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Name Description
fabriciojso/php-slack A lightweight PHP implementation of Slack's API.
fabriciorabelo/modules Laravel 5 Modules
fabriciorabelo/pagseguro Biblioteca de integração com o PagSeguro portada para OctoberCMS.
fabriciorabelo/theme Theme will help you organize your themes inside Laravel projects easily and maintain its related assets, layouts and partials for the theme in single directory.
fabricius/fabricius Library for defining content in a similar way as Jekyll.
fabricius/fabricius-bundle Bundle for adding support for Fabricius to Symfony.
fabricius/fabricius-provider Provider for integrating Fabricius with Silex
fabricius/yalinqo YaLinqo, a LINQ-to-objects library for PHP
fabrizio-cafolla/cache-system Cache service for Lumen Framework.
fabrizio-cafolla/core-microservice Framework of Microservice Lumen.
fabrizio-cafolla/lumen-cache-service Cache service for Lumen Framework.
fabrizio-cafolla/microservice-lumen-framework Framework of Microservice Lumen.
fabrizio-cafolla/response-http Response service for Laravel/Lumen Framework.
fabrizioballiano/deferjavascripts Magento2 Defer Javascripts: moves all your javascripts to the very end of your HTML (only on frontend) making search engines and speed metering tools happy.
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-bootstrap The Twitter Bootstrap extension for the Yii framework
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-bootstrap3 Yii2 Bootstrap 3
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-bootstrap4 Yii2 Bootstrap 4
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-ckeditor Yii2 CKEditor
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-file-upload File upload for Yii2
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-file-uploader File uploader for Yii2
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-gridview-extended Yii2 GridView Extended
fabriziocaldarelli/yii2-messages-translations-manager Messages Translations Manager
fabs/api Php API
fabs/celery_client Celery php client
fabs/couchdb2 CouchDB2 php client
fabs/crypt Crypt Library for PHP
fabs/di Dependency Injection for PHP
fabs/event Event Manager for PHP
fabs/json-pointer JSON Pointer
fabs/linq LINQ for PHP
fabs/mongo-try Mongo ODM for PHP
fabs/phalcon-api Phalcon REST API Library
fabs/serialize Php serialization
fabs/simple-api Phalcon REST API Helper
fabs/steam_library Steam Library For PHP
fabschtr/aws-es-php-handler AWS signing handler for the Elasticsearch-PHP client.
fabschurt/phoundry A PHP project initializer.
fabschurt/php-utils A collection of common PHP utility classes.
fabschurt/silex-provider-captcha Captcha service provider for Silex 2.
fabschurt/silex-provider-framework Framework convention provider for Silex 2.
fabschurt/wp-tweaks Some useful WordPress tweaks.
fabsor/drupal-release-api Fetch information about Drupal releases
fabstei/shorturl-bundle Provides a Shorturl Service for your Symfony2 Project.
fabstract/assert Assertion for PHP
fabstract/datetime-handler DateTimeHandler library for PHP
fabstract/di Dependency Injection for PHP
fabstract/event Event library for PHP
fabstract/http-application HTTP Application for PHP
fabstract/lazy Lazy loading for PHP
fabstract/linq LINQ library for PHP
fabstract/rest REST library for PHP
fabstract/router Routing library for PHP
fabstract/serializer Serializer library for PHP
fabstract/storage Storage for PHP
fabstract/unit-test Unit test library on top of PHP Unit
fabstract/validator Data validator library for PHP
fabulator/endomondo Simple Endomondo Api Class
fabulator/endomondo-api Endomondo API.
fabulator/endomondo-api-base Endomondo API base.
fabulator/endomondo-api-old Endomondo old API.
fabulator/endomondo-api-old-base Endomondo old API base.
fabulator/endomondo-tools Tools for Endomondo workouts that can improve provided data.
fabulator/endomondo-workouts Endomondo workouts.
fabulator/fitbit Fitbit REST API library
fabulator/fitbit-api Fitbit API.
fabulator/fitbit-api-base Very basic Fitbit API.
fabulous-co/command-runner-bundle This bundle helps to run commands from your symfony code
fabwebstudio/php-rss-writer Yet another simple RSS writer library for PHP 5.4 or later. Extended From suin/php-rss-writer
fabwebstudio/webline Insurance data collector, webline wrapper package for laravel
fabyo/cnab_php Projeto para criar arquivos de remessas e processar arquivos de retorno no formato CNAB
fabyo/guima The Laravel Framework.
fabyo/openboleto Biblioteca para geracao de boletos bancarios.
fabyo/wkhtmltopdf-image-64 Convert html to pdf/image using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked windows/linux binary for amd64 systems.
fabyscore/fabyscore FabysCore PHP7 Framework
fabyscore/fabyscore-lib FabysCore PHP7 Framework lib
facade/facade REST API Facade classes in PHP
facamenzind/bonsai Bonsai is a minimalistic static web site generator
face/commander-bundle Command handler bundle
face/face Modern & Friendly ORM for php5.4
face/main-bundle This is the main bundle for the Face CMS
face/module-bundle This bundle contains code for creating modules
face/parser helper to write parser with php
face/silex Silex service provider for Face ORM
facebook-anonymous-publisher/firewall Facebook anonymous publisher IP filtering.
facebook-anonymous-publisher/graph-api PHP facebook graph api helper.
facebook-anonymous-publisher/shortener Facebook anonymous publisher url shortener.
facebook-anonymous-publisher/text-to-image Convert text to image text.
facebook-anonymous-publisher/wordfilter High performance wordfilter.
facebook-awd/connect Connect adds Facebook connect on your site.
facebook-awd/core Facebook AWD adds required facebook's extensions on your site.
facebook/definition-finder Find definitions in PHP or Hack files. Useful for autoloaders.
facebook/facebook-for-magento Facebook For Magento
facebook/facebook-instant-articles-sdk-extensions-in-php Facebook Instant Articles SDK Extensions in PHP to transform Instant Articles markup file into AMP
facebook/facebook-instant-articles-sdk-php Facebook Instant Articles SDK for PHP
facebook/facebook-module Zend Framework 2 Module that provides integration with Facebook PHP SDK
facebook/facebook-sdk-php-zf2 Zend Framework 2 Module that allows easy integration the Facebook SDK for PHP
facebook/fbexpect Unit test helpers for Facebook projects