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Name Description
obf/routing-service The Opsbears Framework Routing Service
obf/routing-xml The Opsbears Framework Routing Components
obf/service The Opsbears Framework Service Components
obf/syslog Raw syslog connector
obf/util The Opsbears Framework Utility Components
obf/validator The Opsbears Framework Validator Components
obiba/obiba-mica-protos The Generated Dto definitions (Protobuf)
obiba/obiba-protobuf PHP implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers
obiefy/booking-system The Laravel Framework.
obiefy/laravel-dropdown this package for using dropdowns and select menu, integrate with database
obinna/app Obinna Composer App Framework Project
obinna/app2 Obinna Composer App Framework Project
obinna/hello My first Composer project
obisconcept/ajax-form A small plugin to submit forms with AJAX
obisconcept/bootstrap Bootstrap package
obisconcept/bootstrap-form Change form templates to Twitter Bootstrap layout for Neos CMS
obisconcept/flow-jwt-auth JSON Web Token implementation for the flow framework
obisconcept/neos-ajax-form A Neos CMS package to load and submit forms with ajax.
obisconcept/neos-blog A Neos CMS package with a node type based blog
obisconcept/neos-blog-plugin A small node type based blog plugin for TYPO3 Neos
obisconcept/neos-bootstrap A Neos CMS package to integrate Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Besides it integrates some Bootstrap based node types.
obisconcept/neos-bootstrap-form A Neos CMS package for forms in Twitter Bootstrap style and some additional features like Google Recaptcha.
obisconcept/neos-cookieconsent Cookie Consent integration for Neos CMS.
obisconcept/neos-demo A Neos CMS demo website package to present our packages and some other third party packages.
obisconcept/neos-demo-distribution Neos Demo Distribution for NEOS 3.0
obisconcept/neos-gallery A Neos CMS package with a gallery node type for NEOS 3.0.0
obisconcept/neos-gmaps A Neos CMS package with a Google Maps node type for NEOS 3.0.0
obisconcept/neos-gmaps-plugin A small node type based Google Maps plugin for Neos CMS
obisconcept/neos-gplaces-plugin A small node type based Google Maps plugin for Neos CMS
obisconcept/neos-jquery A Neos CMS package to integrate jQuery.
obisconcept/neos-php A Neos CMS package to inject small PHP scripts with a node
obisconcept/neos-php-plugin A small node type based plugin for Neos CMS to inject PHP scripts
obisconcept/neos-products-plugin A small node type based products plugin for Neos CMS
obisconcept/neos-search A Neos CMS package to add search functionality for NEOS 3.0.0.
obisconcept/neos-search-plugin A small node type based search plugin for TYPO3 Neos
obisconcept/neos-sentry Integrates the Sentry error tracking tool into the Neos CMS.
obisconcept/neos-swiper A Neos CMS package with a Swiper node type
obisconcept/neos-swiper-plugin A small node type based swiper plugin for Neos CMS
obitel/laravel-yandex-money ServiceProvider для интеграции Yandex.Money API SDK (
obiz/common Common Library for Obiz projects
obj63mc/silverstripe-google-cloud-storage SilverStripe module to store assets in Google Cloud Storage rather than on the local filesystem.
obj63mc/silverstripe-s3 Adds SilverStripe support for using the S3 adapter for Flysystem - Fork
object-calisthenics/phpcs-calisthenics-rules PHP CodeSniffer Object Calisthenics rules/sniffs This bundle provides MenuProvider and edit them thru Sonata Admin Common things This bundle provides Tranlations (labels) for project. Plug'n'play
objectia/twostep PHP API client for
objectified/logtailminutes Log extraction utility
objectify/sequence Sequence builder for objectify libraries
objectify/string object wrapper for php strings
objectiv/objectiv-starter-theme A starter theme for Objectiv websites
objectivco/booster-seat Classes for the faster creation of wordpress plugins
objectivco/cgd_eddsl_magic A drop-in class that magically manages Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing for plugins and themes.
objectivco/php-listrak Package generated from using wsdltophp/packagegenerator
objectivco/wordpress-simple-settings A minimalist framework for managing WordPress plugin or theme settings.
objectivco/wp_tabbed_navigation Automate creating a tabbed navigation and maintaining tabbed states
objective-php/acl Access Control List engine
objective-php/application Objective PHP applicative framework
objective-php/beanstalk-package Beanstalk integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/cli Cli commands handling library
objective-php/components Objective PHP Components
objective-php/config Config component for ObjectivePHP
objective-php/data-processor Objective PHP Data Processor component
objective-php/devtools-package Development tools and monitoring facilities for Objective PHP applications
objective-php/doctrine-package Doctrine integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/docu-mentor Tool to generate Objective-php's markdown documentation
objective-php/eloquent-package Eloquent ORM integration from Laravel for Objective PHP
objective-php/events-handler Events Handler for ObjectivePHP
objective-php/fastroute-package FAstRoute integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/filter Conditional filter engine
objective-php/gateway DAO interoperability layer
objective-php/html HTML helper classes for Objective PHP
objective-php/http-action Base HTTP PSR-15 middleware
objective-php/invokable Objective PHP Invokable component
objective-php/matcher Generic engine to match identifiers against simple yet powerful patterns
objective-php/message ObjectivePHP implementation for PSR-7
objective-php/mysql-gateway Abstract MySQL Gateway
objective-php/notification Objective PHP Notification component
objective-php/phinx-package Phinx integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/phpunit-extension Some add-ons for PHPUnit Unit Test Framework
objective-php/phtml-action .phtml scripts renderer as PSR-15 middleware
objective-php/pomm-package Pomme integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/primitives Primitives classes for ObjectivePHP
objective-php/rest-action Rest(ful) aware PSR-15 Middleware library
objective-php/router Routing mechanism for Objective PHP
objective-php/services-factory Services container for Objective PHP
objective-php/solarium-package Solarium SolR client integration for Objective PHP
objective-php/solr-gateway Abstract SolR Gateway
objective-php/starter-kit Objective PHP Project Template
objective-php/validation Validation logic component
objective-php/ws-client-package Web socket client for Objective PHP
objective-php/ws-server-package Hoa web socket integration for Objective PHP
objective-wp/cli objective-wp cli allows you to init themes and plugins
objective/autoload My second Composer project