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Name Description
qwertyrrr/yii2-callback yii2-callback it's a simple module for create a callback form on ur site
qwildz/localized-eloquent-date Multi-language support for Laravel Eloquent's dates
qwildz/passport-extended Laravel Passport with some extra features
qwildz/passport-sso-client SSO Client Library for Laravel
qwildz/sso-client-compat SSO Client Library for PHP >= 5.1.2 Support
qwince/hipchat-laravel HipChat PHP Client for Laravel 5
qwince/l5-settings Persistent settings in Laravel.
qwincypercy/puzzle-admin-bundle Puzzle dashboard bundle
qwincypercy/puzzle-blog-bundle Manage blog or news
qwincypercy/puzzle-media-bundle Manage puzzle media
qwincypercy/puzzle-user-bundle Manage puzzle user
qwintet/php-mecab-substitute php-mecabがなぜだか動かなくなってしまう環境での代替ライブラリ
qwire-php-oss/phpword PHPWord - A pure PHP library for reading and writing word processing documents (OOXML, ODF, RTF, HTML, PDF)
qxsch/multi-process-server Runs a multi threaded server.
qxsch/worker-pool Runs tasks in a parallel processing workerpool.
qy55357/test this is composer test p
qyanu/jsv4 A (coercive) JSON Schema v4 Validator for PHP
qycloud/activerecord phpactiverecord-extend is an open source ORM
qycloud/ant_utils some utils
qycloud/classloader Auto loading the missing class while the file's name starts with lowercase char
qycloud/commander Command line interfaces make easy to build command line application
qycloud/jpgraph This package contains the JpGraph PHP library Pro version 3.5.x
qycloud/oauth OAuth2 Server for PHP
qycloud/opensearch This package contains the OpenSearch PHP library.
qycloud/phpword PHPWord is a library written in PHP that create word documents
qydemo/gitdemo demo
qyhub/php-sdk SDK for PHP
qylinfly/action-log A laravel package of ActionLog
qylinfly/role-permission Permission handling for Laravel 5.x
qypangu/qrcode qrcode 二维码生成
qz/qzphp The QzPhp class library.
qzd1989/laravel-admin laravel admin
qztestsoft/json PHP library to encode and decode JSON