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Name Description
owowagency/laravel-resources A package to develop projects faster.
owowagency/laravel-user-removal Reusable package for deleting users, which is obligated by the GDPR.
owox/stub Stub
ows/commonmark-sup-sub-extensions A sup/sub extension for CommonMark PHP implementation
ows/zendservice-slideshare OOP wrapper for the SlideShare web service
owsy/entity-audit-bundle Audit for Doctrine Entities
ox-harris/phpfront phpFront is a server-side, DOM-based template engine. It implements the JQuery API with its powerful CSS3 selectors and chainable methods. It is heavily optimized for server-side rendering and template manipulation in web development. (No template syntaxe
ox-test/oxideshop-compilation This is custom composer file, which should define extra dependencies for OXID eShop.
ox/cbr Получение актуальных курсов валют от центрального банка Российской Федерации
ox/fixer Fixing string to numbers, chars, phone, email...
ox/router Ox Router
oxalis/zf2tcpdf ZF2 module for TcPdf
oxalis/zf2tcpdfoldversion ZF2 module for TcPdf (tcpdf old version)
oxblue/oauth2-microsoft An OAuth2 wrapper to authenticate with Microsoft
oxblue/oauth2-plangrid An OAuth2 wrapper to authenticate with Plangrid
oxblue/oauth2-procore An OAuth2 wrapper to authenticate with Procore
oxboot/controller WordPress package to enable a basic controller when using Blade with Sage 9
oxboot/cpt Simple WordPress custom post types.
oxboot/framework The Oxboot framework
oxcom/magento-currency-services This is a module that allows to update currency rates from addition external sources.
oxcom/magento2-currency-services This is a module that allows to update currency rates from addition external sources.
oxcom/magento2-top-products This is a module that extends Magento2 API to get list of TOP products.
oxcom/symfony-rollbar-bundle Bundle for Symfony that integrates Rollbar tracker
oxcom/zend-twig ZendTwig is a module that integrates the Twig template engine with Zend Framework 3.
oxd-drupal8/gluu_sso opnenid
oxenti/address Address plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/cake_gcm CakeGCM is a plugin for CakePHP to send notification to an Android device through Google Cloud Messaging. This project is a fork from ker0x's repo.
oxenti/cakephp-notifier Oxenti fork from cakemanager Notifier plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/historic Historic Behavior for CakePHP
oxenti/linkedin Linkedin plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/request Request plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/soft-delete SoftDelete plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/tutor Tutor plugin for CakePHP
oxenti/user User plugin for CakePHP
oxess/wp-bootstrap-wpcf7 Implements bootstrap class from in wordpress contact form 7
oxicode/auto-git-pull Automatically pulls a git repository when commits are pushed.
oxicode/cakephp-notification-plugin CakePHP Plugin de Notificaciones
oxicode/cakephp-sendgrid Sendgrid plugin for CakePHP
oxid-community/modul-connector OXID Community
oxid-community/moduleinstaller Install Composer Packages via GUI.
oxid-community/moduleinternals Display module internals
oxid-community/ocbcleartmp Clear the tmp directory from the backend. For OXID eShop 6.
oxid-community/oxid-rest-api REST API for OXID eShop based on Laravel Lumen Framework.
oxid-community/smxwhoops Whoops exception handling for OXID eShop 6.
oxid-esales/azure-theme This is Azure Theme for OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/coding-standards OXID eShop coding standards
oxid-esales/coding-standards-wrapper OXID eShop coding standards wrapper
oxid-esales/econda-analytics-module This is the Econda analytics module for the OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/econda-tracking-component Econda tracking component provides Econda tracking functionality for Analytics and Personalization modules.
oxid-esales/eshop-db-migration-wrapper OXID eShop database migration tool wrapper
oxid-esales/eshop-db-views-regenerator OXID eShop database views regeneration from console command
oxid-esales/eshop-demodata-installer This tool is used to copy pictures from demo data repository to OXID eShop, during setup process.
oxid-esales/eshop-doctrine-migration-wrapper OXID eShop database migrations using doctrine
oxid-esales/eshop-edition-facts OXID eShop edition getter
oxid-esales/eshop-facts OXID eShop facts
oxid-esales/eshop-migration-facts OXID eShop database migration facts
oxid-esales/eshop-virtual-namespace-generator OXID eShop virtual namespace generator
oxid-esales/evat-module This is eVat module for OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/event_logger_demo This a demo component which shows how it can be used with OXID eShop modules.
oxid-esales/flow-theme This is Flow Theme for OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/gdpr-optin-module This is the GDPR opt-in module for the OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/geo-blocking-module The module enables OXID eShop to be compliant with the EU geo-blocking regulations.
oxid-esales/logger-demo-module This package contains demo module for OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/mink-selenium-driver Selenium driver for Mink framework
oxid-esales/module-generator Folders structure, empty classes and metadata generation for new OXID eShop modules.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-ce This package contains OXID eShop CE source code.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-composer-plugin This file is mean to be used to install OXID eShop compilation.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-db-views-generator OXID eShop database views regeneration from console command
oxid-esales/oxideshop-demodata-ce This is the demodata for OXID eShop CE.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-demodata-installer This tool is used to copy pictures from demo data repository to OXID eShop, during setup process.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-doctrine-migration-wrapper OXID eShop database migrations using doctrine
oxid-esales/oxideshop-facts OXID eShop facts
oxid-esales/oxideshop-ide-helper OXID eShop IDE helper for code completion
oxid-esales/oxideshop-metapackage-ce This is OXID eShop compilation metapackage.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-project This file should be used as an OXID eShop project root composer.json file. Entries provided here intended to be examples and could be changed to your specific needs.
oxid-esales/oxideshop-unified-namespace-generator OXID eShop related utility, which generates edition-specific class files for the 'unified namespace'
oxid-esales/paymorrow-module This is Paymorrow module for OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/paypal-module This is the PayPal module for the OXID eShop.
oxid-esales/php-selenium PHP Library for Selenium
oxid-esales/testing-library OXID eShop testing library
oxid-esales/wave-theme This is Wave Theme for OXID eShop.
oxid-paypal/paypalinstallments PayPal Installments
oxid-professional-services/oxid-modules-config OXID core and module configurations importer and exporter
oxid-projects/captcha-module This is Captcha module for OXID eShop.
oxid-projects/extended-order-administration-module Extended Order Admin module for OXID eShop.
oxid-projects/facebook-module This is the Facebook module for OXID eShop.
oxid-projects/guestbook-module This is Guestbook module for OXID eShop.
oxid-projects/lexware-export-module This module exports order information into an XML format.
oxid-projects/oxcom-mediaplayer OXID Hackathon 2018 MediaPlayer
oxid-projects/pdf-invoice-module This is Invoice PDF module for OXID eShop.