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Name Description
h-byte-hegelian/bitwasp-bitcoin-lib Implementation of raw transactions in bitcoin, HD wallets, Electrum wallets, and other fun stuff.
h-enk/clap-button WordPress plugin that adds a Medium-style button for adding claps/applause to posts and pages
h-enk/json-sitemap JSON sitemap generator plugin for WordPress
h-enk/team-members-free WordPress plugin that displays your team members in a simple and flexible way.
h-flarum/core Delightfully simple forum software.
h-flarum/flarum Delightfully simple forum software.
h-flarum/tags Organize discussions into a hierarchy of tags and categories.
h-space/api-cacher Api requests smart cacher for perfomance optimization
h-space/api-cacher-bundle Api requests smart cacher for perfomance optimization
h-wang/code-space Managing your code - projects and repositories
h-wang/utf-bom-fixer UTF BOM fixer
h-war/plevok Plivo PHP helper library to access PlivoCloud API and generate Plivo XML
h00dstoker/cielo Integration with Cielo gateway.
h00x00f/docx-to-text Simple PHP Docx to text class.
h00x00f/urlshortener URL shortening
h0akd/bootstrapform Twiter bootstrap 3
h0akd/htmlminify Html auto minify for laravel framework
h0rseduck/ethereum Ethereum client library in PHP
h0rseduck/yii2-etherscan Yii2 Etherscan Api HTTP Client
h0rseduck/yii2-multilingual Yii2 Multilingual Module
h0rseduck/yii2-settings Yii2 Settings Module
h0rseduck/yii2-underscore Underscore.js asset for Yii2
h1078125/magasherhd [[[megasharehd]]]] ยป Avenger Infinity War Full DowNLoad 1080p Full HD
h1cms/h1cms-ueditor yii2 ueditor plugin
h1fi/bedrock A modern WordPress stack
h1fi/h1-auto-image-download If an image is not found in WordPress, this plugin downloads the image from another server. Makes it easy to mirror production for development purposes..
h1g/proxmox Laravel 5 Bindings for the ZzAntares ProxmoxVE composer package
h1soft/h PHP 5.3 MVC FRAMEWORK
h2/aspect CMS Role Based Package for Laravel Not Stand Alone Package
h2akim/b2-php BackBlaze API
h2akim/backup An easy way backup and restore databases in Laravel.
h2akim/backupl41 An easy way backup and restore databases in Laravel.
h2akim/billplz BillPlz Payment Software API
h2akim/googl Google URL Shortener API
h2akim/pdfwatermarker PDF Watermarking Package
h2akim/senangpay-php SenangPay Payment Gateway PHP Library (unofficial)
h2ero/php-trie-tree Trie tree implementation for PHP
h2g/ytilitu H2G Internetagency Utilities
h2lsoft/tpln TPLN is a fast php template engine (include form error catcher)
h2s/reddit-api-client Provides an interface to the API at
h2s/reddit-console Provides a CLI interface to Reddit
h34/laravel-venezuela Paquete para Laravel 4 y 5 con modelos y migraciones para estados, ciudades, municipios y parroquias de Venezuela
h3r2on/acs A package for inteacting with Appcelerator Cloud Services
h3x3d/container Simple DI Container
h3x3d/ok-api api client
h4ad/laravel-scheduler Biblioteca para o Laravel para auxiliar com agendamento (ex: de consultas odontologicas).
h4cc/alice-fixtures-bundle Symfony2 Bundle for loading fixture data with the Alice library.
h4cc/guzzle-rolling-batch A parallel executor for Guzzle Requests.
h4cc/mongrel2 A library for handling Mongrel2 messages via ZeroMQ.
h4cc/multipart A PHP library for parsing and generating RFC1341 Multipart.
h4cc/pheanstalk-bundle-extra Additional classes for the LeezyPheanstalkBundle.
h4cc/phpqatools A meta composer package for PHP QA Tools.
h4cc/stack-flysystem A Stack HttpKernel for Flysystem filesystems as a single purpose application.
h4cc/stack-markdown A StackPHP Middleware for parsing markdown to html.
h4cc/stack-mongrel2 A adapter for using StackPHP with Mongrel2 via the HttpKernelInterface.
h4cc/stack-psr7-bridge StackPHP Middleware for converting Symfony Http abstractions to PSR-7 and back.
h4cc/wkhtmltoimage-amd64 Convert html to image using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for amd64 systems.
h4cc/wkhtmltoimage-i386 Convert html to image using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for i386 systems.
h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-amd64 Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for amd64 systems.
h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-i386 Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for i386 systems.
h4ck3r31/getenv-typoscript This TYPO3 extension provides a simple way to access environment variables within TypoScript at places where stdWrap is not available.
h4ck3r31/solr-utility This TYPO3 extension provides several utilities for ext:solr
h4ckth1ssh1t/regex An object-oriented PHP library for regular expression handling.
h4ckth1ssh1t/variable TODO: Add a description
h4d/api-response H4D API response
h4d/i18n H4D i18n
h4d/leveret PHP micro framework for web applications and APIs
h4d/patterns Common patterns
h4d/template Basic PHP template system
h4hardik/attask Provide AtTtask API Operations
h4kuna/ares Provides information about subjects by their identification number from the ARES database (in Czech Republic).
h4kuna/assets Support mtime for assets on development machine.
h4kuna/curl Curl wrapper for Nette Framework
h4kuna/data-type Basic data type, int, float, string, set, gps
h4kuna/date-filter Add option define own filters based on date for latte.
h4kuna/exchange Exchange between currencies.
h4kuna/exchange-nette Exchange between currencies.
h4kuna/fio Read JSON file from Fio bank and can send request.
h4kuna/fio-nette Fio library and this is extension for Nette framework.
h4kuna/gettext-latte Gettext translator for Latte template
h4kuna/image-manager Create thumb and manager url.
h4kuna/images Image storage for Nette Framework
h4kuna/iterators tools ala iterators
h4kuna/latte-php-tokenizer Transform macro args to array.
h4kuna/mail-manager Provide send and development email.
h4kuna/number-format Object wrapper above number_format
h4kuna/object-wrapper Helper whose create object above php function, forexample: curl, fsocket, file...
h4kuna/serialize-polyfill Provide methods for serialization and use igbinary if is available.
h4kuna/static Static class. Small tools.
h4kuna/unit-conversion Unit convertor
h4kuna/upload Easy helper for upload file.
h4m3d3/test packagist test