for parse and download images
cahyadsn/ci-installer Package to install CodeIgniter3 via Composer with secure folder structure.
caibao/grpc_client grpc_client
caicai/wechat 微信公众平台第三方 SDK 开发包,优雅、健壮,可扩展,遵循 PSR 开发规范。
caicaikan/pay Union Wechat Alipay Pay Center Pay Client Based On Laravel
caicaikan/sso Union User Center SSO Client Based On Laravel
caicaizi251/laravel-shop laravel shop
caicedo1089/web-rest-api Web API Rest es un micro framework que muestra la creación y uso de un API Rest.
caichao1992/composer a test
caidingding/test_composer for private composer demo dfdf
caigecaige/alipay-sdk 支付宝SDK,来源官方SDK
caihuanhuan/composer-car my packagist
caihuanhuan/composer-tv my packagist
caijinlin/laravel-u-editor UEditor for laravel5. Support i18n. UEditor is a Rich Text Web Editor From Baidu.
caijq4ever/yii2-pdf A yii2 wrapper for wkhtmltopdf
caijq4ever/yii2-urlalias like opencart seo url
caijw/httpclient 基于guzzlehttp/guzzle的http client功能
caijw/laravel-generate-html Create html pages for the laravel framework
caikeal/coding-open-api Coding Open Api SDK
caiokawasaki/stab Responsive CSS framework focused on agility, grids, page design and mobile first.
caiol/notification This is a library that uses composer as the basis for general email notifications!
caiola/config Easy PHP config allows to configure your settings by allowing to read environment from operating system and public variables
caiolandgraf/cafeapi Biblioteca API para integração com o webservice do SaaS FSPHP
caiolandgraf/crud Projeto C.R.U.D Giovanni
caiomoritz/storyteller BDD style DSL and test suite runner for PHP 7+
cairns/sergeant Deprecated
caiyi-li/jwt restful api
caiyundong/yii2-qiniu-sdk Qiniu API for Yii 2.0
cajogos/biscuit-link-framework Set of classes used for Biscuit Link PHP Framework.
cajogos/php-temp-cache Simple PHP caching system that uses a tmp folder in a Linux environment.
cajudev/csvparser Uma simples, porém eficiente interface para trabalhar com arquivos csv.
cajudev/regexbuilder Uma divertida e poderosa interface para a criação de expressões regulares, tornando-as muito mais legíveis.
cajudev/validator Uma biblioteca que disponibiliza um conjunto de validações para facilitar a sua vida.
cajusber/form-validator Basic form validation
cake-cms/app CakePHP CMS application
cake-cms/backend CakePHP CMS backend theme.
cake-cms/cck CakePHP CMS CCK plugin.
cake-cms/community CakePHP CMS community plugin.
cake-cms/config CakePHP CMS config plugin.
cake-cms/core CakePHP CMS core plugin.
cake-cms/extensions CakePHP CMS extensions plugin.
cake-cms/frontend CakePHP CMS frontend theme.
cake-cms/test Addons for tests cms codes.
cake-depo/admin-theme The Aura.Intl package provides internationalization (I18N) tools, specificallypackage-oriented per-locale message translation.
cake17/cakephp-bootstrap To easily use Bootstrap Twitter 3.x in CakePHP projects
cake17/cakephp-recaptcha [DEPRECIATED] Please use
cakebake/jquery-breakpoint-check Check the current visibility of bootstrap 3 breakpoints
cakebake/php-lesscss-compiler Compiles less code to css code