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Name Description
d-ashesss/console PHP interface to linux console advanced features
d-bmysql/d-bmysql Mysqli Essential DB Class This class can access MySQL databases with mysql and mysqli. It comes with a
d-f-d/alter-php-cache Human friendly and little faster php cache.
d-f-d/anti-form Polymer form like form but polymer
d-f-d/anti-locale Russian locale for something
d-f-d/anti-panels AntiPanels like Panels everywhere system but AntiPanels
d-f-d/d_submodules Drupal submodules module
d-f-d/polymerconnect polymer connector
d-f-d/twig Drupal sugar, BEM and php eval
d-kolpakov/yarrays Arrays to objects
d-rivera-c/silverstripe-faq Provides Q&A pages and Solr-based search
d-scribe/console dScribe Console Component
d-scribe/core Library of classes for the dScribe Framework to function.
d-scribe/db-scribe PDO Abstraction Library to manage CRUD functions from within PHP
d-scribe/ds-live Extension of default core classes and provision of addition utility classes
d-scribe/laraquick A collection of classes to be extended/used in laravel applications for quick development
d-scribe/stdlib dScribe Standard Library
d-te/laravel-disqus Disqus integration for Laravel
d0liver/lib PHP Library
d0niek/php-generic Generator for generic array/vector.
d0x2f/clover-merge Merge two or more clover XML files.
d11wtq/boris A tiny, but robust REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) for PHP.
d1am0nd/alpha-vantage Simplified Laravel Alpha Vantage API client
d1maz/array-combine Unlike the PHP array_combine() this don't override the equal keys & gives you more flexibility.
d1maz/curl-wrapper Very simple cURL wrapper.
d1maz/foundation5_grid Foundation 5 Grid Wrapper.
d1maz/simple_pagination Creates easily pagination layout for you and is compatible with the 'Bootstrap' and 'Foundation' Frameworks
d1maz/simple_pdo This class simplifies the work with Prepared Statements of PDO extension.
d1maz/simple_upload Upload files easily to your server.
d1rk/radium lithium application framework
d1rk/radium-app radium based li₃ application distribution, including overarching directory layout, starting application, and a copy of the lithium framework.
d1s/codaphp PHP class for handling CODA files (financial files for Belgian banks)
d1soft/yii2-elfinder elFinder file manager for Yii 2
d1soft/yii2-filemanager Yii2 filemanager
d1soft/yii2-lightboxedimage Yii2 widget to create lightboxed images
d1studio/memcache-tools Memcache tools 是一个基于PHP的memcache命令行工具
d1studio/php-command php-command 是一个命令行基础模块
d1studio/php-common php-common 是一个常用的PHP库
d1studio/php-helper php-helper 是一个命令行基础模块
d1studio/php-queue php-queue 是一个队列程序
d1studio/yii2-adminlte yii2-adminlte
d2/core Primary dependency of other core components, and the foundation of our config-driven WordPress themes.
d2/core-asset-loader Load theme scripts and stylesheets through configuration.
d2/core-constants Define child theme constants through configuration.
d2/core-custom-colors Add Customizer color settings through configuration.
d2/core-demo-import Set One Click Demo Import plugin settings through configuration.
d2/core-genesis-breadcrumbs Change Genesis Breadcrumbs arguments through configuration.
d2/core-genesis-customizer-panels Remove unused Genesis Customizer panels through configuration.
d2/core-genesis-layouts Register and unregister Genesis layouts through configuration.
d2/core-genesis-meta-boxes Remove unused Genesis settings meta boxes through configuration.
d2/core-genesis-settings Set or override default Genesis theme settings through configuration.
d2/core-google-fonts Enqueue Google Fonts through configuration.
d2/core-image-sizes Adds image sizes through theme configuration.
d2/core-page-templates Unregister page templates through configuration.
d2/core-plugin-activation Add recommended plugins to TGM Plugin Activation through configuration.
d2/core-simple-social-icons Set Simple Social Icons default values through configuration.
d2/core-textdomain Load a WordPress theme’s translated strings through configuration.
d2/core-theme-support Add or remove support for theme features through configuration.
d2/core-widget-areas Register or unregister widget areas through configuration.
d2/core-widgets Register and unregister widgets through configuration.
d20vitals/core Your d20 Character Tracker
d3-catalyst/caching Interface para sistema de cacheo de phpfastcache
d3/articlevoucher Add a printorder function.
d3/birthdayvoucher Birthdayvoucher.
d3/bonimascore Boniversum module for OXID eShop.
d3/contenttabs Extended description module for OXID eShop.
d3/d3-metapackage-ce This is OXID eShop compilation metapackage.
d3/ Documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files to create custom documentation on the fly
d3/devhelper Manipulate shop standard processes for easier development
d3/extsearch Extended search module for OXID eShop.
d3/fileupload file upload module for OXID eShop.
d3/heidelpay Heidelpay client module for oxid eShop v6
d3/heidelpay_payolution Heidelpay addon module for d3/heidelpay
d3/multilang Text item handler module for OXID eShop.
d3/ordermanager Order manager module for OXID eShop.
d3/oxid-amazonpay-replacement Empty replacement for the Amazon Pay module if it is not used and should be removed from the installation.
d3/oxid-klarna-replacement empty replacement for Klarna module, when it's not used
d3/oxid-paymorrow-replacement Empty replacement for the Paymorrow module if it is not used and should be removed from the installation.
d3/oxid-payone-replacement Empty replacement for the PAYONE module if it is not used and should be removed from the installation.
d3/oxid-paypal-replacement Empty replacement for the Paypal module if it is not used and should be removed from the installation.
d3/oxideshop-metapackage-ce This is a replacement for OXID eShop compilation metapackage, modified from D3 for testing purposes.
d3/points Add a Premiumpoints system.
d3/printorder Add a printorder function.
d35k/laravelmodules Modular Pattern for Laravel 5
d35k/rating Rating syetem for Laravel 5
d3adly/birth-date Age calculation library