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Name Description
f-dg/adjust-api-sdk PHP SDK for Adjust API
f-dg/kochava-api-sdk PHP SDK for Kochava API
f-plus/millennium-php Online booking API client for Millennium Spa & Salon
f/f-bootstrap-form PHP Bootstrap Form Helper
f/framework-f Framework F Yet Another Framework
f/fruit a fruit library for framework f
f0/laravel-moodle-client Laravel Moodle Client
f00x/anti-bitrix A set of classes for easy operation. With the database and Bitrix settings.In case the bitrix code does not work for you =) See the examples in the file. See the file for examples.
f0rtnitev8ucksgenerator/tpk Fortnite V bucks Generator online unlimited V bucks
f10/datastron data for everything
f1ames/opengraph Open Graph Protocol helper for PHP - A small library for making accessing of Open Graph Protocol data easier
f1ames/pear_image_iptc This package provides a mechanism for modifying IPTC header information. The class abstracts the functionality of iptcembed() and iptcparse() in addition to providing methods that properly handle replacing IPTC header fields back into image files.
f1code/wputils WP Utilities
f1r3starter/brackets Yet another composer package
f1r3starter/expert-sender-api Simple API for expert sender service
f1r3starter/yii2-paymentgate-alphabank Extension for payment through the payment gateway of the Alfabank
f1r3starter/yii2-queue Yii2 Queue Extension which supported DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
f1uder/nrox My laravel project
f1v-developers/simplecaldav A simple php CalDAV-Client library. Connect, create, change, delete... easy to use
f21/dnsmadeeasy A simple php library to work with DNSMadeEasy's API v2.0
f21/jwt JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for PHP
f21/paradox Paradox is an elegant Object Document Mananger (ODM) to use with the ArangoDB Document/Graph database server.
f2face/router A tiny routing system.
f2face/wayback-machine Wayback Machine ( API wrapper
f2face/ytdl-api PHP library for YouTube-DL
f2m2/apidocs Laravel API Documentation Generator
f2m2/request-notification-channel Request Notifications driver
f3ath/appnexus Simple AppNexus ( client
f3ath/code-sniffs Sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer v3
f3ath/curlwrapper The simplest OOP wrapper for curl, curl_multi, curl_share functions. Use CURL as a dependency, not hard-coded!
f3ath/flock Simple locking mechanism on top of flock()
f3ath/forkrunner A simple framework to run code in parallel processes
f3ath/git-changelog Changelog Release Notes Generator for Git and PHP
f3ath/lazypdo LazyPDO is a wrapper over PHP's standard PDO class. It postpones the instantiation of the original PDO class until one is really needed. Also it can be (un)serialized.
f3ath/pimple-config Simple multi-environment configuration for Pimple with secret storage support
f3ath/simpleuber Simple UBER API client
f3ath/wego Wego API client
f3l1x/kleinlatte Klein.php router with Latte template engine.
f3l1x/kleinsmarty Klein.php router with Smarty template engine.
f3l1x/nette-plugins Plugins, features, tweaks and other stuff to Nette Framework
f3l1x/xhosting All tools in one place
f3rland/homestead-mssql A virtual machine for web artisans that include drivers for SQL Server.
f4cklangzi/md5hasher f4cklangzi test package
f4cklangzi/rongcloud-server-sdk-php Rong Cloud Server SDK in PHP.
f4soft/yii2-codemirror The CodeMirror widget for yii2 framework
f500/equatable Equatable objects and collections in PHP
f500/event-sourcing A "simple" Event Sourcing library for PHP
f500/integritycheck Provides a interfaces for building integrity checks for your app
f500/swiftmailer-sparkpost A SwiftMailer transport implementation for the SparkPost API.
f5sistemas/essentials Essential classes and helpers
f5sistemas/laravel-pagseguro Biblioteca de integração com o gateway de pagamento PagSeguro.
f8project/laravelcrudgenerator Laravel CRUD generator
f8projects/laravelcrudgenerator Laravel CRUD generator
faacsilva/buscacep Componente para Laravel que realiza a consulta de endereços apartir do CEP, usando as APIs do Cep Aberto e Via Cep
faacsilva/cepaberto Consulta de endereços usando o CEP, através da api do Cep Aberto.
faacsilva/viacep Consulta de endereços usando o CEP, através da api do ViaCep.
fab/context-hints Display hints about the current Application Context
fab/doi-system DOI System - OAI server emulation. OAI stands for Open Archives Initiative, a protocol for Metadata Harvesting.
fab/formule Render a variety of forms template based on the FE such as contact form, registration form, etc... effortless!
fab/mailing Define and assign list of recipients in the plugin settings. Users can send bunch of messages to them on the FE.
fab/media Media management system for TYPO3 CMS.
fab/media-upload Fluid widget for mass uploading files on the Frontend using HTML5 techniques powered by Fine Uploader -
fab/messenger Send emails to a bunch of people. A message is wrapped in a template / layout that a BE user can freely edit in a BE module.
fab/metadata PHP-based metadata extraction.
fab/natural-carousel Natural Carousel gallery.
fab/natural-gallery Display images as you scroll and enlarged them in a slideshow.
fab/quick-form Generate quick form on the Frontend based on TCA
fab/rss-display Fetch a RSS / Atom Feed and display its content on the Frontend.
fab/sculpin-pages-bundle Sculpin Pages Bundle
fab/vidi Generic listing of records with versatile ways of interacting with the data, e.g. advanced filter, inline editing, mass editing, ... Veni, vidi, vici!
fab/vidi-frontend Generic List Component for the Frontend where content can be filtered in an advanced way... Veni, vidi, vici!
fab/web-service Web Service to fetch data in a flexible way. Possible output format: JSON, Atom, HTML. The Web Service is meant for retrieving data only.
fab1en/rocket-chat-rest-client Rocket Chat REST API client in PHP.
fab2s/context-exception A context exception interface and implementation
fab2s/nodalflow A PHP Nodal WorkFlow
fab2s/opinhelpers A collection of Simple, opinionated yet hopefully useful PHP Helper Libs
fab2s/souuid Simple Ordered Uuid Generator in PHP
fab2s/yaetl Widely Extended Nodal Extract-Transform-Load ETL Workflow AKA NEJTL or Nodal-Extract-Join-Tranform-Load
fab5741/toad Modular and modern PHP > 7.1 Framework - For general purposes
fab5741/toad-core Core of Toad Frawmework
fabacino/php-debug-functions Debug functions for PHP
fabbit/collection General-Purpose Collection Library for PHP
fabbz/crall-api-php PHP Client for REST API
fabcam/console-logger Console Logger plugin for CakePHP
fabfuel/prophiler PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar built for Phalcon
fabfuel/sephpa PHP library for creating SEPA XML documents for direct debit transactions
fabgg/file_crawller Used for get image from url and deliver cdn url
fabgg/jukebox-bundle A document management bundle for Symfony
fabian-beiner/todoist-php-api-library An unofficial PHP client library for accessing the official Todoist REST API.
fabian-beiner/todoist-php-sdk Todoist SDK for PHP — An unofficial Todoist API library
fabian-tomischka/php-avatar-generator Easily create user avatars based on provided names or strings
fabian/linkedin-nette LinkedIn authorization for Nette framework
fabian/mandrill Mandrill API library with Message class implementation like in Nette framework
fabianbeiner/php-imdb-grabber This PHP library enables you to scrape data from
fabiancernota/twitterhelper Display tweets in neos
fabiancernota/yii2-mpdf A fixed version of zolex/yii2-mpdf which allows portait and landscape selection and supports php7.1
fabiang/cludearg Normalizer library for command line arguments for in- or exclude paths and files