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Name Description
oauth2-framework/issuer-discovery-bundle Issuer Discovery Bundle for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/issuer-discovery-endpoint Issuer Discovery Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/jwt-bearer-grant JWT Bearer Grant for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/mac-token-type MAC Token Type for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/metadata-endpoint Metadata Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/none-grant None Grant for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/oauth2-framework The OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/oauth2-framework-standard The "OAuth2 Server Standard Edition" distribution
oauth2-framework/refresh-token-grant Refresh Token Grant for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/resource-owner-password-credentials-grant Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/resource-server-authentication Resource Server Authentication for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/response-factory-library Exception Manager Library
oauth2-framework/scope Scope for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/security-bundle Security Bundle for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/security-library OAuth2 Security Library
oauth2-framework/server-bundle Symfony2 OAuth2 Server Bundle
oauth2-framework/server-library OAuth2 Server Library
oauth2-framework/token-endpoint Token Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/token-introspection-endpoint Token Introspection Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/token-revocation-endpoint Token Revocation Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/token-type-manager-library OAuth2 Token Type Manager Library
oauth2-framework/webfinger-bundle WebFinger Bundle for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2-framework/webfinger-endpoint Issuer Discovery Endpoint for the OAuth2 Framework
oauth2middleware/facebook Facebook OAuth2 security middleware for routes.
oauthx/oauthx Pure PHP oAuth Library
ob-ivan/diversitest Run tests against varying dependencies versions
ob/cachenuke-bundle Symfony2 bundle that provides a nice button to annihilate your cache from the comfort of your browser
ob/cms-bundle Simple admin generator bundle for your Symfony project
ob/highcharts-bundle Symfony2 Bundle that ease the use of highcharts to display rich graph and charts in your app
ob/hooker Sensible git hooks for your projects
ob/php-lib-skeleton My starting point for PHP library projects
ob/silex-skeleton My starting point for Silex projects
ob/statusboard Library to render widgets for panic's StatusBoard ipad app
obacm/aliyun-openapi-core 阿里云API核心
obacm/aliyun-openapi-mts 阿里云媒体处理
obacm/avatar laravel avatar package
obacm/jpush laravel 极光推送
obacm/layui-html 基于layui的表单加载器
obaid/plivophp Plivo PHP helper library to access PlivoCloud API and generate Plivo XML
obaid/pushmanlib The PHP Library
obarabolia/yii2-airdatetime-widget Date/Time Picker widget for Yii2 framework
obarlas/laravel-migrate-custom-command Creates database migration files from custom templates.
obatin/app Application module
obb12/laravel-friendships This package gives Eloqent models the ability to manage their friendships.
obby/laravel-scout-elasticsearch Elasticsearch Driver for Laravel Scout
obbz/yii2-vote Votes, likes, favorites Enchantment
obceneikon/nusoap NuSOAP fixed for PHP 5.4 - 7.1
obdobriel/wave_job This package make crontab job.
obdobriel/weather A weather SDK
oberger/tspcsc4101-agvoy-skeleton A minimal AgVoy app Symfony project for CSC4101 teaching at TSP
oberger/tspcsc4101-skeleton A minimal Symfony project for CSC4101 teaching at TSP
oberger/tspcsc4101-todo-skeleton A minimal ToDo app Symfony project for CSC4101 teaching at TSP
oberhaus/lib-real-estate-transactions-client REST client for app-real-estate-transactions
oberon/quill-delta Compose the deltas of a quill editor history ops array. Port of npm library quill-delta
oberon/quill-rendering Render 'insert' Delta's of a Quill Editor. Inspired by D. Blackborough's Quill Renderer package
oberonamsterdam/craft-manytomany A Field Type plugin for Craft 3 that allows the management of relationships from both sides.
oberonus/transformer Simple library for API transformation in declarative way
obersoft/feedback-sdk PHP SDK
obf/application The Opsbears Framework Application Component
obf/bootstrap The Opsbears Framework Bootstrap Components
obf/classloader The Opsbears Framework Classloader Component
obf/cli The Opsbears Framework CLI Components
obf/configuration The Opsbears Framework Configuration Components
obf/configuration-service The Opsbears Framework Configuration Service
obf/configuration-xml The Opsbears Framework XML Configuration Components
obf/console The Opsbears Framework Console
obf/core The Opsbears Framework Core
obf/database The Opsbears Framework Database Components
obf/event The Opsbears Framework Event Components
obf/event-service The Opsbears Framework Event Service Components
obf/io The Opsbears Framework Input/Output Components
obf/json The Opsbears Framework JSON Components
obf/lang The Opsbears Framework PHP Language Components
obf/log The Opsbears Framework Logging Components
obf/log-chromelogger The Opsbears Framework ChromeLogger Logging Components
obf/log-syslog The Opsbears Framework Syslog Logging Components
obf/net The Opsbears Framework Networking Components
obf/net-dns The Opsbears Framework Networking DNS Components
obf/net-http The Opsbears Framework Networking HTTP Components
obf/net-http-service The Opsbears Framework HTTP Service
obf/net-socket The Opsbears Framework Socket Components
obf/obf The complete OBF package
obf/os The Opsbears Framework OS Components
obf/regexp The Opsbears Framework Regular Expression Component
obf/routing The Opsbears Framework Routing Components