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Name Description
rabbit/redis rabbit redis
rabbit/rpcclient rabbit rpc client
rabbit/rpcserver rabbit rpcserver
rabbit/seaslog rabbit seaslog
rabbit/seaslogserver rabbit seaslogserver
rabbit/server rabbit server
rabbit/socket rabbit socket
rabbit/web rabbit web
rabbit/wsserver rabbit websocket server
rabbitcms/backend Backend for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/captcha Captcha for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/carrot Base library for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/contracts RabbitCMS contracts.
rabbitcms/devel Development module for RabbitCMS/Modules
rabbitcms/filemanager File manager for RabbitCMS based on elFinder
rabbitcms/forms Form support for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/galleries Galleries module for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/journal Laravel 5.3+ database journal.
rabbitcms/localizations Localizations support for Laravel 5.4
rabbitcms/locate Locate is a Laravel package for easily accessing visitor geolocation data.
rabbitcms/modules Modules support for Laravel 5.4+
rabbitcms/payments-liqpay LiqPay payments provider.
rabbitcms/payments-platon Platon payments provider.
rabbitcms/query Backend for Rabbit CMS Query
rabbitcms/settings Settings module for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/shop Shop module for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/systemjs RabbitCMS SystemJS integration
rabbitcms/templates Mail templates for RabbitCMS
rabbitcms/themes Theme support for RabbitCMS modules.
rabbitcms/translations Translations for RabbitCMS
rabbitinternet/cs-fixer php-cs-fixer with github hook and config
rabbitknot/otama-core plugin bass for Otamajakushi Wordpress Theme
rabbitphp/dependency-container Dependency container component of rabbitphp framework
rabbitphp/dependency-injector Dependency container component of rabbitphp framework
rabbitphp/file File system component of rabbit framework
rabbitphp/http-cookies Http cookies component of rabbitphp framework
rabbitphp/http-response Http response component of rabbitphp framework
rabbitphp/http-session Http session component of the framework
rabbitphp/mvc Model view controller component of rabbit framework
rabbitphp/orm Object relational mapping component of RabbitPHP framework
rabbl/heatmap A library to create colorful png-images from 2D-Grid arrays
rabblerouser/api-autodoc An automatic API documentation creation utility.
rabblerouser/filedb Rabble+Rouser filesystem database.
rabee3/currency_ninja PHP classes for currency conversion using different services as Google Finance and Open Source Exchange Rates and More to come. keep watching
rabhisalem/jira-api-bundle Jira REST API integration in Symfony2.
rabi/hello-world My First Package
rabi/travarena Travarena Client API
rabies/filemanager Completely Responsive Filemanager with integration for tinyMCE and Silex backend
rabiloo/laravel-dockerize Dockerize Laravel application
rabin/rabin-project this is my first composer
rabinshr/php-twitter-oauth-api Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter OAuth API v1.1
rabiulhasan/contact This will send email to admin and save query in database.
rable/image the rable wechat
rabrux/schema Schema Cli Migration - PHP command line database schema migration
racashmoney/laravel-blockable Trait for Laravel Eloquent models to allow easy implementation of a 'block' or 'ignore' feature.
raccoon/bloggers Raccoon Bloggers
raccoonsoftware/slug Laravel 5.1 Slug Package
race-it/itunes iOS helper functions, receipt validation
rachel/talkfun-sdk 欢拓云直播WEB API
rachidlaasri/laravel-helpers Collection of Laravel helpers
rachidlaasri/laravel-installer Laravel web installer
rachmanzz/alertifylight combination between alertify and jquery
rachmanzz/alertlightjs AlertlightJS is a combination of sweet alerts with jquery.
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rack/jp_core Magento extension for Japanese localization.
rackbeat/laravel-morph-where-has Fix whereHas for morphTo relations.
rackbeat/laravel-sqs-fifo-queue Adds a Laravel queue driver for Amazon SQS FIFO queues.
rackbeat/laravel-ui-avatars Official Laravel wrapper around and LasseRafn/php-initial-avatar-generator
rackbeat/laravel-validate-https Simple validation rule for https urls.
rackbeat/laravel-validate-mysql-integers Validation Rule to ensure a value is within valid Mysql Integer ranges.
rackbeat/php-currency-api Wrapper for multiple currency rate APIs
rackbeat/php-vat-helper Handle simple VAT calculations.
rackbeat/php-xml-to-array Convert XML into arrays
rackem/cgi Run CGI-based applications with Rackem
rackem/dotenv Environment variables in your Rack'em application via .env
rackem/rackem Rack for PHP
rackem/sass Sass middleware for Rackem
racklin/excel-generator simple excel generator for laravel 5
racklin/json-translator Using laravel 5.4 compatible json localization files for laravel 5.1+
racklin/pdf-generator simple pdf generator for laravel 5
racklin/pgschema postgresql schemas for laravel 5
racklin/pkuuids Using a UUID as PrimaryKey for laravel 5.3+
rackr/cloud A common interface for cloud services.
rackspace/php-opencloud PHP SDK for Rackspace/OpenStack APIs
racoon/api Racoon is a basic API framework designed to make it quick and easy to put together a simple PHP API.
racoon/router A basic extension of nikic/fast-route.
racoonsoftware/netgsm Laravel 5.1 Net Gsm Sms service package
raczsimon/nfw Naon lightweight framework
racztiborzoltan/dom-operation-queue DOM Operation Queue
racztiborzoltan/doxygen-php-interface Small and very simple Doxygen interface for PHP