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Name Description
q-alliance/crontab-manager Crontab Manager
q-alliance/qsendgrid Simple to use mailer, with Sendgrid in the background
q-alliance/qsendgridbundle Symfony bundle implementation of QSendgrid mailer service
q-phalcon/for-server The QPhalcon framework
q-phalcon/kernel The QPhalcon framework's kernel code
q-phalcon/q-phalcon The QPhalcon framework
q/q coming soon - will be used for athena expansions
q00n/qlogger Simple logger
q145366/demo a test
q145366/test a test project
q1453668414/test a test project
q7zh/flarum-ext-ratings Enables content rating settings on posts
qa-tools/phpunit-extension QA-Tools extension for PHPUnit
qa-tools/qa-tools Library that provides easy-to-use way of interaction with web-page elements in functional tests using PageObject pattern.
qa4it/l52mpdf6 mPDF wrapper for Laravel 5.2
qaamgo/onlineconvert-api-sdk Sdk for using the Online Convert Api version 2
qade/master-server Master Server to GoldSrc and Source engine
qadept/codeception-qaapi Codeceprion module to work with QA API
qadept/tunnel Creating a tunnel to for local testing
qadk/helloworld just say 'hello world'
qafeen/aadhaar Aaadhaar Bridge for laravel.
qafeen/lumenite A Lumen based API centric framework which has prebuild some boilerplate, laravel/passport.
qafeen/manager Manage, install and search laravel base packages.
qafoo/quality-analyzer Helper for code reviews
qafoo/rmf Very simple VC framework which makes it easy to build HTTP applications / REST webservices
qafoo/ser-pretty Pretty print serialized PHP data
qafoolabs/bepado-demo-shop Example shop to show implementation of bepado SDK
qafoolabs/daemon Library to implement background daemons in PHP
qafoolabs/errorhandler Utility library to handle native errors, notices and warnings in PHP
qafoolabs/framework-extra-bundle Various improvements for Symfony applications
qafoolabs/no-framework-bundle Various improvements for Symfony applications
qafoolabs/php-refactoring-browser Refactoring Browser for PHP
qafoolabs/profiler Simple library that wraps Xhprof profile collection and sends to Qafoo Profiler
qafoolabs/restclient Really simple rest client used within some of our projects.
qafoolabs/symfony2-workshop A Symfony2 Testing setup
qafoolabs/uuid Simple utility library to handle UUID identifiers.
qafoolabs/xhprof-collector Simple library that wraps Xhprof profile collection.
qal/flickr Client for interacting with the flickr REST API
qal/flickr-bundle Symfony Qal FlickrBundle
qambar/datetimepicker-bundle Symfony bundle for Bootstrap DateTime picker
qanah/hello-world My first Composer project
qandidate/stack-request-id Middleware for adding request id to Symfony Request.
qandidate/symfony-json-request-transformer A Symfony 2 event listener for decoding JSON encoded request content
qandidate/toggle Feature toggling for your PHP application.
qandidate/toggle-api Api interface for your toggles.
qandidate/toggle-bundle This Bundle provides the integration with qandidate/toggle. It provides the services and configuration you need to implement feature toggles in your Symfony application.
qaribou/immutable.php Immutable, highly-performant collections, well-suited for functional programming and memory-intensive applications.
qasico/project Qasico Project Starter with laravel and grunt.
qasim/common package comment api
qasim/php-common package comment api
qassiounutil/qassiounutil qassioun es tools
qazd/text-diff A simple text differences visualization library
qazdcc/php-ml PHP-ML - Machine Learning library for PHP
qb/blog-bundle Symfony QbBlogBundle is a simple-but-powerful blog bundle for Symfony 2.1
qbadev/teryt-bundle Symfony TerytBundle for Symfony2
qbbr/entity-hidden-type-bundle Symfony 2 entity hidden form type
qbbr/pgsql-doctrine-random-function PostgreSQL RANDOM() function for Doctrine ORM
qbert65536/phillips-head My Own personl PHP Utilities, easy logging and JSONDecoder to array
qbgg/user-sdk user micro service sdk
qbhy/alipay 支付宝sdk
qbhy/baidu-aip 百度 AI 开放平台 php-sdk
qbil-software/abbyy-cloud Interface for communication with ABBYY cloud OCR
qbil-software/openexchangerates OpenExchangeRates PHP client. Open Exchange Rates provides a simple, lightweight and portable JSON API with live and historical foreign exchange rates
qbil-software/openexchangeratesbundle Symfony 2.8 + compatible bundle for fetching foreign exchange rates from Symfony wrapper for `qbil-software/openexchangerates` package
qbil-software/read-soft-online ReadSoftOnline PHP client
qbil/open-exchange-rate-bundle Symfony 2.8+ compatible bundle for Open Exchange Rates. Open Exchange Rates provides a simple, lightweight and portable JSON API with live and historical foreign exchange rates
qbit/conectionsoap N/A
qbitz/freshmailbundle Symfony2 and FreshMail REST API integration
qblolz/trinity-web Yii2 Starter Kit Application Template for TrinityCore -> web app
qbnk/doctrine-sanefilesystemcache A custom file system cache provider for Doctrine/Cache that allows custom directory spread and provides sane defaults.
qbnk/guzzle5-oauth2-subscriber OAuth2 authentication and reauthorization for Guzzle 5.x - forked and based on nmrkt/guzzle5-oauth2-subscriber
qbnk/php-saml This is a clone of the OneLogin PHP SAML Toolkit, modified to support seamless change of signing certificates.
qbnk/qbank3api-phpwrapper A PHP-Wrapper for QBank 3's API. Provides a simple way to communicate with QBank 3 from PHP.
qbnk/smarty3-plugins Smarty v3 plugins used by QBNK
qbo-tech/compropago-magento2 ComproPago Magento2 Module
qbo-tech/magento2-s3 Use Amazon S3 as the file storage backend for your store.
qbo-tech/openpay-banks Openpay integration for Magento 2 (Bank transfer)
qbo-tech/openpay-cards Credit card payment integration for Magento 2
qbo/module-configurableproduct Allow out of stock ConfigurableProduct options to be displayed as on frontend
qbo/module-paypal-express-mx PayPal Express Checkout module with best practices for mexican merchants
qbo/module-paypalplusmx PayPal Plus Mexico
qbonaventure/blog simple blog system
qbonaventure/discord-platform-administration Administration backend for the whole FTC Discord platform
qbonaventure/inner-cryptography simple cryptography service
qbset/xcore-athletics Canvas Theme
qbt/translation-bundle This bundle allow to import translation files content into the database and provide a GUI to edit translations. This is fork from Lexik/LexikTranslationBundle
qbus/autoflush Automatic cache flush for menus and levelmedia
qbus/cache-status Adds a X-TYPO3-Cache header to indicate cache hits/misses
qbus/captcha Captcha extension for TYPO3 (temporary fork)