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Name Description
p_falomo/base-class Base Class Test
p-er/monitoring-bundle SNMP Monitoring for One Server
p-m-d/cobbler Cobbler
p-m-d/errand Errand
p-m-d/infiltrate Infiltrate
p-m-d/naf Naf
p-m-d/naf-action Naf Action
p-m-d/naf-console Naf Console
p-r-o-j-e-c-t/cliapp PHP project skeleton - CLI application
p-r-o-j-e-c-t/cliapp-automation p-r-o-j-e-c-t/cliapp extension
p-sam/real-time-bundle Real-time events from server to browsers and mobile devices
p-sam/set A PHP Set class limited to scalar using hashmaps
p-server-cms/donate-action ZendFramework Module for pServer, donate action
p-server-cms/sro-item-points ZendFramework Module for pServer, sro item-points
p-server-cms/sro-unique ZendFramework Module for pServer, SRO Unique
p-t-p/sdk_ptp Libreria para conectarse al webservice SOAP Place To Pay
p.zelant/bluemedia System Płatności Online Blue Media | Online Payment System Blue Media
p/iris Curl Wrapper to ease curl* and curl_multi* functions usage
p0larbeer/yii2-polymer This extension provides the Polymer 1.0 integration for the Yii framework 2.0
p0lym0rphik/cakephp-metabehavior CakePHP MetaBehavior Plugin, dealing with additional datas
p0n0marev/bitrix-orm-migrations Database migrations for Bitrix ORM
p0vidl0/simple-html-dom Just a Simple HTML DOM library fork.
p0vidl0/site-links Simple internal site links parser.
p0vidl0/site-parser Simple site parser.
p0vidl0/yii2-bs-confirmation The Twitter Bootstrap Confirmation plugin extension for the Yii framework
p0vidl0/yii2-examples-app Yii 2 Framework Usage Examples
p0vidl0/yii2-gridview-filter-and-sort-example Yii 2 Gridview sort and filter on related data example
p0vidl0/yii2-yandex-metrika-widget Yii2 widget to add Yandex.Metrika counter on page
p13/datetime Pacote de classes para manipulação de data/hora
p13/url Pacote de classes para representação dos elementos de uma URL
p13eater/backup-lib PHP Backup Library
p13eater/google-helper Google API Wrapper Functions
p16/paypal-rest-api-client PHP Library for accessing PayPal Rest API.
p1r0/hs-adminbundle Heapstersoft Admin Bundle
p1r0/kv17 Synfony 2 Admin Base Project
p1r0/kv17_generator KV17 Generator Bundle
p1r0/kv17-adminuser-bundle KV17 Admin User Bundle
p1r0/kv17-dist KV17 Distribution Bundle
p1r0/kv17-tpl-lte KV17 LTE Template Bundle
p1raten/steamapi A Steam API library
p1ratrulezzz/lazyaccess Provides LazyAccess posiblity to array elements
p1ratrulezzz/mtproxy-server-linux Proxy server for MTProto (Telegram)
p1ratrulezzz/telegram-bot PHP Telegram bot
p1x44r/symfony-dbal-datetime-microsec Symfony DBal DateTime with Microsecond support. Store as DATETIME with MICROSECOND on MySQL layer.
p1x44r/symfony-dbal-gzip Symfony DBAL gZip support. Store as blob while being Compress and Decompress on MySQL layer.
p2/bootstrap-bundle Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 themeing for symfony2
p2/geo GeoCoding library
p2/google-geocoding Google Geocoding SDK
p2/media-storage MediaStorage
p2/ratchet-bundle Symfony WebSocket bundle using the Ratchet WebSocket library
p2/security-bundle Enhances the Symfony SecurityBundle
p2/voting Voting
p21sistemas/log Log de operacoes de banco de dados e arquivos
p2ee/baserequirements Some basic requirement types for the p2ee/preparables
p2ee/partlets Base package for the partlet hmvc system
p2ee/preparables Base package for preparable systems
p2made/p2-unicode-css Unicode symbols as CSS icons.
p2made/world-flags A bunch of CSS & JS resources wrapped as Yii 2 AssetBundles &/or Widgets.
p2made/yii2-a4e 4 application ends for Yii 2 Advanced
p2made/yii2-a6e 6 application ends for Yii 2 Advanced
p2made/yii2-asset-collection A bunch of CSS & JS resources wrapped as Yii 2 AssetBundles &/or Widgets.
p2made/yii2-flat-theme Flat Theme from ShapeBootstrap,, as a frontend UI for Yii 2 Framework.
p2made/yii2-p2y2-base A base bundle for other p2y2 bundles.
p2made/yii2-p2y2-gii-collection Yii2 Yii Gii
p2made/yii2-p2y2-kartik-collection Yii2 Yii Gii
p2made/yii2-p2y2-moment moment.js & moment-timezone.js as Yii2 assets
p2made/yii2-p2y2-things A bunch of CSS & JS resources wrapped as Yii 2 AssetBundles &/or Widgets.
p2made/yii2-p2y2-things-demo Not really a theme. A set of pages to demonstrate p2made/yii2-p2y2-things, bundled as a theme.
p2made/yii2-p2y2-users Users & RBAC modules.
p2made/yii2-sb-admin-theme SB Admin from Start Bootstrap,, as a backend UI for Yii 2 Framework.
p2made/yii2-startbootstrap-themes Themes from Start Bootstrap,, as UIs for Yii 2 Framework.
p2made/yii2-triangle-theme Triangle Theme from ShapeBootstrap,, as a frontend UI for Yii 2 Framework.
p2made/yii2-uuid A PHP 5.3+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID), wrapped as helpers for Yii 2 Framework.
p3in/firephp FirePHP Support for Laravel 4
p3in/l5-youtube-api PHP wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
p3in/modular Plus 3 Interactive Modular system Base Package
p3in/storage Laravel Storage with configurations stored in database.
p3k/caterpillar Caterpillar is a background queue manager
p3k/emoji-detector Detect and return all emoji found in a string
p3k/http A simple wrapper API around the PHP curl functions
p3k/mf2-instagram-shim Description
p3k/mf2-twitter-shim Description
p3k/micropub Utilities to help handle Micropub requests when building servers and clients
p3k/multipart Multipart Encoding Library
p3k/picofeed Modern library to handle RSS/Atom feeds
p3k/quartz-db A flat-file database optimized to hold time-series data.
p3k/slim-savant Savant renderer for Slim
p3k/timezone Find the timezone of a given location
p3k/utils Some helpful functions used by projects
p3k/websub A library for subscribing to and publishing WebSub feeds
p3k/xray X-Ray returns structured data from any URL
p3s/appbundle App bundle
p3x/resume-common patrikx3 resume php common
p3ym4n/form-maker form maker package for backend project
p3ym4n/grid-view grid view package for backend project
p3ym4n/jdate A simple php date converter from Jalali to Georgian calendar and vice versa.