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Name Description
fadion/bkt Helper for BKT Albania online payment system.
fadion/bouncy Map Elasticsearch results to Eloquent models
fadion/fixerio Wrapper for
fadion/laravel-translation-manager Manage Laravel Translations
fadion/maneuver Easily deploy Laravel projects via FTP or SFTP, using Git for versioning.
fadion/raiffeisen Helper for Raiffeisen Bank Albania eCommerce
fadion/rule An expressive validation rule builder for Laravel.
fadion/sanitizer Input sanitizer. Standalone or for Laravel's FormRequest
fadion/validator-assistant Decouple validation from Laravel controllers with ValidatorAssistant
fadoe/date Library that extends the PHP date class
fadoe/postalcode-validator Validates postal code
fadoe/standalone-webserver Use the Symfony webserver bundle as a standalone application.
fadoe/symfony-asset-module Use Symfony Asset as Zend Framework Module
fadoe/symfony-referrer-helper Referrer helper for symfony request class.
fadoe/uuid Abstract class for id value objects used in DDD.
fados-produccions/full-calendar-bundle FullCalendar integration in Symfony2
fados/chartjs-bundle Chartjs integration in Symfony2
faecie/json-api-error-response The Bundle provides en error response as it described in JsonApi specification
faecie/json-api-errors This Bundle provides en error response as it described in JsonApi specification
faecie/schedule-bundle Bundle for scheduling tasks like a cron
faelkeller/crud-generator Laravel CRUD Generator
faelp22/common_hash Lib for gen hash id and gen hash bcrypt for php 5.3.x
faelzanin/translatelang Translate the language files of your project for any language with a simple command.
faevatech/mongodm MongoDB ORM that includes support for references,embed and multilevel inheritance.
faez84/spider Model abstraction
fafan/cpanel-php Cpanel/WHM API for PHP
fafan/phantomjs-installer A Composer package which installs the PhantomJS binary (Linux, Windows, Mac) into `/bin` of your project.
fafas/elastica-querybuilder This library provides an easy way to manage several query, filters, aggregation and others in elastica structure
fagai/voicetext voicetext web api beta for php client
faganchalabizada/laravel-wallet Simple Wallet
faganchalabizada/millikart-epos-laravel MilliKart EPOS.AZ Checkout for laravel
faganchalabizada/portmanat-laravel Portmanat Checkout for laravel
faganchalabizada/wallet-laravel Simple Wallet
fage1151/swoole-worker Event-driven, Swoole for Workerman
faghani/bdok-post Bdok Post gateway client (official)
fagner_silva/cursocomposer This is a composer study library.
fagner-alves/flex-upload-library-php Library written in php to upload according to the implementations of FlexUpload JS.
fagoc/cnab-php Lot of stuffs to help with 'remessa', 'retorno' e 'boleto'
faguima/collection Excellent tool to make your experience with php array much cleaner and comfortable.
fagundes/ionic-cloud-api-php Client library for Ionic Cloud APIs
fagundes/total-lines Command-script to count the total lines of all files given one or more paths.
fagundes/zff-base A ZF2 module that gathers a set of classes which are commonly used in several ZF2 projects
fagundes/zff-html2pdf A ZF2 module using html2pdf library
fagundes/zff-sprout A minimalist and elegant Skeleton Application for ZF2
fagundes/zff-table Flexible tool to generate table
fahad19/sitemaps Sitemaps plugin for Croogo
fahad19/xmpphp XMPPHP is an elegant PHP library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, Facebook etc).
fahada305/yii2-fagrid FaGrid jQuery based table grid view
fahdi/bedrock A modern WordPress stack
fahdi/simplyrets A PHP library for working with the SimplyRETS API
faheem00/laravel-google-authenticator This is a framework agnostic PHP library for using Google Authenticator service for one time password generation. This library can also be used as a service provider for Laravel 5 applications.
fahernandez/fresque A command line tool to manage your php-resque workers
fahernandez/php-excel-reader PHPExcelReader/SpreadsheetReader - A class for reading Microsoft Excel (97/2003) Spreadsheets.
fahim-spurbee/wp-shift-db WP Sync DB eliminates the manual work of migrating a WP database.
fahim/laravel5-paypal-ipn Paypal IPN class for Laravel 5
fahim/lumen-reactphp ReactPHP Server On Lumen 5.0
fahim/mailwiz-laravel Intregration of the Mailwiz SDK for Laravel 5
fahimxyz/wp-shift-db WP Shift DB eliminates the manual work of migrating a WP database.
fahl-design/log4php-slack-appender A log4php appender build as wrapper for maknz/slack package
fahl/shibboleth-bundle Shibboleth authentication for Symfony 2
fahmiardi/colors-of-image Color utility class for PHP 5.3 that allows for easy conversion between RGB, HSV, XYZ, and Lab colorspaces, as well as color comparison
fahmiardi/htmldom Simple Html Dom Parser for Laravel 4
fahmiardi/laravel-mongodb-auth Laravel 5.3 Auth with MongoDB and able to integrate with Passport user_id foreign key
fahmiardi/laravel-mongodb-permission Permission handling for Laravel 5.3 using Mongodb (Moloquent) based on Spatie package
fahmiardi/laravel-mongodb-user-provider User Providers handling for Laravel 5.3 using Mongodb (Moloquent)
fahmiardi/laravel-notification Various laravel notifications channels
fahmiardi/laravel-permission-command Console commands for Laravel Permission
fahmiardi/mongoqb Mongo Query Builder
fahmiardi/oauth2-server-laravel A Laravel 4 wrapper for the popular OAuth 2.0 Server package league/oauth2-server
fahmiardi/oauth2-server-redis Redis storage adapter for the League's PHP OAuth 2.0 server.
fahmiardi/oauth2-server-storage-redis Redis storage adapter for the League's PHP OAuth 2.0 server.
fahmiardi/php-color Color utility class for PHP 5.3 that allows for easy conversion between RGB, HSV, XYZ, and Lab colorspaces, as well as color comparison
fahmiardi/php-resque Redis backed library for creating background jobs and processing them later. Based on resque for Ruby.
fahmiardi/support Contains string function to limit words
fahmyrm/l5scaffold Extend Laravel 5's generators scaffold.
fahodzi/ui UI Library
fahrenheit-marketing/woocommerce-bulk-discount Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce, fork by Fahrenheit Marketing
fahrenholz/mayhem Library enabling you to introduce some failure into your application
fahrenholz/pdo-database-bundle Symfony3 bundle providing PDO connectivity without doctrine
fahri5567/minify A package for minifying styles and javascript for laravel 5
fail-whale/fail-whale A robust error handler and pretty printer for PHP
faimmedia/fpdf-utf8 tfpdf
faimmedia/google-authenticator Code to authenticate against the Google Authenticator app
faimmedia/helper Helper library with useful PHP scripts.
faimmedia/mailchimp-v3-api Easy to use MailChimp v3 API library for PHP
faimmedia/mysql-json-export Makes it easy to export, update and compare your MySQL databases.
faimmedia/ratchet-websocket Improved wrapper for PHP Ratchet websocket server
fain182/diciotto A no-nonsense PHP Http client (PSR 18 compatible)
fairdigital/flightstats-api PHP client for the FlightStats API
fairdigital/laravel-addresses Simple address and contact management for Laravel 5.
fairdigital/omnipay-poli POLi driver for the Omnipay payment processing library
fairholm/elasticquent Map Larvel Eloquent models to Elasticsearch types.
fairhypo/agroservices Library for Agro24 project to get some methods with services
fairhypo/agrostatic Library for Agro24 project to get some methods with static files
fairhypo/agroutm Library for Agro24 project to provide utm functionality