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Name Description
i-am-tom/schemer A Joi-like interface for validating data structures.
i-amdroid/sshfs-mount-tool CLI for manage and mount SSH connections as file system volumes.
i-excellent/yii2-pgsql-schema PostgreSQL schemas for Yii2, with fields jsonb, json
i-lateral/hashtagger Simple library for finding hashtags in string
i-lateral/sc-recipe SilverStripe recipe for fully featured page and asset content editing
i-lateral/silverstripe-auth-username Adds username authentication and username or email login to a silverstripe install
i-lateral/silverstripe-blog-frontend Silverstripe module that adds a blog form to the front end of your website
i-lateral/silverstripe-carousel A base framework for creating sliders/carousels on your SilverStripe site
i-lateral/silverstripe-casestudy A Case Study module for Silverstripe
i-lateral/silverstripe-catalogue Silverstripe module allowing creation of a custom product catalog with products and categories that can be created via the admin and accessed via their own URL's (like more conventional page objects)
i-lateral/silverstripe-checkout Silverstripe module that add's a checkout and shopping cart interface as well as some possible payment options to a site
i-lateral/silverstripe-checkout-barclaycard-epdq Silverstripe module that adds Barclaycard EPDQ support to the checkout module
i-lateral/silverstripe-checkout-payway Silverstripe module that add's payway support to the chackout module
i-lateral/silverstripe-checkout-sofort Silverstripe module that add's Sofort payment integration to the checkout module
i-lateral/silverstripe-checkout-stripe Silverstripe module that add's Stripe payment integration to the checkout module
i-lateral/silverstripe-childhubpage Simple Silverstripe module that shows child pages as either a list or grid
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce Silverstripe ecommerce module allowing for custom product catalog that can be linked to pages in the CMS, as well as shopping cart and payment integration.
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-bulkprice A Silverstripe module that adds discount prices to products when greater quantities are ordered
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-customisableproduct Silverstripe module that adds customisable products (adding dropdowns, radio buttons or textfields to a product)
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-downloadableproduct Allow adding a file to a product that can be downloaded by users who buy it.
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-groupedproduct Allow grouping of sub products under a parent product.
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-stockkeeping A Silverstripe module that adds stock levels to products and allows these to be reduced when the order reaches a specified status
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-theme A re-write of a SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap, and Font Awesome
i-lateral/silverstripe-compactnavigator A Silverstripe module that adds a simple, themable admin menu to the front end of a site (when you are logged in)
i-lateral/silverstripe-contacts Contact management module, allowing import, export, management, grouping and tagging of contacts
i-lateral/silverstripe-custom-filesystem Customised filesystem adaptor that allows changing of assets location
i-lateral/silverstripe-custommenus A Silverstripe module allowing you to create custom menus that can be gernated in the front end of your site.
i-lateral/silverstripe-deferedimages Deferres loading of template images
i-lateral/silverstripe-deferedimages-theme A theme addon to update image template for defered loading
i-lateral/silverstripe-discussions Silverstripe module adding Yahoo Groups/Vanilla Forum style discussions
i-lateral/silverstripe-filterable Silverstripe module allowing creation of custom filters through the admin interface and then assigning to an object.
i-lateral/silverstripe-gallery A Silverstripe image gallery allowing multi image upload and automatic generation of thumbnail gallery with popups
i-lateral/silverstripe-googlemaps A module to allow embeding of google maps inside page objects
i-lateral/silverstripe-googleshoppingfeed Simple support for a SilverStripe site to generate a Google Shopping XML feed allowing you to push your products to Google's shopping service automatically
i-lateral/silverstripe-gridfield-addons GridFieldAddOns is a collection of plugins for the Silverstripe GridField.
i-lateral/silverstripe-importexport An upgrade to SilverStripe's bulk loading and exporting
i-lateral/silverstripe-installer Customised SilverStripe Framework Installer
i-lateral/silverstripe-lesscompiler A simple less compiler that runs on Silverstripe execution
i-lateral/silverstripe-middleman Provide CMS functionality to Framework modules
i-lateral/silverstripe-modeladminplus Adds some extra features to a standard ModelAdmin field
i-lateral/silverstripe-orders Silverstripe module for creating and managing generic 'Order' objects
i-lateral/silverstripe-reviews Expands comments module to also allow for reviewing of an object
i-lateral/silverstripe-searchable Updated search module for Silverstripe allowing addition of different data objects and makes use of the FulllTextFilter
i-lateral/silverstripe-sessionmessenger A session based message notification for Silverstripe templates
i-lateral/silverstripe-siteconfig Module that allows access to SiteConfig with only core framework (no CMS) installed.
i-lateral/silverstripe-socialnav Adds a list of social media services that generates a list of links in a template
i-lateral/silverstripe-sstweaks Some minor silverstripe tweaks that I use repeatedly on projects
i-lateral/silverstripe-stripe-forms Add Stripe subscriptions and payment forms to your Silverstripe website
i-lateral/silverstripe-systemmessages Add popup notification messages to a Silverstripe site
i-lateral/silverstripe-testimonials Add testimonials to a SilverStripe site, either via a page or a widget
i-lateral/silverstripe-themes-kube A simple Silverstripe theme that makes use of the Kube CSS framework (400).
i-lateral/silverstripe-themes-kube-commerce A simple Silverstripe theme that makes use of the Kube CSS framework and is designed to work with the Commerce extension.
i-lateral/silverstripe-trumbowyg-htmleditor Simple HTML Editor field for the Silverstripe CMS that uses the Trumbowyg jquery plugin for WYSIWYG editing
i-lateral/silverstripe-twitter Twitter integration module for Silverstripe using twitters oauth
i-lateral/silverstripe-users Silverstripe framework user account management and registration module
i-lateral/silverstripe-videolink Adds a DB field for automatically embedding videos
i-lateral/silverstripe-wurflcloud Silverstripe module to allow simple device detection using WURFL Cloud service
i-lateral/ss4-recipe SilverStripe recipe for fully featured page and asset content editing
i-like-it-solutions/google-analytics-api Google Analytics API v4 Symfony
i-momon/hello an example composer package
i-panov/gd-lib Object-oriented implementation of the GD library.
i-rocky/react-file-manager-server Server side library for React File Manager
i/youtube The Laravel Framework.
i07/php-simple-threads A very simplistic approach on parallel processing with PHP
i2/uuid generates a UUID often a int primary key
i22/airbrake-bundle integration for Symfony
i22/functional-test-bundle symfony bundle for optimised functional testing with alice and doctrine bundle
i3-hackathon/bmw-php-sdk PHP client to login and access the BMW API
i30/wp-scratch A WordPress project from scratch.
i3ehrang/logger4php Add log4php in Laravel
i3soft/cda a package to create cda files
i3uzzy/flarum-ext-polish Polska paczka językowa.
i4h/php-mip A PHP Class to Create and Output Mixed-Integer Programs
i4n-git/phpjasper Create Reports in PHP/Laravel with JasperReports
i4n/phpjasper Create Reports in PHP/Laravel with JasperReports
i4ucode/alerts Capture and render alerts such as success and error messages
i4w/fileshare allows secure sharing of files
i7grendel/bugsnag_monolog Send Monolog logs to Bugsnag
i7grendel/libyouhosting PHP Wrapper around the official REST API provided by YouHosting
i7grendel/youhosting2 Module to connect with YouHosting's REST API and web interface.
i80586/parking Simple parking with using OOP patterns
i80586/rcache Simple caching library
i80586/ss-framework Small & Simple php micro-framework
i95dev/magento2-category-sidebar Magento 2.0 sidebar
i95dev/module-foobar Test module for Magento 2
i9code/metronic472 instalacao do metronic472
i9corp/hook-pabx Library to integrate pbx events with the platform I9Corp Hook
iaasen/stdlib iaasen basic bundle
iaasen/zend-acl Zend authentication implementation