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Name Description
myena/cloudstack-client-generator PHP client library for the CloudStack User API
myena/default-logger A simple PSR-3 compliant logger
myena/php-rgw-api PHP Client for the Rados Gateway API that doesn't suck
myena/phpipam-api PHPIPAM SDK
myengine/skeleton MyEngine Skeleton Application
myeric/mmanager m'Manager Module Builder
myeric/mmanager-module-builder m'Manager Module Builder
myeric/mmanager-modules-builder mManager Modules Builder API
myeric/quick-app Quick App Builder
myerp/myerp-php-api-client A PHP client library for myERP's REST API
myerscode/avail A collection of global helper functions and facades for Laravel.
myerscode/laravel-api-response A fluent helper and facade to ensure consistent, idempotent API responses in Laravel and Lumen
myerscode/laravel-query-strategies A package for applying filters, ordering, eager loads, result limiting and pagination to Eloquent queries
myerscode/laravel-sub-request A helper and facade for making internal API sub requests to your application
myerscode/laravel-taxonomies A package to bring simple taxonomy relationships to Laravel models
myerscode/laravel-taxonomy A package to bring simple taxonomy relationships to Laravel models
myerscode/utilities-bags A fluent interface for interacting with collection data.
myerscode/utilities-numbers A fluent interface for interacting with numbers.
myerscode/utilities-strings A PHP utility class that creates a fluent interface for interacting with strings
myext/yii2-myext My ext
myextension/gridview Elenco di record recperati dal database
myextensions/yii2-configs Get and set configs
myf/app my framework app
myf/core my framework core
myfarms/jpgraph jpGraph, library to make graphs and charts
myfarms/laravel-doctrine The Doctrine 2 implementation that melts with Laravel 4
myfarms/oauth-php OAuth composer implementation from oauth-php library from Marc Worrell
myfarms/php-units-of-measure A PHP library for converting between standard units of measure.
myfarms/phplot PHPlot - Create charts in PHP
myfarms/wkhtmltopdf-bin wkhtmltopdf binaries
myfirst/assemble 我的第一个组件
myflarum/polski Polska paczka jezykowa.
myforksfiles/clipack Commands Pack
myforksfiles/fixthis $fix->this :-).
myform/zqformbuilder zqformbuilder
myfossil/pbdb PHP client for the Paleobiology Database API
myframework/myframework experimental framework
myfyba/pls MYFYBA Private Listing System API
mygedung/auth PHP 7.0+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System
mygedung/extension Extension based classes, like private Traits
mygedung/library The myGedung Library package.
mygedung/menus Laravel Menu management.
mygedung/modules Laravel Module management
mygedung/packages A cli tool for creating myGedung packages.
mygedung/stylist Laravel 5 theming package.
mygedung/support Support helpers.
mygento/base Mygento Base
mygento/cdn Magento CDN module
mygento/cloudpayments Модуль интеграции с платежным сервисом Cloudpayments
mygento/coding-standard A set of PHP_CodeSniffer rules and sniffs
mygento/currency Курс валюты ЦБРФ
mygento/dc-catalog Module module
mygento/deepzoom deepzoom Module
mygento/geoip Geo IP module for Magento
mygento/ioncube Ioncube support for Magento 2
mygento/jeeves cli tool to generate M2 code
mygento/jquery Magento jQuery Integration with additional libraries
mygento/kkm Модуль интеграции фискальных кассовых аппаратов для Magento в соответствии с 54-ФЗ
mygento/metrika Yandex Metrika Integration to Magento
mygento/minify Magento JS/CSS Minification Module
mygento/module-base Mygento Base
mygento/module-cloudpayments Модуль интеграции с платежным сервисом Cloudpayments
mygento/module-configsync A module to store Magento configuration with multiple environments in the version control
mygento/module-import-export Magento 2 import export array adapter
mygento/module-kkm Модуль интеграции фискальных кассовых аппаратов для Magento в соответствии с 54-ФЗ
mygento/module-metrika Yandex Metrika Integration to Magento
mygento/module-payment Mygento Payment Base
mygento/module-sentry Magento 2 Sentry Logger
mygento/order_item_catalogrule Magento extension that provides ability to see who changed order status
mygento/ordercommentuser Magento extension that provides ability to see who changed order status
mygento/ordereditnew Module module
mygento/payment Mygento Payment Base
mygento/payture Payture Intergration
mygento/php7 PHP 7 compatibility extension for Magento 1 by Inchoo
mygento/progressive Magento extension that provides ability save JPEG images progressive
mygento/sentry Magento Sentry PHP integration
mygento/shipment Mygento Shipment Base
mygento/simplepay SimplePay payment extension
mygroupdev/yii2-dbdesigner Модуль для проектирования базы данных
mygroupdev/yii2-file Расширение для гибкой работы з файлами
mygroupdev/yii2-user Гибкой модуль пользователя
mygrsun/composertest ericqin test
myhirarky/mytimezones time plugin
myicetea/framework My Ice Tea Framework
myicetea/icetea The MyIceTea Framework.
myinstantcms/dev-component Supporting libraries for the development of components for instantcms 1.x
myintegrations/akeneo-connector-bundle This bundle for Akeneo PIM gives you the possibility to connect your akeneo environment with other systems.
myivendor/contactform A contact form package for laravel
myiyk/checkboxtree easy checkboxtree
myiyk/vote Portal for vote
myjack/rest myJACK Rest Client
myjf007/aliyun-dypls-php-sdk Aliyun PLS SDK for PHP
myjf007/think-wab-cms 腾牛公共类框架
myjobcompany/datacollector-algolia-search-bundle Data Collector for Symfony Algolia Search Bundle.