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Name Description
m-a-k-o/nova-custom-table-card Nova custom table card. Show your latest data (orders, posts,...) as card or data you prefer.
m-adamski/phone-number-bundle Phone Number Bundle for Symfony
m-adamski/php-helpers A PHP library containing useful functions
m-adamski/symfony-breadcrumbs-bundle The breadcrumbs tool simplifies the generation and display process of breadcrumbs
m-adamski/symfony-directory-bundle Directory tool created for faster directory management
m-adamski/symfony-helpers-bundle Helpers Bundle for Symfony
m-adamski/symfony-mailer-bundle Bundle for Symfony 4 which helps compose and send emails
m-adamski/symfony-notification-bundle Bundle for Symfony 4 which helps display information for the user
m-adamski/symfony-pdf-bundle Bundle for Symfony 4 for conveniently generating PDF documents
m-adamski/symfony-phone-number-bundle Bundle for Symfony 4 which integrates with the libphonenumber library
m-adamski/symfony-schedule-bundle Schedule Bundle for Symfony
m-adamski/symfony-utils-bundle A collection of additional tools for Symfony 4
m-arfian/yii2arfian Simple extension for yii2
m-bymike/array-functions An array wrapper to normalize php array functions, give them an ObjectOriented and functional programming approach.
m-bymike/easy-ssl an object oriented wrapper for open ssl in php
m-bymike/xml-handler a little helper to xml handling with DOMDocument. opening and especial a powerful validating tool, where errors are not simply written to the logs. you're able to get them and present it anywhere.
m-comscience/yii2-core-multi-value-behavior Active Record Behaviors for Yii Framework
m-comscience/yii2-data-column Data Column for Yii2 framework
m-comscience/yii2-datepicker-thai Yii2 bootstrap datepicker thai.
m-comscience/yii2-homer-asset Bootstrap theme for Yii2 Advanced Application Template
m-comscience/yii2-widget-bootstrap-table Bootstrap Tables widget for Yii2 framework
m-comscience/yii2-widget-datatables DataTables plug-in jQuery Javascript library. for Yii2 framework
m-comscience/yii2-widget-sweetalert2 SweetAlert2 widget for Yii2 framework
m-fejczaruk/symfony2-rest-skeleton The Symfony2 "Rest edition skeleton" based on "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
m-ishchenko/credit_calculator Credit Annuity Cars Calculator
m-jch/date Fix all needs to date in php
m-paap/simpleimage A PHP class that makes working with images as simple as possible.
m-r-r/lazy-container Smallest possible Dependency Injection container
m-rubin-itmegastar-com/omnipay-sberbank Omnipay driver for Sberbank
m-rubin-itmegastar-com/sms-bundle Sms sending system with different providers
m-shimao/find-in-file-cache File Cache plugin for CakePHP
m-tymchyk/emoji-flag Library that help convert country ISO codes to emoji flags
m-tymchyk/esputnik Refactored ESputnik connector by Dmytro Kulyk
m00nk/yii2-b3w Twitter Bootstrap 3 widgets
m00nk/yii2-dynimage Dynamic image for Yii2
m00nk/yii2-dynmodel2 Dynamic model Yii2 component
m00nk/yii2-dynmodels Dynamic Models
m00nk/yii2-elfinder Yii2 ElFinder based on mihaildev/yii2-elfinder
m00nk/yii2-feedback-form Feedback Form widget
m00nk/yii2-fullcalendar FullCalendar Yii2 widget
m00nk/yii2-google-map-selector Google Map Selector Widget
m00nk/yii2-jsk JavaScript functions Kit
m00nk/yii2-rbac Silmple RBAC (like in Yii)
m00nk/yii2-scrollreveal ScrollReveal for Yii2
m00nk/yii2-tinymce TinyMCE widget
m00nk/yii2-treeview Tree View widget
m00nlighter/yii2-angular-assets Angular assets for Yii PHP framework 2.0
m00t/behat-partial-runner Partial runner extension for Behat
m00t/phpspec-phpunit-matchers Changes IdentityMatcher from '===' to PHPUnit's assertEquals()
m038/ingest-plugin-bundle Ingest bundle for Newscoop v4.3
m038/solr-search-plugin-bundle Solr search bundle for Newscoop
m038/twwidgets-plugin-bundle TagewsWoche specific widgets for Newscoop
m0k1/gizmo-api Gizmo API wrapper for PHP
m0lnardaniel/bm-laravel BMLaravel Library
m0nsky/nginx_secure_link nginx secure link php package
m0rtis/config-validator Simple validation for config sources
m0rtis/picklock One class package for calling protected and private methods without reflection
m0rtis/satis-webhook Simple application for update satis repository through webhooks
m0rtis/simple-box Simple PSR-11 container with optional autowiring
m0zart89/yii2-phpword This extension allows you manipulate a docx files
m1/env Env is a lightweight library bringing .env file parser compatibility to PHP. In short - it enables you to read .env files with PHP.
m1/stash-silex StashSilex is a Silex service provider and session handler for the popular caching library Stash
m1/twig-asset-rev-extension Twig Asset Rev Extension adds a asset_rev twig filter so you can use asset revisioning from files, perfect for use with gulp-rev or grunt-rev
m1/vars Vars is a simple to use and easily extendable configuration loader with in built loaders for ini, json, PHP, toml, XML and yaml/yml file types. It also comes with in built support for Silex and more frameworks to come soon.
m12/flow-rollbar error reporting for Flow/Neos projects
m12/flow-segmentcom service wrapper for analytics/tracking using
m12/neos-foundation Foundation content elements
m12/neos-foundation-site Neos CMS site package for M12.Foundation
m12/neos-nodetype-slickcarousel Slick carousel for Neos CMS
m12/neos-pb-site Neos CMS site package for M12.Foundation
m12/neos-plugin-blog Simple blog for TYPO3 Neos
m12/neos-plugin-dbexport DB Utils to export/import whole Neos database
m12/neos-utils Neos utils library
m12u/amqp-bundle AMQP client consumer Bundle for Symfony 3
m165437/eloquent-numbered Sequentially numbers your Eloquent model instances
m165437/igc2kmz-installer Install igc2kmz in your PHP project with ease
m165437/igc2kmz-php PHP wrapper around igc2kmz
m165437/laravel-blueprint-docs API Blueprint Renderer for Laravel
m16a1/leaf-orm Quick and dirty PHP ORM for MongoDB
m1guelpf/bootstrap-webapp-installer bootstrap-webapp-installer helps you installing PHP webapps.
m1guelpf/deploying-mode Clone of Laravel's manteniance mode, but for deploying
m1guelpf/eloquent-immutable Enforce table immutability using Laravel Eloquent
m1guelpf/fly-api PHP Client for the Fly API
m1guelpf/ghost-api PHP Client for the Ghost Content API
m1guelpf/github-webhooks A Laravel package to interact with GitHub Webhooks.
m1guelpf/hyperhost-api PHP Client for the Hyper.Host API
m1guelpf/integration A PHP class to interact with GitHub Apps
m1guelpf/laraccess-api PHP Client for the Laraccess API
m1guelpf/laravel-etag A Laravel ratelimiter that supports ETag headers.
m1guelpf/laravel-feature Disable and enable features in your application using Laravel Feature.
m1guelpf/laravel-installer Custom Laravel application installer.
m1guelpf/laravel-multiformat Multiformat Endpoints in Laravel
m1guelpf/laravel-package-installer Composer Plugin for automation of laravel 5 packages
m1guelpf/laravel-slack A Slack bridge for Laravel