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Name Description
j-ben87/behat-html-formatter This will create a html formatter for Behat.
j-ben87/data-bundle Allow to load fixtures datasets through command line.
j-ben87/parsley-bundle Convert Symfony constraints into data-attributes for client-side validation with Parsley.
j-crowe/open-weather A very simple wrapper for Open Weather
j-engine/basic It's an J-Engine for developing
j-kair/laravel-ali-oss Aliyun OSS SDK for Laravel
j-kurst/legion-framework-master Legion Framework. A Php Framework for modern, secure and responsive web applications
j-lara/tz tesaract ocr with laravel
j0an/captcha Captcha Package for Laravel 4
j0an/laravel-cache-filter Laravel route filter for caching responses
j0an/urlify Port to Laravel4 of jbroadway's PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Transliterates non-ascii characters for use in URLs.
j0k3r/graby Graby helps you extract article content from web pages
j0k3r/graby-site-config Graby site config files
j0k3r/httplug-ssrf-plugin Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) protection plugin for HTTPlug
j0k3r/php-imgur-api-client Imgur API v3 client
j0k3r/php-readability Automatic article extraction from HTML
j0k3r/safecurl A drop-in replacement for 'curl_exec', designed to prevent SSRF attacks.
j0nem/addressbook-bundle Provides family addressbook features for Contao 4.
j0sh0nat0r/simple-cache A simple yet modular PHP caching library
j0sh0nat0r/simple-config A simple yet modular PHP configuration library
j13k/yaml-lint A compact command line utility for checking YAML file syntax
j1mmyl3303/cpanel-laravel cPanel API Package for Laravel
j1nz/slem-stater A template starter structure for Slim Framework
j20/php-uuid Generate a UUID v4 with PHP.
j2made/eva Adds functionality to Apollo and Gemini stacks.
j3dyy/gif-generator GifGenerator is a Project that creates animated GIF from multiple images
j3dyy/jlogger Laravel MySQL driver for Monolog
j3j5/control_my_followers Tool for Twitter that makes everybody who you don't follow, unfollow you (in case they were already your followers)
j3j5/lastfm-apio A simple PHP wrapper for the API that allows you to launch parallel requests.
j3j5/php-twee-parser A PHP parser for JSON Twee files.
j3j5/twitterapio A wrapper for the great tmhoauth to use with Twitter's API.
j3rrey/laravel-password-validation Simple extendable password validation rules for Laravel
j3rrey/wsdl2phpgenerator Simple class library for generating php classes from a wsdl file. tiny fix for our env with php7.2
j3telframework/pager-bundle J3tel Symfony Pager Bundle
j3telframework/query-bundle J3tel Symfony framework
j42/laravel-firebase A Firebase port for Laravel (4.2+)
j42/laravel-twilio A Twilio port for Laravel (4.2+)
j4id/util Miscellaneous utility functions for Symfony, Twig and Doctrine
j4k/oauth2-vkontakte Vkontakte provider for league/oauth2-client
j4mie/idiorm A lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5
j4mie/paris A lightweight Active Record implementation for PHP5, built on top of Idiorm
j4s/diagram Classes for drawing diagrams, such as UML and others
j4s/superglobals Classes for work with superglobals $_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION, $_COOKIE
j4s/validation Classes for validation and filtration of superglobals, arrays and vars
j4wx/buto_embed_field Adds Buto support to the video_embed_field module for Drupal 8
j4wx/ics Calendar class allowing generation of .ics files
j4wx/theme_picker Advanced theme selection/negotiation for Drupal 8
j5/cs CodeSniffer standard of J5lx
j5/oauth2-maniaplanet ManiaPlanet OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
j5/oauth2-trackmania TrackMania OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
j5lx/aur-client Easy access to the Arch User Repository
j5lx/configstore Easily load and persist config without having to think about where and how. Port of the Node.js module found at
j5lx/debouncer A debouncer implementation for PHP.
j5lx/path A library for handling paths
j69/lunas Basic framework
j6s/phparch Architecture Testing for PHP projects
j6w/bitsi-sdk-php A PHP Library for using the BITSI API
j7mbo/aurex aurex is a merge between the Silex micro-framework and the awesome Auryn dependency injector.
j7mbo/config-loader Awesomeness.
j7mbo/silex-auth-skeleton Silex skeleton with already integrated login, mysql auth (doctrine), firewalls, routing, config files and auryn DiC.
j7mbo/torrent-php Library for talking to various torrent clients with PHP
j7mbo/twitter-api-php Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter API v1.1 calls
j7tools/j7debug 调试工具 by Jose : 通过浏览器插件 firePHP/chromeLogger ,把php代码的调试信息输出在 console , 通过header头传递数据,不会中断 response , 适合调试 ajax 等过程 , 说明看代码里的
j84reginato/myframework Esta aplicação trata-se de um microframework MVC simples e leve para uso em projetos da baixa complexidade.
j92/business-days Simplistic date enricher
j92z/mhs a http server by swoole
j955/test-sdk jin10 demo
jaacoder/yii2-activated Set of tools to work with Yii2 active records and rest controllers.
jaakkom/procountor-php PHP Procountor client
jaam/mixpanel-data-export-api Wrapper for the Mixpanel Data Export API.
jaam/silex-optimus-provider A Silex Service Provider for the Optimus ID transformation library
jaambaa-software/mail-sender All in one, mail sender library
jaamne/arabtemplate Arab template engine
jaamne/controller controller jaamne
jaamne/cookie cookie jaamne
jaamne/database Jaamne Database component
jaamne/exceptions Exceptions jaamne
jaamne/framework jaamne framework
jaamne/helpers helpers jaamne
jaamne/kernel kernel jaamne
jaamne/model model jaamne
jaamne/request Request jaamne
jaamne/routing Routing jaamne
jaamne/session Session jaamne
jaamne/validation Validation jaamne
jaapgoorhuis/l4-metatags Persistant metatags in Laravel.
jaapgoorhuis/l4-newsmodulesettings Persistant newsmodulesettings in Laravel.
jaapgoorhuis/laravel-installer Laravel web installer
jaapgoorhuis/novi-laravel-installer Laravel web installer
jaapgoorhuis/novilaravelinstaller Laravel web installer
jaapio/rolling-release Rolling release dummy project