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Name Description
facebook/fbmarkdown Markdown parser and renderer for Hack
facebook/fbmock FBMock is a PHP mocking framework designed to be simple and easy to use.
facebook/fbshipit Library for syncing code repositories
facebook/graph-sdk Facebook SDK for PHP
facebook/hack-codegen Hack Codegen is a library for programatically generating Hack code
facebook/hack-http-request-response-interfaces Common interface for HTTP messages
facebook/hack-router URI routing for Hack
facebook/hack-router-codegen URI routing for Hack with codegen
facebook/php-ads-sdk PHP SDK for Facebook Business
facebook/php-business-sdk PHP SDK for Facebook Business
facebook/php-sdk Facebook PHP SDK
facebook/php-sdk-v4 Facebook SDK for PHP
facebook/webdriver A PHP client for Selenium WebDriver
facebook/xhp Class library for XHP
facebook/xhp-lib Class library for XHP
facebook/xhprof XHProf: A Hierarchical Profiler for PHP
facedownphp/lightweight-mvc Lightweight MVC framework
faceleg/php-socializer Easy & customizable social integration for your projects
faceleg/ui-date-time-select Date time select UI widget.
faceplusplus/facepp-php-sdk Open FPP API SDK for php developers
facestorept/omnipay-ifthenpay Ifthenpay driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
facetwp/github-updater-lite Drop-in support for GitHub automatic updates
fachrihawari/like Like function for laravel 5
facile-it/crossbar-http-publisher-bundle This bundle allows to submit PubSub events via HTTP/POST requests to a Crossbar HTTP Publisher.
facile-it/doctrine-dynamic-discriminator-map Dynamic discriminator map for Doctrine ORM
facile-it/doctrine-mysql-come-back Auto reconnect on Doctrine MySql has gone away exceptions on doctrine/dbal
facile-it/doctrine-test-module Zend Framework module that provides features that help you run your Zend-framework-based App's testsuite more efficiently with isolated tests
facile-it/facile-coding-standard coding standard
facile-it/moka Shorthand for creating mock objects
facile-it/mongodb-bundle Bundle service integration of official [mongodb/mongo-php-library]( driver library
facile-it/paginator-bundle lightweight symfony2 pagination
facile-it/paraunit paraunit
facile-it/paraunit-testcase paraunit testcase
facile-it/sentry-common Sentry common library
facile-it/sentry-module Module to integrate Sentry with Zend Framework 2
facile-it/sentry-psr-log PSR Logger for Sentry
facile-it/symfony-functional-testcase A small functional base test case for Symfony
facile-it/validoo A super-simple validation class for PHP7.1
facile-it/zf-link-headers-module Zend Framework module to push Link headers for resourcers added with HeadLink view helper
facile/doctrine-dynamic-discriminator-map Dynamic discriminator map for Doctrine ORM
facile/facile-coding-standard coding standard
facilinfo/blog Blog package for laravel 5.2+
facilinfo/gallery Photo galleries management package for laravel
facilinfo/hello super hello
facilinfo/laravel-ckeditor JavaScript WYSIWYG web text editor (for laravel).
facilinfo/test test
facilis/users User aggregate with OAuth supports.
facti/facti-sdk-php PHP Library to facilitate the use of Restful API
factorenergia/pdfmerger PDFMerger for PHP (PHP 5 and up to PHP 7.1 Compatible)
factorenergia/yii2-activerecord-history Storage history of changes to ActiveRecord
factorenergia/yii2-adminlte yii2-adminlte is a package for yii framework 2 that consists a very popular admin template AdminLTE (based on bootstrap 3).
factorenergia/yii2-jstree-widget jsTree widget for yii2
factorenergia/yii2-ldap Ldap
factorenergia/yii2-mpdf A Yii2 wrapper component for the mPDF library which generates PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML.
factorenergia/yii2-queue Yii2 Queue Extension which supported DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, SQS and Gearman
factorenergia/yii2-tag-dependency-helper Helper for unifying cache tag names with invalidation support in yii2
factorenergia/yii2-wizardwidget Multi step wizard widget using tabs to guide a user through steps to complete a task. Based on the Form wizard (using tabs) from lukepzak (see
factorial-io/banana_dashboard Dashboard with Icons for Drupal 7
factorial-io/fabalicious deployment system based on fabric
factorial-io/factorial_monitoring_connector Connects the drupal installation to the factorial monitoring system
factorial-io/factorial_tools A collection of useful tools
factorial-io/pattern-lab-edition-factorial Edition of Pattern Lab for Factorial. Combines Standard Drupal edition with our frontend stack.
factorial-io/pattern-lab-starterkit-suitcss Pattern Lab StarterKit for SUIT CSS.
factorial-io/phabalicious A deployment helper cli
factorio-item-browser/api-client The API client of the Factorio Item Browser.
factorio-item-browser/api-database The doctrine classes connecting the API database of the Factorio Item Browser.
factorio-item-browser/api-import The project which imports the data generated by the export into the database.
factorio-item-browser/api-search The library of the Factorio Item Browser API for searching items, recipes etc.
factorio-item-browser/api-server The API server of the Factorio Item Browser.
factorio-item-browser/common Common classes and interfaces used throughout the Factorio Item Browser project.
factorio-item-browser/export The scripts to export the data from the Factorio game to be used in the Factorio Item Browser.
factorio-item-browser/export-data The export data structure of the Factorio Item Browser.
factorio-item-browser/portal The actual portal of the Factorio Item Browser used by the players.
factorlabs/simope Simope (Simple Object Persistence) is library that allows to persist PHP objects without any DBMS installed.
factual/factual-php-driver This is the official PHP driver for Factual's public API.
facturama/facturama-php-sdk Facturama PHP SDK
facturapi/facturapi-php Facturapi's PHP client library
facturascripts_utils/order_xml_tables Utility to reorder XML Table items by name in FacturaScripts.
facturascripts/facturascripts-i18n MVC Framework, this version is a fork from original project to add multilingual support
factuursnel/address Address package of factuursnel
factuursnel/base Base package of factuursnel
factuursnel/client Client package of factuursnel
factuursnel/custom-price Custom Price package of factuursnel
factuursnel/invoice Invoice package of factuursnel
factuursnel/product Product package of factuursnel
facuz/laravel-themes Theme will help you organize your themes inside Laravel projects easily and maintain its related assets, layouts and partials for the theme in single directory. (Based on teepluss/theme)
facuz/spcms Sistema de administracion de paginas webs.
fad/xupload Latest version jQuery file upload extension for Yii, allows your users to easily upload files to the server
fad/yii-synctranslit Translit text via javascript or save transliterated model attribute text via behavior
fadeevms/yii2-dump-db dump db for Yii2
fadhiilrachman/path-api An easy-to-use PHP Class for accessing Path's private API.
fadich/royallib Contains a help classes for working with a basic facilities (instruments) of the language. Author Fadi Ahmad