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Name Description
radutopala/google-map-bundle Provides a google map integration for your Symfony2 Project, together with InfoBox object.
radutopala/mnapoli-php-di PHP-DI is a Container that makes Dependency Injection as practical as possible in PHP
radutopala/php-gitlab-api GitLab API client
radutopala/plivo-php Plivo PHP Helper Library with Composer Support
radutopala/skype-bot-php Skype Bot CLI & Library Client
raduungurean/laravel-parse Parse Is A Parse SDK Bridge For Laravel 5
raduvady/curl-service Lightweight library for cURL communication
radvance/radvance Radvance PHP Framework
radweb/core Radweb Core for Radweb Modules
radweb/json-exception-formatter JSON for your Exceptions
radweb/oauth-token-encoding Alternate Encoding for OAuth 2 Token Responses
radweb/swiftmailer-postmark A Swiftmailer Transport for Postmark.
radweb/tumble for when it all comes tumbling down...
radyakaze/phptelebot Telegram bot framework written in PHP.
radyakaze/telebot TeleBot - Simple PHP Telegram Bot
radzserg/box-content Content API SDK V2.
radzserg/php-box-view PHP wrapper for the Box View API
raeder/craft-http2-server-push-twig This plugin provides a convenient way to utilize Server Push via a twig filter
raegmaen/openid-connect-php OpenID Connect client
raekor/phpxtra A collection of PHP extras
raelgc/template PHP Template
rafa-acioly/d4sign-php D4sign SDK
rafa-wpxmlrpc/rafa-wpxmlrpc Create deep copies (clones) of your objects
rafa0809/stardog-php A Stardog client for PHP
rafaame/php-aws-ses REST-based interface for Amazon Simple Mail Service (SES) written in PHP.
rafaborsari/sari-framework Personal framework
rafael-goncalves/mvc MVC do curso PHPModerno
rafael-goncalves/querybuilder QueryBuilder do curso PHPModerno
rafael-labegalini/flavour-game Flavour Game Application
rafael-labegalini/skeleton-project Skeleton project to use Zend Framework 2. Suport multiples themes and built in user auth e register
rafael-nadal-vs-simone-bolelli/live-french-open-2018-clash-online Simone Bolelli vs Rafael Nadal live stream free: How to watch French Open 2018 clash online
rafael-raupp/business-hours-diff A PHP library to calculate business hours between two dates.
rafael-telega/tresponse test
rafael.paulino/bitly Class for api
rafael.paulino/hotmart Biblioteca de conexao com o hotmart
rafael.paulino/twitter Get data from Twitter
rafael.paulino/update-list-pattern Class to return differences between arrays
rafael.paulino/youtube Get data from YouTube
rafaelbeckel/sirtrevor Sir Trevor JS in Laravel 5 project
rafaelcaviquioli/php-clean-request The purpose of this class is to clear all the input parameters in an HTTP request by avoiding the passage of SQL Injection made by bad intentioned people.
rafaelcg/magento2-quicklink Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
rafaelcg/quicklink-magento2 Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
rafaeldevsquad/preset-vscode Preset that will add all the packages and necessary configuration for ESLint and PHP Fixer to be used in your VSCode
rafaeldms/notification This is a library that user composer as the basis for generating email notification.
rafaeldsb/geocode Integração com api do google para obtenção de dados de geolocalização
rafaeldsb/yii2-boleto-remessa Biblioteca com boletos e sistema de remessa e retorno para o Yii2 Framework
rafaelfragoso/haversini-formula This PHP class can replace the Google Distance Matrix to calculate the distance between two points using latitude and longitude. It will prevent you to do massive requests to Google servers and enhance your service performance.
rafaelglikis/mnist-reader Reader for MNIST dataset
rafaelglikis/sinama Web scraping library
rafaelgou/gitolite-php Classes to admin Gitolite from PHP
rafaelgou/padl PHP Aplication Distribution Licensing
rafaelgou/php-apache2-basic-auth PHP Apache2 Basic Auth
rafaelios/wkhtmltopdf-linux64 Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked linux binary for 64 bit systems.
rafaelios/wkhtmltopdf-win64 Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit). Static linked windows binary for 64 bit systems.
rafaelka/composer-study Installs node.js inside Flows Data/Temporary/Binaries
rafaelka/jasigphpcas Jasigs "Cantral Authentication Service"-Client for TYPO3 Flow and Neos
rafaelmaza/spout PHP Library to read and write spreadsheet files (CSV, XLSX and ODS), in a fast and scalable way
rafaelmorenojs/currencyconver Conversor de monedas
rafaelmorenojs/lunaframework Framework MVC PHP
rafaelmorenojs/shoppingcart Carrito de Compras
rafaelmorenojs/watermark Agrega marca de agua a tus imagines y pdf’s.
rafaelmorenojs/whm Gestionamos los la configuración de WHM y cPanel desde nuestro propio sistema
rafaelnajera/datatable A simple data table interface
rafaelnajera/matcher A regexp-like matcher for bespoke tokens.
rafaelnajera/xmlmatcher Description of project xmlmatcher.
rafaelnery/phputils Pacote com ferramentas 'porretas' para debug e desenvolvimento.
rafaelqm/laravel-datatables jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4|5
rafaelqueiroz/cakephp-cart Cart plugin for CakePHP
rafaelqueiroz/omnipay-mercadopago MercadoPago gateway for OmniPay
rafaelrabaco/yii2-validator Validações de documentos do Brasil e Portugal
rafaelschaffer/magalu-php-skd SDK Magazine Luiza
rafaelstz/deployer-magemojo MageMojo Stratus Deployer Recipe
rafaelstz/deployer-magento2 Magento 2 deployment tool based on
rafaelstz/traducao_magento2_pt_br Tradução para Português do Brasil oficial do Magento 2
rafaelsyprianoribeiro/firebird-doctrine-bundle Firebird Drive for Doctrine
rafaeltovar/php-service-manager Simple, light, minimum service manager and dependency injection for PHP.
rafaelvaloto/yii2-material-design-lite Extension AssetBundle google design material for yii2
rafal/javascriptroutingserviceprovider JavascriptRouting Service Provider provides easy way to access your routes inside Javacript files. It's cool because putting your routes inside js files as static strings sucks.
rafalkanski/rollbar-bundle Symfony2 Bundle for
rafalkorszun/quiz-bundle A Symony 2 bundle for creating and managing quizes.
rafalkot/yii2-settings Simple settings management for Yii Framework 2.0
rafalniewinski/silex-steamauth Steam Community authorizaion provider for Silex with SecurityServiceProvider
rafalsky/home-finance home finance manager
rafalzmuda/bitly-bundle API bundle for symfony2 (forked from rukbat/RukbatBitlyBundle)
rafalzmuda/dev-zone GetResponse API library for PHP by Implix
rafalzmuda/google-api-bundle This bundle provides an integration of the Google Api library
rafalzmuda/google-api-php-client Google API library for PHP
rafalzmuda/implix-api-bundle This bundle provides an integration of the Implix Api library