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Name Description
l-addons/think-addons Simple Addons Package For TP5
l-commerce/module-eav Eav For Artisan.
l-eru/acme-bundle nothing
l-eru/autoload Autoload the development symfony-bundle directory
l-eru/core the core library of L framework
l-eru/framework a php framework which based on swoole and phalcon
l-guo/file Vendor Package
l-j/log Laravel log
l-modular/package Use laravel package system for developing web application as modular
l-queue/l-client A nats or redis queue client in PHP
l/youtube Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
l0gin/slim-3-poo-skeleton Slim Framework 3 POO skeleton with Web, Secured API and Cli endpoints.
l0gin/slim-oop-skeleton Slim Framework 3 OOP skeleton with Web, Secured API and Cli endpoints.
l0rd59/behat-ldap-extension Behat Ldap Extension
l0rd59/smartfocus-api-php-client PHP Client for Smartfocus API
l18610138018/distribution Claroline distribution
l1905/composer-learn Logging for PHP 5.3
l19htm4n/convert-data This is package convert data form with prefix and convert array to string
l2dife/php-map Converts the X and Y locations on the Lineage 2 Interlude map to pixels
l2nsoft/bangladate Bangla Date, English date in bangla
l2t/admin-panel Laravel Admin Panel Module
l2wok/bnet PHP OAuth2.0 for Blizzard API.
l3/cas-bundle PHPCas wrapper for Symfony2, Symfony3, Symfony4
l3/client-api-glpi-bundle Bundle Symfony 2.7 for simple use webservices of GLPI.
l3/db-user-bundle Database User Provider for CasBundle (authorize many ROLES from UID)
l3/jasper-bundle Use jasper reports
l3/ldap-user-bundle User Provider from LDAP (branch ou=people)
l3/ldap-user-udl-bundle User Provider from LDAP UDL/ULille (branch ou=accounts)
l3/ldaporm-bundle An Ldap ORM for Symfony2/3/4
l3/photo-bundle PhotoBundle client for RefPhoto Symfony2/Symfony3
l3/uid-user-bundle User Provider for CAS (return only the UID)
l3/ws-annuaire-xivo Application Symfony 2.7 provide a directory internal white page with phone numbers for Xivo throw a webservice who returns datas in CSV format
l3099915722/fuck Yii2 Think FUCK
l396635210/flysystem-qiniu QiNiu oss adapter for flysystem
l3ku/ultimate-guitar-tabs-chords A WordPress plugin that fetches tabs and chords from Ultimate Guitar
l3l0/php-travis-client PHP implementation for travis API
l3n641/test001 test
l3o-pold/prestashopamp PrestaShop AMP module
l3yincubator/search-bundle Database search made it very simple task
l4asistemas/cidades-brasil Laravel's Migrations and Seeders for Brazilian States and Cities
l4mod/sentryuser Sentry user is an extension of the Sentry module with user management and permissions.
l5071134/ckeditor-bundle Provides a CKEditor integration for your Symfony2 Project.
l57t7q/aliyun-dysms-php-sdk Aliyun SMS SDK for PHP
l57t7q/aliyun-sms Aliyun SMS SDK for PHP
l57t7q/overfast Super Fast API Server
l5cms/admin-base Base admin
l5cms/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
l5starter/core Laravel 5 Starter, Package Core
l5starter/permission-manager Laravel 5 Start, Package permission manager
l5starter/setting Laravel 5 Start, Package setting
l5starter/user-management Laravel 5 Start, Package users
l669/async-helper PHP 的异步进程助手,借助于 AMQP 实现异步进程执行 PHP 的方法
l7wahn/ladmin Fork of Laradmin for my own work
l8m/lol This package lols at you
l91/iso-3166-2 PHP Lib for ISO 3166-2
l91/seo-bundle Symfony based seo bundle to crawl websites
l91/styleguide-bundle A bundle to create styleguide pages.
l91/sulu-backend-bundle Sulu Bundle for easier create your own backend bundles.
l91/sulu-form-bundle Bundle for handling Symfony forms in Sulu templates.
l91/sulu-website-user-bundle Sulu Bundle for Website Login, Registration, Double Opt-In, Password Forget/Reset, Profile
la-haute-societe/craft-elasticsearch Bring the power of Elasticsearch to your Craft CMS projects.
la-haute-societe/craft-google-tag-manager Google Tag Manager
la-haute-societe/craft-restrict-asset-delete A plugin to prevent a used asset to be deleted.
la-haute-societe/craft-uptime-robot Monitor your Craft CMS sites with Uptime Robot.
la-haute-societe/craft-webpack-assets Webpack assets for craft cms
la-haute-societe/tcpdf TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents and barcodes.
la-haute-societe/yii2-elasticsearch Elasticsearch integration and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework
la-haute-societe/yii2-flysystem-google-drive Flysystem Google Drive filesystem for Yii2
la-haute-societe/yii2-save-relations-behavior Validate and save automatically related Active Record models.
la-php/laravel-admin laravel admin
la-php/laravel-admin-config Config extension for laravel-admin
la-sportive/sdk La Sportive SDK for a fast implementation
la-voz/laravel-tinypass Laravel Tinypass REST API client
la-voz/tinypass This is the client for the Tinypass REST API.
la/zend-config-processor-ini Parse php settings
laacz/xls-parser Library to parse XLS files
laahudra/twitch-api-php A Twitch API client for PHP.
laao/demo_package this is a demo package
laasti/application The core for the Laasti Framework.
laasti/directions A HTTP message router using nikic's FastRoute.
laasti/flysystem-provider A league/container v2 service provider for Flysystem.
laasti/gregwar-image-provider A league/container service provider for gregwar/image.
laasti/lazydata Provides lazy loading of data to views. Dot notation can be used.
laasti/mailer A very lightweight PHP email sender
laasti/pagination A small pagination library that produces data objects instead of HTML.
laasti/peels A HTTP message middleware stack (request to response) and a generic middleware stack (takes an input and generates an output).
laasti/response A view response for symfony/http-foundation to use with template engines.
laasti/route Two-step controller routing for League/route. Instantiate your controller, do some stuff, then call your controller method.