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Name Description
racztiborzoltan/ide-stub-generator PHP stub file generator
racztiborzoltan/phalcon-xslt-view-engine Adapter to use XSLT as templating engine for Phalcon PHP framework
racztiborzoltan/sitebuild-layer Simple SiteBuild Layer
racztiborzoltan/stex Simple Template Xslt
rad-mira-labs/laravel-highcharts This is a package for generating a Highchart JSON config.
rad/rad-framework Rest API Dedicated Framework.
rad/rad-framework-auth Description of project rad-framework-auth.
rad/rad-framework-builder Build classes and controllers skeletons from database.
rad/rad-framework-graphql RAD Framework GraphQL simple support
rad/rad-framework-mail-simplemail Rest API Dedicated Framework.
rad/rad-framework-ml RAD Framework Machine Learning Service.
rad/rad-framework-orm-doctrine Description of project rad-framework-orm-doctrine.
rad/rad-framework-template-smarty Smarty Template Service for RAD Framework.
rad8329/cordillera PHP lightweight framework (MVC)
radar/adr The Action-Domain-Responder core library for Radar.
radar/project An Action-Domain-Responder project skeleton.
radarlog/banks-spyder Banks Spyder is free software to automatically generate bank statements in PDF format from your accounts.
radarlog/yii2-beanstalk Beanstalk component for Yii Framework 2
radban/chart radban chart package
radban/core Radban core package
radban/root Radban root package
radban/telegram Radban telegram controller package
radcanon/radcanon Rapid Application Development Canon
radchasay/comment Anax comment module.
radchasay/remserver Anax remserver module.
raddit/raddit Web-based forum with voting and threaded comments
radebatz/acache Another cache library.
radebatz/ldap-auth-service-provider Silex Ldap authentication service provider.
radebatz/managed-service Generic silex multi config service service provider.
radebatz/object-mapper (Json) Object mapper.
radebatz/phprules PHP Rules is a rule engine that models formal propositional logic.
radebatz/silex-jwt-provider Silex JWT Provider
radebatz/silex2swagger Generate swagger documentation from Silex Annotations
radecon/alias The alias manager for Biurad Framework
radecon/application The Application Manager for Biurad Framework
radecon/cache The Cache manager from various providers for Biurad Framework
radecon/config The configuration loader
radecon/database Database Manager for Biurad Framework
radecon/debugger The Debugger for Biurad framework
radecon/di The Dependency Injection (DI) for Biurad framework
radecon/functions General Functions for Biurad Framework
radecon/http The HTTP and Router package for Biurad framework
radecon/security The security cores for Biurad Framework
radecon/services The Service manager for Biurad Framework
radecon/timetrackr Manage everything related to Date and Time for Biurad Framework
radecon/viewer View template files for Biurad Framework
radekb/propel-modified-value-behavior Propel behavior for Access previous value of field after called setter method
radekdostal/nette-captchacontrol Captcha Control for Nette Framework
radekdostal/nette-datetimepicker DatePicker and DateTimePicker input controls for Nette Framework
radekdostal/nette-imageselectbox ImageSelectBox Input Control for Nette Framework
radekdostal/nette-visualpaginator VisualPaginator Control for Nette Framework
radekdvorak/nette-proxy-service Lazy services for Nette Framework
radekhubner/doctrine-extensions Implementation of DoctrineExtensions into Nette Framework.
radekrepka/module-router Library for routing modules
radekrepka/nette-module-route Library for routing modules
radermacher/nova-current-environment-card A Laravel Nova card to see current environment.
radfuse/yii2-less-asset Yii2 AssetBundle with lessc
radiactive/sypexgeo PHP library Sypex Geo API (
radiactive/timezone-mapper Given a latitude and a longitude of a location, this program will return the timezone string.
radial/magento-automated-invoicing Radial Invoicing Extension
radial/magento-core Radial Core Module
radial/magento-fraud-risk Radial Fraud/Risk Module
radial/magento-payments Radial Payments Extension
radial/magento-payments-creditcard Radial Payments Extension
radial/magento-payments-paypal Radial PayPal Module
radial/magento-tax eBay Enterprise Taxes, Duties, Fees Extension
radial/retail-order-management Software Development Kit for working with the Retail Order Management Web API
radialfunction/unicourt-blog Blog for UniCourt
radiancekfx/toology-migration-bundle Symfony bundle with tools for importing from and exporting to csv files
radiant/radiant A simple PHP-based syntax highlighter
radic/blade-extensions Laravel package providing additional Blade extensions: foreach (with $loop data like twig), break, continue, set,array (multiline), etc
radic/bukkit-console Laravel package providing remote access to a Bukkit server console using JS/PHP/Laravel and the SwiftAPI Bukkit plugin
radic/bukkit-swift-api SwiftApi PHP API wrapped in a laravel package for remote calls to a minecraft bukkit server.
radic/graphql_streams_api-module Effortlessly bind your PyroCMS Streams to the GraphQL API service. A great alternative to the non-free pro api-module addon.
radic/laraval Laravel 5 jQuery Validation. Full client side, full AJAX, hybrid and other modes. Bootstrap and other frameworks supported.
radic/laravel-dev Laravel 5 dev package contains test, benchmark and debug extras
radic/laravel-support Laravel support package
radic/phing-tasks Changelog generator, VendorBinExec, etc
radic/tmp-underscore-php Temporary package until underscore-php updates its dependencies. A redacted port of Underscore.js for PHP
radicaldrew/slim-handlebars Handlebars View Parser package for the Slim Framework based on jayc89/slim-handlebars
radicalel/lucent_client A PHP clientfor
radicalloop/eodhistoricaldata Wrapper for
radicalloop/yahoo-finance-query A PHP class to query the Yahoo Finance API
radiegtya/easyii Easy CMS based on Yii2 Framework - Development package
radiegtya/rapid-api-php API package that make you easier using RAPID CMS REST API using PHP simple classes.
radiergummi/libconfig Configuration object creation for PHP apps
radiergummi/recaptcha-verify Verifies Recaptcha with Google's API
radig/auditable Log all database changes
radig/cake_brazil CakePHP Brazil: Conjunto de funcionalidades e informações úteis para sistemas brasileiros
radig/cakephp-mongodb MongoDB datasource for CakePHP forked from by Yasushi Ichikawa (ichikaway), Andy Dawson (AD7six)
radig/gear-mailer Send email assyncronous with Gearman and Amazon SES
radig/locale CakePHP Locale: allow your users to input localized data (like dates and decimals) while kept consistency at database-level.
radig/menu Menu plugin for CakePHP.
radig/pagseguro Plugin para utilizar o PagSeguro® em conjunto com o CakePHP
radig/pass-validator Easy password validation for CakePHP
radig/ses-transport CakePHP transport for Amazon SES
radig/user-guard CakePHP small behaviors to proctec app from its users
radioactivehamster/json A PHP Helper class for reading and writing JSON files.