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Name Description
o-log/demo Barebone application
o-log/php-adminlte PHP wrapper - Bootstrap Theme AdminLTE
o-log/php-auth User authentication and permission management.
o-log/php-bt PHP wrapper for Bootstrap
o-log/php-cache Cache
o-log/php-db DB
o-log/php-html HTML generation library
o-log/php-http HTTP related helpers
o-log/php-layouts Layout features
o-log/php-lib Useful PHP libraries
o-log/php-logger Store and view model changes history.
o-log/php-model Fast PHP ORM with caching.
o-log/php-router PHP router built around classes
o-media/maintenancemode-bundle Symfony2 maintenance mode bundle
o-namacode/php-core Boilerplate package for creating other packages.
o-namacode/php-utils Namacode utilities.
o-programalista/hello Composer hello world example!
o-shabashov/readmegen Readme file / doc generator. It uses VCS logs as a source of information.
o-shop/oshop-pg Oshop Payment Gateway Library
o-tasha/sberbank-internet-acquiring-api-client Sberbank Internet Acquiring API Client
o0h/cakephp-37-rector Auto fixer for CakePHP Fixtures import declaration to migrate CakePHP 3.7.x.
o0h/composer-update-request Support to easily keep composer packages up-to-date, making pull request
o0khoiclub0o/hellosign-php HelloSign PHP is a PHP lib you can use to get your PHP app connected to HelloSign's services in minutes
o0khoiclub0o/honeybadger-php Unofficial PHP library for reporting errors to
o0khoiclub0o/php-resque Redis backed library for creating background jobs and processing them later. Based on resque for Ruby.
o0ps/swagger-php Swagger-PHP - Generate interactive documentation for your RESTful API using phpdoc annotations
o0ps/zf-migrations Module for database migrations management.
o0x00/aliyunsdk 阿里云sdk
o0x00/easywechatshare easy wechat share sdk
o100ja/rug PHP CouchDB client
o2pluss/daum-map-search Daum Map Search for O2pluss
o2pluss/o2logis logistics service for o2pluss
o2relax/laravel-shop Laravel Shop. CMS based on Laravel
o2s/addressbook Laravel 5 Contact Management system.
o2s/issues Basic Issue Tracking
o2s/station Laravel 5 package providing basic CMS services
o2s/users Basic Laravel 5 User Management
o2system/cache PHP Cache Management Handler Library
o2system/carbon O2System Framework Command Line Interface Application Boilerplate.
o2system/curl PHP Lightweight HTTP Request Client Libraries
o2system/database PHP Database Management Library
o2system/email PHP Email Library
o2system/filesystem PHP Filesystem Library
o2system/framework O2System Framework
o2system/gear PHP Developer Tools Library
o2system/html PHP Document and Element Library.
o2system/hydro O2System Framework Web-Restful Application Boilerplate.
o2system/image O2System Image is a PHP image handling and manipulation library for O2System Framework providing an easier and expressive way to manipulate an image. Allows different PHP Image Processor and Generator to be used.
o2system/kernel O2System Framework Kernel
o2system/lighter O2System Light Framework
o2system/nitro O2System PHP Framework.
o2system/o2curl Lightweight HTTP Request Libraries
o2system/o2gears PHP Developer Tools Library
o2system/o2glob Mini Singleton Core Framework aka Super Global Object
o2system/o2system O2System PHP Framework.
o2system/parser PHP Parser library.
o2system/psr O2System PSR it's build based on PHP Framework Interop Group (PHP-FIG) standards recommendations. This repository contains a collection of PHP interfaces based on the PSR-0 until the PSR-7.
o2system/reactor O2System Mini Reactor
o2system/security O2System Security
o2system/session Open Source PHP Session Management Library
o2system/spl O2System Standard PHP Library (SPL) it's build based on original standard PHP library. It's made up primarily of commonly needed datastructure classes, iterators, handlers and exceptions for O2System PHP Framework, but also can be used independently outsi
o2system/webcli O2System Framework Command Line Interface Application Boilerplate.
o2system/webrestful O2System Framework Web-Restful Application Boilerplate.
o2systemjon/o2curl Lightweight HTTP Request Libraries
o2systemjon/o2glob Mini Singleton Core Framework aka Super Global Object
o2web/cache-control-drupal This library provides an easy way to use cache in Drupal 7
o2web/twigtemplate This library provides an easy way to manage several query, filters, aggregation and others in elastica structure
o323/nylas-php PHP wrapper for the Nylas API
o3co/query PHP Query library
o3co/query-adapter-doctrine Doctrine Adapater for O3Co Query Component. Library to use O3Co on Doctrine
o3co/query-bridge-doctrine-orm Doctrine ORM Bridge for O3Co Query Component
o3co/query-bridge-guzzlehttp GuzzleHttp Bridge for O3Co Query Component
o3co/query-core O3Co Query Component - Core
o3co/query-extension-cql Extension CQL, Custom Query Language, for O3Co Query Component
o3co/query-extension-extra Extension Extra for O3Co Query Component.
o3co/query-extension-http Extension Http for O3Co Query Component
o3co/query-sample-client PHP Query Library - Sample Client Project
o3co/symfony-extension-process Symfony Process Extension
o5/code-checker A simple tool to check source code against a set of coding standards.
o5/dibi Dibi is Database Abstraction Library for PHP
o5/eciovni Component for generating invoices using Nette Framework and mPDF library.
o5/grido Grido - DataGrid for Nette Framework
o5/grido-examples Grido examples
o5/grido-sandbox Grido examples
o5/nette-injects-extension Nette Framework DI extension for injecting services into other services' properties.
o5/rabbitmq Integrates php-amqplib with RabbitMq and Nette Framework
o5/recaptcha-control ReCaptcha control for Nette Framework forms
o5/tester An easy-to-use PHP unit testing framework.
o80/i18n Easy library to manage i18n with PHP.
o80/session Handle session start and provide some security.
o92/flarum-ext-myanmar Myanmar language pack.
oa/markdown-transformer Plugin-able markdown html transformer
oaattia/laracasts-downloader Allow the users to download the full series's lessons from
oachoor/rating-bundle Provides star rating functionality for Symfony3