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Name Description
k-batch/fgz-rest-client REST API Client for FGZ app
k-community/markdown-field Enhanced markdown editor for Kirby 3
k-gun/acurl A cURL wrapper super easy...
k-gun/cryptee Pretty easy, fast and secure two-way encryption with PHP.
k-gun/oppa Oppa: Database abstraction, query building and active record implementation with PHP.
k-gun/xo A few well e(x)tended (o)bjects that make easy to build strictly typed arrays such as Map, Set, Tuple or any type of TypedArray's, and also String and Number's.
k-hei/lombok-like Automatic get and set using native function __call
k-ko/json JSON wrapper can handle commented JSON
k-komarov/ml-epay MLePay Api client
k-motoyan/cake-haml haml template engine for cakephp3
k-rainer/threema-sdk Threema SDK
k-shym/urfa-client Universal PHP client billing system NetUp UTM5 based api.xml
k-t-holland/hook-manager Creates a class based WordPress hook management system.
k-t-holland/white-paper My fun package.
k.schepetkov/laravel-vote The package helps you to add user based vote system to your model
k/div A simple to use datamapper orm
k/ldapp-connector Easily authenticate with LDAP against a local database in Laravel
k/reposed Advanced functionality over eloquent
k0adh/views_rss_itunes Views RSS iTunes adds iTunes support to the views_rss module
k0l1br1/phalcon-modular-rest-skeleton Phalcon REST skeleton
k0nias/fakturoid-api Unoffical PHP API wrapper
k0nias/mpdf A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicode/UTF-8 and CJK support
k0pernikus/currency-converter Currency conversion using the Eurpean Central bank rates
k0pernikus/ PHP wrapper library to consumes the
k0re/env Simple PHP environment setup
k0re/localconfig Simple toolset for CLI config reading
k10r/codestyle Our codestyle definitions for different PHP versions.
k10r/deployment Adds some helpers for shopware-deployment
k10r/papertrail Sends plugin and core logger logs to
k10r/staging Shopware-Staging Env for k10r-Projects
k10r/version-central-tracker VersionCentral Tracker
k1ll1/helpers helpers for web development
k1low/breadcrumb Breadcrumb plugin for CakePHP
k1low/controller_prefix `Controller name prefix' custom route plugin for CakePHP
k1low/darumaotoshi "Archive and delete" (slide delete) plugin for CakePHP 3
k1low/enumm Enumm: Enum(model) plugin for CakePHP
k1low/escape Auto escaping plugin for CakePHP
k1low/exception Exception plugin for CakePHP
k1low/exec Exec plugin for CakePHP
k1low/fa Form input assertion for Japanese
k1low/faultline faultline exception and error notifier for PHP
k1low/fav Fav
k1low/fuzzy Fuzzy plugin for CakePHP
k1low/ginq-csv CSV generator for Ginq
k1low/gmo-pg-php GMO Payment Gateway SDK for PHP
k1low/has_no Simple binding model practice plugin for CakePHP.
k1low/holiday_jp Japanese holidays
k1low/imgin Image manipulation directory
k1low/model_alias ModelAlias
k1low/multivalidatable Multi validation set plugin for CakePHP.
k1low/octopackage octorelease for composer
k1low/patternable-validator PatternableValidator plugin for CakePHP 3
k1low/pdf pdf: TCPDF and FPDI wrapper
k1low/po Po plugin for CakePHP 3
k1low/postman Postman: a CakeEmail wrapper
k1low/property-enum Property based enum plugin for CakePHP 3
k1low/reminder Password Reminder plugin for CakePHP
k1low/routine Custom CRUD Set for CakePHP
k1low/setting Setting: Database driven setting plugin for CakePHP.
k1low/spy Spy
k1low/stateful-enum Simple stateful enum plugin for CakePHP 3
k1low/xls Xls: PHPExcel wrapper for CakePHP
k1low/xlsx xlsx: PHPExcel wrapper
k1low/ya Ya: Yet Another **
k1low/yacsv Yet another CSV utility plugin for CakePHP
k1low/yak Yak: Yet Another Ktai plugin for CakePHP
k1low/yalog Yalog: Yet Another Logger for CakePHP
k1low/yamd Yamd: Yet Anothor Markdown plugin for CakePHP
k1low/yasd Yet Another SoftDeletable Behavior
k1low/yassl Yassl: Yet Another SSL detect plugin for CakePHP
k1low/yav Yav: Yet Another Validation Set
k1paris/pixiv-api-php Pixiv API for PHP (with Auth supported)
k1rked/generators Laravel Artisan Generators for OAuth1/OAuth2 Providers
k1sul1/custom-admin-notices This plugin allows you to create your own notices that show up in the WordPress admin.
k1sul1/expose-more-pagedata-in-rest Expose more data in the WordPress REST API pages endpoint
k1sul1/noscript-alert Must-use plugin for WordPress for telling users that they have JS disabled
k1sul1/polylang-get-all-translations New function to Polylang that prints all translations as key-value pairs.
k1sul1/remove-inline-adminbar-style Remove !important top margin.
k1sul1/rest-post-lookup Endpoint that let's you query with an url and get a post object in return.
k1sul1/sensible-content-output Make the_content() output a little more sane with these features. All features are optional and disabling them is easy.
k1sul1/woocommerce-installment-gateway WooCommerce plugin that adds a new payment gateway meant for paying in parts.
k1sul1/woocommerce-readonly-role Adds a new user role that allows to view orders, but not edit them
k1sul1/wp-libre-formbuilder Formbuilder addon for WP Libre Form.
k1sul1/wplf-export Export form data from WP Libre Form.
k2/activerecord Active Record para KumbiaPHP versión K2, trabaja con PHP 5.3 ó superior y requiere PDO.