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Name Description
quimcalpe/psr7-response-sender PSR-7 Response Sender
quimcalpe/router Regexp based Router, easy to use and with a rich feature set
quimgc/hello-ng Next generation hello ng
quimgc/tasks The Laravel Framework.
quince/auto-provider Automatically register service providers located in app\Providers for laravel 5
quince/data-importer Tool for importing data from tabular data files into laravel models
quince/kavenegar-client A php client for connecting to api for sending sms.
quince/persian-gd PHP GD library for Persian text support
quinix/forms Forms extension for Nette Framework and Doctrine
quinix/nette-identity-mongo-odm Integration of Doctrine MongoDB ODM entities implementing IIdentity in Nette 2
quinix/presenter-link-panel This panel generates links to open current presenter/template into your preferred text editor. (Author: Daniel Robenek)
quinninteractive/silverstripe-auth-remote-user Logs members in via the REMOTE_USER server variable; optionally creates new members.
quinninteractive/silverstripe-image-extension Adds convenience routines to the Image class
quintanion/recipe Recipe administration plugin for TYPO3, Pure BE editing.
quintavalentina/modules Laravel 5 Modules
quintessence/qform An easy way to generate form label/inputs for Laravel 4.2.x
quintetsolutions/laravelmiddlewarelogger Middleware package for logging all requests and responses
quintype/meta A package that makes it easy to add meta tags to your views. Includes easy Laravel integration.
quio/presenter-5.1 View Presenter in Laravel 5.1
quipo/kafka-php PHP client library for Apache Kafka 0.7
quipu/quipu-api Official PHP client for the Quipu API
quitoque/emarsys-sdk-php Emarsys SDK for PHP - Use Emarsys Web Services in your PHP project
quitoque/php-cs-fixer-config Configuration for PhpCsFixer used by Quitoque
quitoque/queue-bundle Symfony2/3/4 Queue Bundle (for background jobs) supporting Mongo (Doctrine ODM), Mysql (and any Doctrine ORM), RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, Redis, and ... {write your own}
quitoque/slack Access your Slack Team's API through PHP objects
quitoque/slack-bundle This bundle provides integration with the Slack API library, allowing you to interact with the Slack API from within your Symfony projects
quiubas/quiubas-php Quiubas PHP Library for REST API
quiver/quiver The Quiver PHP framework.
qujsh/laravel-response it's middleware for special template, set your response info
qumonto/usersys Configurable user management system for laravel.
qunabu/backuper SilverStripe backup module (assets and database)
qunabu/silverstripe-blocks A set of helpers for developing rich silverstripe themes
qunabu/silverstripe-htmlblocks A skeleton for SilverStripe modules.
qunabu/silverstripe-installer Qunabu. The SilverStripe Framework Installer
qunabu/silverstripe-qunabu-helpers A set of helpers for developing rich silverstripe themes
qunabu/silverstripe-theme The SilverStripe Qunabu Theme Boilerplate
qunabu/silverstripe4-installer The SilverStripe Framework Installer
qunity/data-manager Qunity Component DataManager
qunity/development QUnity Component Development
qunity/project Qunity Project
quocdoan419/vndes Class
quochoangvp/fb-messenger-php Facebook Messenger Bot PHP API
quochoangvp/kiotviet-php-sdk This is package for developer work with kiotviet api
quodos/laravel-5-toastr Easy toastr notifications for Laravel 5
quodos/laravel-countries Laravel package providing easy access to country arrays.
quorrax/boolean An object-oriented PHP library for handling boolean values.
quorrax/curl An object oriented PHP library for working with cURL.
quorrax/string An object-oriented PHP library for handling string values.
quorrax/url An object oriented PHP library for handling URL strings.
quorrax/variable An object-oriented PHP library for handling variables.
quorum/array-functions useful array functions
quorum/exporter Export Data as Spreadsheets
quorum/installer The Quorum Installer
quovadis/front-template-bundle Quovadis base template bundle
qup/common-ledger Objects for all Common parts of QUP's Ledger/Transaction namespace
qup/omnipay-acapture Acapture integration for Omnipay
qup/php-package-core Basic collection of packages
quran/quran Provides api in simple way
quuuit/wikparser Wiktionary Text Parser
quyenminh102/flywheel-framework The Flywheel PHP framework
quyenminh102/qapi Flywheel API lib for server
quyennguyenitz/response-simulator API response simulator.
quynguyen3490/countonline Count online!
quynguyen3490/upperstr Convert string to upper
qvalent/yii2-models-history Save model updates history to db
qvpkg/qvpkg Test package
qw3rtman/ri Relative Intensity in PHP. Rank Values into Tiers in Relation to One Another.
qwan/qwan A short description of what your package does
qwan/test QWAN Library for PHP
qwant50/config Jazz framework config component
qwant50/dbconnect Jazz framework DbConnect component
qwant50/mailer Jazz framework mailer component
qwant50/superliba Its a superliba for all!
qwantix/php-rtmp-client A Rtmp client for PHP
qweb/exception-handling Exception Handling Package For Laravel Framework
qwer/test-project Test package
qwerty_jack/cmd Based on cebe/markdown, add color and MathJax support.
qwertycore/class-generator Class generator
qwertyrrr/yii2-callback yii2-callback it's a simple module for create a callback form on ur site
qwildz/localized-eloquent-date Multi-language support for Laravel Eloquent's dates
qwildz/passport-extended Laravel Passport with some extra features
qwildz/passport-sso-client SSO Client Library for Laravel
qwildz/sso-client-compat SSO Client Library for PHP >= 5.1.2 Support
qwince/hipchat-laravel HipChat PHP Client for Laravel 5
qwince/l5-settings Persistent settings in Laravel.
qwincypercy/puzzle-admin-bundle Puzzle dashboard bundle
qwincypercy/puzzle-blog-bundle Manage blog or news
qwincypercy/puzzle-media-bundle Manage puzzle media
qwincypercy/puzzle-user-bundle Manage puzzle user