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Name Description
ql/uri-template An implementation of RFC 6570 level 4
qla/adminpanel package for qla admin panel things
qla/base package for qla basic things
qla/crud package for qla crud things
qla/customldap package for qla ldap login
qla/depcrud package for department crud things
qla/ldaplogin package for qla ldap login
qla/manager package for manager things
qla/permissionmanager package for user & permission crud things
qlake/framework The Qlake Framework
qlake/qlake The Qlake Framework
qlcorp/vext-framework Interfaces Laravel with ExtJs
qlcorp/vext-security Security framework
qlib/google-q Google API for Laravel
qlib/twitteroauth-q Twitter API for Laravel
qlib/vine-q Vine API for Laravel
qligier/tjson-parser A PHP parser for TJSON format
qljiang/test learn how to use composer
qlurk/qlurk Qlurk is a simple to use Plurk library
qlwz/mock Mock.js for php
qm/qm-logger utility for logging inside a database
qmagix/laravel-tagging Use PHP traits to extend Laravel Eloquent Models to allow Tags. Models can be marked as Taggable. Derived from rtconner's work for compatibility with MySql 5.6
qmaker/linq_php LINQ from C# to php
qmang/wechat this is wechat project.
qmegas/sobel-operator PHP implementation of Sobel operator (Sobel filter)
qmsrl/nusoap NuSOAP re-packaged for Packagist/Composer
qn/mws Amazon Marketplace Web Service libraries
qneyrat/mdsearcher Markdown searcher in your symfony project and generate documentation
qntm/laravel-materialize-sass Add Materialize CSS Framework Source to Laravel
qnyt/weather study how to build a php package
qobo/cakephp-calendar Calendaring plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-cms Cms plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-comments Comments plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-composer-dev Developer requirements for CakePHP projects
qobo/cakephp-csv-migrations CSV Migrations plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-csv-views CSV Views plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-duplicates Duplicates plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-forums Forum plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-groups Groups plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-menu Menu plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-messaging-center Messaging Center plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-notes Notes plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-qobo-admin-panel QoboAdminPanel plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-roles-capabilities Roles and Capabilities plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-search Search plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-simple-slider SimpleSlider plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-survey CakePHP plugin for handling surveys
qobo/cakephp-translations Languages and translations plugin for CakePHP
qobo/cakephp-utils CakePHP utilities
qobo/cardpay Cardpay driver for the Omnipay payment processing library
qobo/deploy Deployment automation framework
qobo/pattern PHP library to manipulate text patterns with placeholders
qobo/phake-builder A set of build and deploy files, based on jaz303/phake
qobo/project-template Template for new PHP projects
qobo/project-template-cakephp Template for new CakePHP projects
qobo/project-template-wordpress This is a template for the new project using WordPress.
qobo/qobo-robo QoboRobo
qobo/qobo-robo-cakephp CakePHP tasks and commands for QoboRobo
qobo/qobo-wp-brand Qobo plugin for WordPress branding
qobo/qobo-wp-custom-theme-path WordPress plugin for adding custom theme paths
qobo/qobo-wp-generic-theme Generic WordPress theme built with Twitter Bootstrap 3
qobo/qobo-wp-shortcodes WordPress plugin with some useful shortcodes
qobo/search-replace-db A PHP search replace tool for quickly modifying a string throughout a database. Useful for changing the base URL when migrating a WordPress site from development to production.
qodehub/slydepay-php-rest-api Slydepay PHP SDK from the Qodehub team.
qooar/magento2-module-customer-message N/A
qordoba/magento2-connector Qordoba Connector Magento-2 Extension
qore/admin The admin and configuration module for Qore Framework
qore/framework A lightweight framework for PHP 7
qous/curl php curl study
qowwa/blog this package about manage posts and comments in blog
qoxcorp/exengine-core Rapid application development PHP Framework.
qpard/magento2-russian-language-pack Russian language package for Magento 2
qpard/magento2-ukrainian-language-pack Ukrainian language package for Magento 2
qpautrat/reactjs-php-bundle Render ReactJS component in server side using reactjs/react-php-v8js
qpautrat/woohoolabs-yin-bundle Implements woohoolabs/yin framework into Symfony
qpdb/foxy-pdo-wrapper php Pdo wrapper
qpdb/query-builder php class for build MySql queries that prevents mysql injections
qpi/laravel A query language for fetching data
qplot/environment-color Environment Color for Laravel
qplot/importer script driven CSV importer for Laravel 4
qponypl/cakeset Array sort class from CakePHP2
qpz/composer a test composer project
qq/izzi-facebook-messenger-init Izzi init message sender for Facebook Messenger Bot
qq175023117/laravel-mi-push php laravel mi-push
qq2236639958/cmp CMP—API开发插件
qq2236639958/music 各音乐网站PHP版API接口
qq2236639958/viptv VipTV云视听,致力于打造安卓大屏上最清晰、最流畅、最稳定的电视直播软件。 完全免费, 电视台同步高清直播,涵盖绝大部分央视和卫视频道,正版源永不断线;便捷收看国内外电视台、地方电视台、互联网直播频道等,只有你想不到,没有你看不到;节目源由万千网友共同维护,随时提供稳定可靠的节目源
qqes/ppsign Pub Pri Key Sign
qqes/xhprof QQES xhprof EXTEND
qqjt/baidu-tongji Baidu Tongji Api PHP SDK
qqlogin/qqlogin QQ互联