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Name Description
furthered/assets Assets helper
furthered/objectify Recursively wraps an object in Illuminate\Support\(Collection|Fluent) objects.
furthered/templater Template helper, extends Blade, registers various formatters
furthestworld/eshelper elasticsearch helper
furthestworld/libdb library of mysql db.
furthestworld/rbac RBAC component for PHP applications.
furthestworld/swoole-websocket-server A swoole webSocket server
furthestworld/unitformat 一个数据单位格式化的PHP组件
furthestworld/validator yeah, another params validate component for PHP applications.
fury-of-the-fist-and-the-golden-fleece-2018/english Watch Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece Online
fusani/blizzard Blizzard api sdk
fusani/mailer This is a simple wrapper for PHP Mailer
fusani/movies Search for movies / TV shows
fusani/payment-module Fusani payment module
fusani/places Reusable places
fuseaware/libchart Simple PHP chart drawing library
fusedinteractive/laravel-zoom Integrates Zoom video meeting system with Laravel
fusedtechresource/peramax Peramax
fusepump/base.php Base class with magic methods and options set and get.
fusepump/cli.php CLI helper for PHP
fusepump/hooks.php Class to register and call hooks
fusesource/stomp-php stomp support for PHP
fusible/auth-provider Aura\Auth provider for Aura\Di
fusible/authrole Integrate Aura\Auth and Zend\Permissions\Acl
fusible/cli-provider Canned Aura\Di config for Aura\Cli
fusible/event-provider Jnjxp\Event provider for Aura\Di
fusible/filter-provider Aura\Filter Provider for Aura\Di
fusible/session-provider Aura\Session provider for Aura\Di
fusible/view-provider Aura\View Provider for Aura\Di
fusible/wp-view Aura View for Wordpress
fusic/accesslogs AccessLogs plugin for CakePHP
fusic/apollon CakePHP Apollon
fusic/cakeplus [forked from ichikaway/cakeplus]Cake plus is cakephp plugin and provides some functions for CakePHP.
fusic/encount Encount plugin for CakePHP
fusic/encount-sender-faultline Encount sender for faultline
fusic/filebinder Simple file attachment plugin for CakePHP
fusic/flexlimitpagination Flexpager plugin for CakePHP
fusic/maintenance Maintenance plugin for CakePHP
fusic/outside-force CakePHP outside-force
fusic/reincarnation CakePHP Reincarnation
fusic/search Search Plugin for CakePHP
fusio/adapter-amqp Provides a connection to work with a AMQP based message queue
fusio/adapter-aws Provides connections to amazon web services
fusio/adapter-beanstalk Provides a connection to work with a beanstalk message queue
fusio/adapter-cassandra Provides a connection to work with a cassandra database
fusio/adapter-elasticsearch Provides a connection to work with an elasticsearch database
fusio/adapter-fcgi Adapter to call a FastCGI endpoint
fusio/adapter-file Adapter to serve static files
fusio/adapter-gcp Provides connection to the google cloud platform
fusio/adapter-graphql Provides a connection to send GraphQL queries
fusio/adapter-http Provides a connection to send and retrieve HTTP messages
fusio/adapter-memcache Provides a connection to work with a memcache service
fusio/adapter-mongodb Provides a connection to work with a MongoDB
fusio/adapter-neo4j Provides a connection to work with a Neo4j service
fusio/adapter-openstack Provides connections to OpenStack services
fusio/adapter-paypal Provides connections to work with the Paypal API
fusio/adapter-php Write the endpoint logic in simple PHP files
fusio/adapter-redis Provides a connection to work with a Redis service
fusio/adapter-sample Sample adapter which provides a basic todo API
fusio/adapter-smtp Provides a connection to send mails
fusio/adapter-soap Provides a connection to call SOAP endpoints
fusio/adapter-sql Provides actions and connections to work with relational databases
fusio/adapter-util Provides several utility actions
fusio/adapter-v8 Write the endpoint logic in javascript using the V8 engine
fusio/engine Abstract definition of the Fusio system
fusio/fusio Fusio project
fusio/impl Fusio implementation
fusion-clock/pig Turn text into pig latin.
fusion-php/collection A small collection library for PHP 7.1+
fusion/mod_rewrite mod rewrite
fusion86/oauth2-discord OAuth2 client for authenticating with the Discord API servers
fusionary/craftcms-boilerplate Craft CMS Boilerplate
fusionary/craftcms-bootstrap Craft CMS Bootstrap
fusionary/ee2-bootstrap Config bootstrap for ExpressionEngine 2.x
fusionary/groupby-craft A Craft plugin (Twig filter) for grouping entries.
fusionary/utility-belt Utility methods for general use.
fusionauth/fusionauth-client FusionAuth Client written in PHP
fusioncharts/fusionexport PHP Client for FusionExport
fusiondesign/barcode Barcode generator like Qr Code , PDF417,C39, C39+,C39E,C39E+,C93,S25,S25+,I25,I25+,C128,C128A,C128B,C128C,2-Digits UPC-Based Extention,5-Digits UPC-Based Extention,EAN 8,EAN 13,UPC-A,UPC-E,MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
fusionspim/pangaea-php-sdk PHP library for working with Pangaea platform
fusionspim/php-demandware-xml PHP library for working with Demandware XML files
fusionx1/ci-scripts Scripts helpful for testing a Drupal site on a Continuous-Integration server, or locally.
fusionx1/terminus-get-newrelic Terminus Plugin that fetches metric data from new relic api and display via console
fusonic/linq LINQ 2 objects class for PHP
fusonic/opengraph PHP library for consuming and publishing Open Graph resources.
fusonic/rate-limit-bundle Simple rate limiting based on routes.
fusonic/spreadsheet-export Library to create simple exports to CSV/TSV/ODS in PHP
fusonic/sulu-sync Sync contents between two Sulu systems.
fust/cards A deck of standard cards to build any card game
fustundag/awscw-custom-metrics Send custom metric data to AWS CloudWatch for PHP
fustundag/tokenbucket PHP TokenBucket implementation for rate limit
fut/calculator Fifa Ultimate Team player information calculator.
fut/connectors Connectors for Fifa Ultimate Team 15.
fut/eahashor EA Hashor for secret answer for Fifa Ultimate Team.
fut/request-forge Request forge for Fifa Ultimate Team.
futfanatics/fcmlibrary Library da api Firebase Cloud Messaging
futjikato/flexteaser Package providing a flexible teaser.