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Name Description
radioactivehamster/reflect A PHP reflection helper library.
radioactivehamster/temporal A date & time utility library for PHP.
radioactivehamster/yaml An extended variant of the Symfony PHP YAML library.
radioceros/bitid-bundle BitID authentication bundle
radiocity/route-fs Locate and load file`s content using relative link
radiocity/vk Simple API wrapper
radiofrance/cellulr-engine Engine for CellulR
radiofrance/cellulr-generator Generator for CellulR
radioh/dsbinfo Simple DSB rss feed for Traffic Information PHP wrapper -
radiohost/api-scscript api klient dla
radiohost/openmusic api do
radiorabe/singleuserautologin Plugin that automatically logs in a configurable user.
radiosilence/ham PHP Microframework for use with whatever you like.
radioworkflowinc/nylas-php PHP wrapper for the Nylas API
radishconcepts/gf-field-persistence Composer.json file for Gravity Forms Field Persistence plugin
radist2s/wp-template-controller WordPress package to enable a basic controller. Based on sober/controller.
raditv/ripcord Ripcord Odoo for Laravel 5
radiula/title A simple package for building and displaying page titles.
radium/framework Not a framework.
radius/contact This package is used to store the contact information from user in DB & send it to admin through email.
radix/nonce-oop Wordpress Nonce OOP
radixi0/flarum-ext-sharing A new way of sharing discussions on social networks!
radkod/blog-module A blog module for RadKod CMS.
radkod/cms The RadKod CMS application.
radkod/larasap Laravel social auto posting (Larasap) lets you automatically post all your content to social networks such as Telegram Channel and Twitter.
radkod/namazvakti Laravel Namazvakti Modülü
radkod/radkod-cms-installer RadKod CMS application installer.
radmas/vich-jms-integration Easy integration between VichUploaderBundle and JMSSerializerBundle
radmaster/radmaster-toolkit Radmaster Toolkit - library for rapid php development
radmen/custom-tag-parser Simple parser for custom tags
radmen/fatso Silex fat cousin
radmen/gitfuzz Simple CLI app to make fuzz in git repo Edit
radmen/lassy Lazy static site generator for Laravel4
radnan/rdn-asset Zend Framework 2 simple asset publishing module
radnan/rdn-console Zend Framework 2 Symfony Console module
radnan/rdn-csv Zend Framework 2 module to export and import CSV files
radnan/rdn-database Zend Framework 2 database adapter manager
radnan/rdn-doctrine Zend Framework 2 Doctrine ORM bridge
radnan/rdn-event Zend Framework 2 event listener manager
radnan/rdn-exception Zend Framework 2 module to normalize errors and exceptions
radnan/rdn-factory Zend Framework 2 module to help create factory classes
radnan/rdn-require-js Zend Framework 2 RequireJS module
radnan/rdn-router Zend Framework 2 simple router debug utility
radnan/rdn-trailing-slash Zend Framework 2 module to trim trailing slashes from requests
radnan/rdn-upload Zend Framework 2/3 module to manage file uploads easily and securely
radoslavgeorgiev/acf-code-helper This is a small helper library, whose purpose is to ease your field creation process when using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to register fields via PHP.
radoslavgeorgiev/wordpress-composer-setup An example of how to install WordPress as a Composer dependency
radotch/cakephp-menu-manager MenuManager plugin for CakePHP
radotch/cakephp-upload Upload plugin for CakePHP
radowan/laravel55shoppingcart Laravel Shoppingcart
radowoj/crawla Simple web crawler based on Symfony components and Guzzle
radowoj/invoicer Abstraction layer for invoices
radowoj/searcher Unified search API with drivers for Bing and Google
radowoj/yaah Yet Another Allegro Helper - Allegro WebAPI client with helper to simplify communication
radowoj/yaah-mtg Yaah Auction decorators for Allegro categories related to Magic: The Gathering categories
radphp/admin-bundle Admin bundle to manage all other bundles in one control panel
radphp/app RadPHP application skeleton
radphp/asset-bundle Asset helper bundle
radphp/authentication RadPHP authentication component
radphp/authorization RadPHP authorization component
radphp/cake-orm-bundle CakePHP ORM bundle for RadPHP
radphp/categories-bundle Categories bundle
radphp/composer-installer Installs RadPHP bundles to the "bundles" directory.
radphp/configure RadPHP configure component
radphp/core RadPHP core component
radphp/cryptography RadPHP cryptography component
radphp/database RadPHP database component
radphp/dependency-injection RadPHP dependency-injection component
radphp/error RadPHP error component
radphp/events RadPHP events component
radphp/logging RadPHP logging component
radphp/migrations-bundle RadPHP database migrations bundle
radphp/network RadPHP network component
radphp/o-authentication RadPHP OAuthentication component
radphp/pages-bundle Pages bundle
radphp/radphp RadPHP is an experimental RESTful framework
radphp/radphp-app RadPHP application skeleton
radphp/radphp-demo RadPHP demo application
radphp/routing RadPHP routing component
radphp/stuff All kind of stuff, used in RadPHP bundles
radphp/twig-bundle Twig helper bundle
radphp/users-bundle RadPHP users bundle
radphp/utility RadPHP utility component
radscheit/nitty-gritty-theme A starter theme for Drupal 8 with Bootstrap and Gulp.
radsectors/sqlshim sqlsrv for Linux/OS X
radsectors/urp PHP debugging. I like it. #ymmv.
radsphere/resource-bundle This Bundle provides sample managed api restful resource to be used with RadsRestBundle
radsphere/rest-bundle This Bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API's resources with Symfony2 with minimal code on your controllers using the power full symfony2 form binding and http foundation component
radua/module-sample A sample module that creates a page in the Magento admin area
raducorp/rii2 Yii2 Common Features
raducorp/rii2-app-advanced Yii/Rii 2 Advanced Project Template
raducorp/validatorbundle Symfony generic validator bundle
radutopala/doctrine-orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP
radutopala/google-map Google Map API v3 integration for PHP 5.3+, with InfoBox inside