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Name Description
fabiang/cludearg Normalizer library for command line arguments for in- or exclude paths and files
fabiang/dateparser Parser for date strings
fabiang/doctrine-dynamic Load Doctrine mappings dynamically for your entities by configuration
fabiang/doctrine-dynamic-zf Zend Framework binding for doctrine-dynamic
fabiang/doctrine-migrations-liquibase-zf Zend Framework module for creating changesets for Liquibase with Doctrine
fabiang/mink-javascript-errors Mink extension for handling JavaScript errors
fabiang/sasl Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses.
fabiang/xmpp Library for XMPP protocol (Jabber) connections
fabiang/zend-pwnedpasswords Validator for the Zend Framework for API
fabiang/zf-localize-helper Zend Framework module for setting locale to all view helpers, validators and filters
fabiankoestring/locale-template-map-resolver LocaleTemplateMapResolver is a small ZF2 module that provides a template map resolver to load locale specific templates.
fabianlindfors/advanced-forms Advanced Forms
fabianobn/ekko-lightbox A lightbox gallery plugin for Bootstrap 4 based on the modal plugin
fabianobn/readmore.js This is the ReadmoreJS
fabianobn/slick This is the atualized Slick Slider used in Wordpress
fabianofa/jsonboperators-bundle Symfony Bundle of Doctrine custom functions that allows the developer to use ->, ->> and #>> operators in DQL
fabianschuetzeichel/automation Automation plugin for CakePHP
fabianschuetzeichel/cryptsec Cryptsec plugin for CakePHP
fabic/jpgraph jpGraph, library to make graphs and charts
fabic/nql NQL is not GraphQL, but some sort of GraphQL-like impl. for the Rest of us.
fabic/php-utils fabic's PHP utilities
fabien44300/openldap :openldap for laravel 5
fabienbellanger/stuart-client-php Stuart PHP client library
fabiencrassat/curriculumvitae Symfony CV bundle
fabienm/test1 test project
fabieno/lucenequerybuilder A Lucene Query Builder
fabik/database Database layer for Nette Framework.
fabik/filter-stream Filter Stream - an utility for files pre-processing.
fabil/uberspacempc Easily change the passwords of the mailboxes from the hoster in the frontend
fabilocky/mercadopago-bundle This is a Symfony2 Bundle helps you use the mercadopago API
fabinho-fz/mvc MVC do Curso de PHP Moderno
fabinho-fz/query-builder Query Builder do Curso de PHP Moderno
fabio286/php-pwauth A pwauth driver in PHP
fabioapereira/utilities Utilities for Web Development!
fabiofapeli/code-database repository pattern library based in Laravel
fabioi/crud-api-responder This Laravel 5.5 package offers a fluent way to easily and quickly create restful crud APIs for your models
fabiojaniolima/laraboot Um ponto de partida para seus projetos baseados no Laravel Framework.
fabiojaniolima/laravel-boot Um ponto de partida para seus projetos baseados no Laravel Framework.
fabiojaniolima/webupload Um simples, rápido e eficiente sistema de upload baseado em tags.
fabiomlferreira/yii2-basic-cms Yii 2 Advanced Project Template with basic CMS
fabiomlferreira/yii2-file-manager File Manager for Yii2
fabiomsouto/phuse A no-frills fuse for PHP
fabiopaiva/doctrine-orm-cidades-br Crud, entidades e dados das cidades brasileiras
fabiopaiva/file-storage DoctrineORM Entity to store files ZF2
fabiopaiva/is-avail-registro-br Módulo para ZF2 da ferramenta IsAvail do RegistroBR
fabiopaiva/pdo-simple-migration Database version control using PDO connection
fabiopaiva/react-app-seo A PHP render script to serve React Apps SEO friendly
fabiopaiva/zendcart Cart in ZF2
fabiopaiva/zf2-doctrine-autocomplete Provides a autocomplete form for ZF2 and Doctrine2.
fabiopaiva/zfc-user-crud Crud interface for ZfcUser with Doctrine ORM.
fabiopellati/apigility-split-config Tool for split apigility configuration per service
fabiopellati/apigility-tools General tools for Apigility
fabiopellati/apigility-tools-cli Cli command tool for development with apigility-tools
fabiopellati/bb-tools-module elementi di view per l'implementazione del bbtools
fabiopellati/ibmi-tools IbmiToolkit's event-driven implementations based on MessageExchangeEventManager Actuator
fabiopellati/message-exchange-event-manager Message exchange pattern implementation for zend event manager
fabiopellati/zf-db-util utility for working wit ZendFramework3 Db
fabiorf/ionic-push-php ionic push notifications php sdk v2
fabiosimoes/course-composer Composer Course
fabiosvm/uigen Web UI Generator for Bootstrap and PHP
fabis94/php-twiddle The Chase's Twiddle algorithm rewritten in PHP that returns all combinations of m out of n objects.
fabiyiworks/fabiyi just a test of some TDD and namespacing
fablab/manager-bundle FabLab Manager
fableom/wp-noonce An object oriented wrapper for WordPress nonces
fableproject/laskgen Currently unusable
fabmw/project this is just a test project on initializing composer for my project
faboslav/yii2-asset-manager Yii2 Asset Manager
faboslav/yii2-progressive-media Yii2 Progressive Media is a extension for Yii2 which allows to lazyload images and iframes
faboslav/yii2-rss Yii2 RSS module
fabpot/goutte A simple PHP Web Scraper
fabpot/php-cs-fixer A tool to automatically fix PHP code style
fabpot/silex-skeleton A pre-configured skeleton for the Silex microframework
fabpot/sphinx-php Sphinx extension for PHP projects
fabria/yii2-sms SMS sender for Yii2
fabrice-kabongo/fkdatatablesbundle A bundle that helps you to deal with library by providing a usefull database access
fabrice/laravel-clone A Laravel like base on Slim 3
fabriceclementz/clarifai-php A PHP client for the Clarifai API.
fabriceclementz/imagga-php A simple wrapper for Imagga API.
fabricedelahaij/vpncash-php-api VPNCash PHP API Client
fabricekabongo/auth0-api-authentication-bundle Integrate with Auth0 to bring API authentication to Symfony
fabricekabongo/common Ensemble des classes que j'utilise souvent
fabricekabongo/simplehttpclient A very simple Http Client that works on PHP 5.3
fabricekabongo/trip-sorter A library that sorts boarding cards
fabricelepro/diool-php Diool API for mobile payment.
fabricio/chimpanze Uso simples do MailChimp API v3, em PHP
fabriciojso/laravel-slack-web-api Light Laravel wrapper for Slack Web API