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Name Description
r-alymov/php-html-parser An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
r-baker/3taps-php-client Client library for 3taps data commons APIs ( Built on top of Guzzle.
r-berto811/symfony-debug Commands for comfortable development
r-bruha/doctrine Doctrine integration into Nette Framework
r-green/jsonrpc-client JSON RPC Client for PHP 5.4+
r-tk/rtk-coding-standard RTK Coding Standard
r-tk/rtk-db RTK DB
r-tk/rtk-registry RTK Registry
r.kozin/mws-finances PHP MWS Finances SDK
r.kozin/mws-orders PHP MWS Orders SDK
r.kozin/php-mws-products-sdk MWS SDK for PHP
r/u2f-two-factor-bundle Use U2F-Keys as 2FA for Symfony2, using scheb/two-factor-bundle
r/uikit-bundle Use UiKit in Symfony
r0bdiablo/laravel5-phumbor Laravel 5 package adding support for the Phumbor PHP library for Thumbor.
r0dgerv/api-client-abcp API client
r0dgerv/api-client-tradesoft API client
r0m1g0/yii2-treegrid Extension for Yii2 Framework to work with jQuery TreeGrid
r0man25/tag-parser example project
r0mdau/jisly Light NoSQL database, JSON file data storing
r0nn1ef/vimeo-service-module The Vimeo module is designed to let you display a gallery of videos from the Vimeo video sharing site. The module also adds a shortcode to embed a Vimeo video into any text field.
r10y/preset Atlas Preset
r15ch13/peculiar An extension to the Laravel Eloquent Model. It allows the use of UUIDs (ramsey/uuid) as primary keys.
r15ch13/saferpay Saferpay library
r1pp3rj4ck/google-bundle Bundle for Google services
r1pp3rj4ck/lipsum-bundle r1pp3rj4ck LipsumBundle
r1pp3rj4ck/tcpdf PDF generator
r2h/framework Framework used by R2H software.
r2h/joomla-console The R2H Joomla Console.
r3h6/ghost-content Shows not assigned content elements in the page module.
r3k4/ck-storage A simple cloudkilat storage s3 class for laravel
r3k4/freesms4us Laravel 5 | freesms4us package
r3k4/nusoap NuSOAP re-packaged for Packagist/Composer
r3n0e0/env-php A utility that provides several functions for accessing environment variables.
r3n0e0/ssh-config A ssh config parser for PHP
r3oath/hive Hexagonal architecture framework for Laravel 5.1
r3volut1oner/decred-php Basic tools for working with Decred
r3volut1oner/php-blake-zephir BLAKE hashing algorithm PHP Extension
r424/wkhtmltopdf-amd64 Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for amd64 system Centos6.
r4c00n/magic-admin-page Helper class to generate WordPress admin pages.
r4c00n/magic-meta-box Helper class to generate WordPress MetaBoxes.
r4free/generators Laravel 5 - Generates modules, entities for web and api´s
r4j4h/jspackager-html-tagger Simple bare bones HTML tag generator for <script> and <link> tags
r4j4h/php-druid-ingest PHP Classes to wrap ingestion of data into Druid
r4j4h/php-druid-query Experimental PHP wrapper around querying druid
r64/laravel-email-marketing A Laravel package to performa actions on a number of email marketing tools
r64/nova-cpf-cnpj-field Brazilian CPF and CNPJ Field for Laravel Nova
r64/nova-dni-field Spanish Dni field
r64/nova-image-cropper A Laravel Nova field.
r6api/client Client for the Rainbow 6 Siege stats API
ra/forwarding RA Forwarding lets you create custom 301 Redirects with origin and target for each shop
ra/less This modul load less styles
ra/oxid-cleanup-scripts Scripts used to clean up oxid configuration
ra/shop-client-bundle Symfony shop client for Renzel Agentur silex rest api
ra/silex-rest-api Silex based REST API, which can be used to retrieve data from arbitrary systems to feed into the renzel.agentur Admin, for search and the SEO tool
ra3oul/eloquent-abstract-repository laravel eloquent abstract repository to implement repository pattern in easy way
ra5k/handlebars A Handlebars implementation written in PHP
ra5k/salud A simple PHP library
raadaa/composer-template Boilerplate package for creating other raadaa packages.
raahul/larryfour A model and migration generator for Laravel 4
raahul/schema-extractor Extract schema information of a database into a program-friendly data structure
raalveco/ciberfactura Libreria para la Emisión de Facturas Electrónicas
raalveco/scaffolding Scaffold Generator - Laravel 5 & Metronic Template
raank/laravel-session-model Using Session With Model for Laravel
raank/module-raank Module for auxiliary codes
raank/raank-module Module for auxiliary codes
raazpuspa/iap-validator Composer package to validate in-app purchase receipts made to iTunes or Google through mobile apps.
rabadan731/yii2-pages Static pages for yii2
rabbit-converter/rabbit-php Another Zawgyi <=> Unicode Converter
rabbit-project/rabbit O Rabbit é um conjunto de código baseado em PHP - Framework simples para controlar a arquitetura HMVC, utilizar como ORM Doctrine
rabbit-project/rabbit-cms CMS fast developer
rabbit-project/rabbit-core CORE for rabbit-cms
rabbit-solutions/datatype-bundle An abstraction library of objects, things and types of the real world based on
rabbit/active-record rabbit active-record base on yiisoft/active-record.remove the event and replace validator to respect validator
rabbit/auth rabbit auth
rabbit/cache rabbit cache
rabbit/clickhouse rabbit clickhouse
rabbit/clickhousehttp rabbit clickhouse-http
rabbit/console rabbit console
rabbit/consul rabbit consul
rabbit/db rabbit db base on yiisoft/db.Add Manager and Pool
rabbit/dbproxy rabbit dbproxy
rabbit/framework rabbit framework
rabbit/httpclient rabbit httpclient
rabbit/httpserver rabbit httpserver
rabbit/illuminate rabbit illuminate
rabbit/memory rabbit memory
rabbit/nsq rabbit nsq
rabbit/pool rabbit pool
rabbit/process rabbit process