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Name Description
e-artspace/pimple-env-provider A super simple, Silex compatible, lightweight service provider to override Pimple container parameters with the value of environment variables.
e-artspace/resourceful A framework for rapid prototyping REST applications
e-belair/flatstrap2 Flatstrap from TWBS 2.3.2
e-belair/font-awesome4 FA 4 with some fixes
e-belair/zf-lib Some Zend Framework 2 utilities
e-butik/gittern A Git library written in pure PHP. Making Git like music for PHP's ears.
e-butik/iodophor A PHP library for binary IO and bit twiddling
e-butik/mongo-session-bundle Ebutik MongoSessionBundle for Symfony2
e-commerce-passaro/acesso Uma biblioteca com ferramentas de utilitades para se implantar o ACL em View Models e Controllers
e-commerce-passaro/acesso-factory Fabrica os serviços oferecidos pela biblioteca e-commerce-passaro/acesso
e-commerce-passaro/admin The admin controller of the e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/application Uma biblioteca para gerar as views de aplicação um e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/application-factory Fabrica os serviços oferecidos pela biblioteca e-commerce-passaro/application-factory
e-commerce-passaro/autenticacao Biblioteca para autenticação
e-commerce-passaro/avancado-form This library it's a utility to build an avancado zend form
e-commerce-passaro/compra Biblioteca de compra em um e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/compra-view Biblioteca para camada de view de compra em um e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/consumidor Biblioteca para as ações do consumidor
e-commerce-passaro/conta Uma biblioteca para apresentar uma conta a um consumidor
e-commerce-passaro/login Biblioteca de login
e-commerce-passaro/notificacao Biblioteca para notificação com tipos: alerta, erro, informação e sucesso.
e-commerce-passaro/pagamento Biblioteca de pagamento para e-commerce.
e-commerce-passaro/paypal Uma biblioteca para integração com o paypal
e-commerce-passaro/paypal-express-checkout Uma biblioteca utilizando o servio de express checkout do paypal
e-commerce-passaro/produto Biblioteca de um produto de e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/produto-factory Fabrica os serviços oferecidos pela biblioteca e-commerce-passaro/produto
e-commerce-passaro/site Essa é uma biblioteca para gerenciamento de um site e-commerce
e-commerce-passaro/site-factory Fabrica os serviços oferecidos pela biblioteca e-commerce-passaro/site
e-commerce-tetradka/geobundle Nitra GeoBundle Syncronize geography
e-comprocessing/magento2-ecp-plugin E-ComProcessing Payment Gateway for Magento 2
e-conomix/mageplaza-magento-2-banner-slider-extension Magento 2 Banner Slider extension
e-conomix/mageplaza-magento-2-product-slider Magento 2 Product Slider
e-conomix/mageplaza-magento-2-social-login Magento 2 Social Login extension is designed for quick login to your Magento 2 store without procesing complex register steps
e-dev/api_database Biblioteca de mapeamento de entidades.
e-frank/yii2-assets Some asset bundles with javascript helpers
e-frank/yii2-base Basic Javascript configuration helpers and locale detection
e-frank/yii2-bootstrap-material-datetime-picker AssetBundle for bootstrap-material-datetimepicker
e-frank/yii2-data Helpers for persisting relational data from arrays
e-frank/yii2-datetimepicker AssetBundle for bootstrap datetimepicker
e-frank/yii2-dragula asset-bundle and widget for dragula drag and drop library
e-frank/yii2-dropzone yii2 Asset for dropzone.js
e-frank/yii2-handlebars Handlebars asset for yii2
e-frank/yii2-knockout ActiveForm replacement. Automatically generates knockoutjs viewmodels from yii ActiveRecords. Allows computed fields and nested forms.
e-frank/yii2-moment AssetBundle for momentjs
e-frank/yii2-requirejs Just loads require.js to keep it in one place.
e-frank/yii2-select2 AssetBundle for select2
e-frank/yii2-selectivity Selectivity InputWidget for yii2
e-ghl/exception Exception Handler for eGHL PHP packages
e-ghl/hashing A class that helps the integration plug-in to calculate hash for communicating with eGHL payment Gateway
e-ghl/merchant-api This package provides an easy interface to the merchants to interact with eGHL APIs i.e. Capture, Query, Refund and Reversal
e-ghl/omnipay Omnipay payment processing library for eGHL payment Gateway
e-ghl/param-validator validates eGHL API input params array
e-gob/claveunica-oauth2-client OAuth 2.0 Client Library for ClaveÚnica (Chilean SSO)
e-imaxina/scssphp-compass Compass for scssphp. Fork from leafo/scssphp-compass
e-kejaksaan/sample Sample package
e-lang/moodle-mod_elang A moodle module for learning foreign languages
e-moe/guzzle-regexp-mock-plugin Mock plugin for Guzzle3 with regexp match urls
e-moe/guzzle6-bundle Integrates Guzzle 6 into your Symfony application
e-sixt/rabbitmq-service-provider Silex service provider for RabbitMQ. Integrates php-amqplib/rabbitmq-bundle into Silex.
e-solving/page-bundle Symfony StiwlPageBundle PHP >=5.3.3
e-ucm/xapi-profile2html HTML generator for xAPI JSON-LD profiles
e-wings/php-tools php tools
e-yunduan/yii2-aip-speech 百度语音合成
e0ipso/amazon-sqs-php-extended-client-lib An extension to the Amazon SQS client that enables sending and receiving messages up to 2GB via Amazon S3.
e0ipso/drupal-unit-autoload Allows you to load classes in non standard unknown file locations.
e0ipso/shaper Lightweight library to handle in and out transformations in PHP.
e1himself/axis-materialized-path-repository-plugin Plugin to use materialized path as hierarchy backend for Propel entities
e1himself/php-x-components PHP X Components
e1stuff/layered-laravel-container Library allows to use nested Laravel service containers for different environments (global + one container per environment)
e200/mediavel Laravel media library package
e25-base/unyson-plugin unyson framework for WordPress
e25-nirodha/base-button Shortcodes for WordPress with unyson framework
e282486518/yii2-console-migration yii2命令行中使用migration备份和还原数据库
e282486518/yii2admin 通用的yii2后台,基于Yii2的advanced应用程序模板,采用metronic4.5.6作为前后台模板,整合RBAC、Menu、Config、Migration多语言、RESTfull等等
e2consult/laravel-preset Default laravel preset.
e2e/e2e-curl-php PHP client lib
e2e/e2e-data-model Data Model
e2e/e2e-sdk-php PHP client lib
e2e/swagger-cli PHP client lib
e2e4gu/adaptive-image-plugin AdaptiveImages plugin for CakePHP 3
e2ex/e2ex Converts PHP Errors to Exceptions and (optionally) logs PHP Errors, Notices and Warnings with a PSR-3 compatible logger
e2fletcher/payu-latam-php-payments-sdk PayU Latam PHP SDK for the Payments API
e2kaneko/laravel-chatwork-notifications Chatwork notifications channel for Laravel.
e3-lei/sylius-supplier-plugin Demo Supplier plugin for Sylius.
e421083458/wxxcx A WeChat applet plugins for Laravel.
e7o/morosity A mostly standard template engine without all the overhead
e96/campaign-commander-member Campaign Commander Notifcation Messaging class