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Name Description
s_alexander/miultiexception multiexception pattern
s_romko/skeleton Module skeleton for bitrix D7
s-anasol/nova-field-refresh-example A Laravel Nova field.
s-anasol/vk The PHP class for API. With HTTP proxy and captcha recognition via antigate support
s-bhojani/validation Fork of
s-churkin/cform Web Forms lib for test job Guestbook & simple php progects
s-deb/slim-security A PSR-7 compliant security middle
s-dev/cms_lara_5 Builder cms
s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver This library adds a 'sendgrid' mail driver to Laravel.
s-ichikawa/sendgrid-api-builder This library build a sendgrid api.
s-mcdonald/collections Collections for PHP
s-mcdonald/luca-accounts Double Entry Transaction for PHP
s-mcdonald/stringly String wrapper for PHP with multi-byte support
s-nakajima/content-comments ContentComments for NetCommons Plugin
s-nakajima/files Files for NetCommons Plugin
s-nakajima/install Install Plugin for NetCommons3
s-nakajima/mails Mails Plugin for NetCommons
s-nakajima/net-commons NetCommons Plugin
s-nakajima/release-sample NetCommons3
s-nakajima/videos Videos for NetCommons Plugin
s-nakajima/visual-captcha VisualCaptcha for NetCommons Plugin
s-rybak/amazon-mws-s-rybak Library to interface with Amazon MWS
s00d/guzzle-http-request GHR is a simple Guzzle wrapper + multiple request + DomCrawler
s00d/permissions Laravel 5 package for handling user roles and permissions.
s00d/redis-web Redis-web is a simple web interface in Laravel and Vue to manage Redis databases.
s02/yii2-models-gallery Model gallery for Yii 2
s02/yii2-photobank Model photobank for Yii 2
s0llvan/data-validator Validation tool for data.
s12v/phpque Lightweight Disque client
s18606022419/composer this is a study
s1calculate/loan loan calculate
s1dd/magus Import data (with CSV/JSON parsing built-in) into any Laravel Model
s1f3r/symfony-model-loader-bundle This bundle helps to lazy load model classes
s1lentium/craft-recurring-dates This is a plugin for the Craft CMS to add recurring dates functionality
s1lentium/iptools PHP Library for manipulating network addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)
s1lviu/2performant-public-data PHP wrapper for 2Performant API
s1mple/infusionsoft-php-sdk A s1mpler Infusionsoft SDK for PHP with Laravel 4.2 support.
s1nc4p/order wegw.
s1rxploit/laravel-datatable This is a laravel 4 package for the server and client side of datatables at
s1syphos/kirby-device Comprehensive user agent & device detection for Kirby
s1syphos/kirby-highlight Themeable server-side syntax highlighting for Kirby
s1syphos/kirby-pep Supercharging Parsedown with ParsedownExtraPlugin for Kirby
s1syphos/kirby-sri Subresource integrity hashing & cache-busting static assets for Kirby
s1syphos/php-webp Convert JPEG & PNG to WebP with PHP
s1syphos/webp-convert Convert jpeg/png to webp with PHP
s2/rose Search engine for PHP sites
s25/http-client Easy adapter for GuzzleHttp. GET, POST, Cookie, Proxy.
s25/httpclient Wrapper for GuzzleHttpClient
s25/yandex-market-reviews Scrapping TOP10 Yandex Market Reviews
s2b3k/backend Backend package with basic functionality for Laravel apps.
s2way/pay_component Component for integration with the Pay Gateway
s305611672/githubtest some descript
s37dap42x/yandex-rich-content-api Client fo Yandex Rich Content API
s3b4stian/http-message Common interface for HTTP messages with strict typing
s3b4stian/linna-framework Linna Framework
s3b4stian/simple-cache Common interfaces for simple caching with strict typing
s3cc0/restful-api-test-engine This is a simple API Test-Engine. With simple JSON files you can run tests for all your RESTful API's.
s3e24/watch-online-lucifer-season-3-episode-24-full-online Watch (Online) Lucifer Season 3 Episode 24 Full Online
s3nt1nel/shared-persistence-components Set of interfaces, classes and traits to reuse in common cases
s3rgiosan/cmb2-plus Common utility classes for the CMB2 plugin on WordPress.
s3rgiosan/fm-plus Common utility classes for the Fieldmanager plugin on WordPress.
s3rgiosan/ifthenpay IfthenPay PHP helper classes.
s3rgiosan/shortcodes-for-woocommerce Useful shortcodes for WooCommerce.
s3rgiosan/usendit-api-php PHP uSendit API Wrapper
s3rgiosan/wpcustomize-api-plus WordPress Theme Customize Custom Controls.
s3rgiosan/wpjaco Easy integration of Jaco into your WordPress website.
s3rgiosan/wpnetscope Easy integration of netScope into your WordPress website.
s3rgiosan/wpsmartlook Easy integration of Smartlook into your WordPress website.
s3rgiosan/wpzeerat Easy integration of Zeerat into your WordPress website.
s4studio/expert-sender-api Simple API for expert sender service
s4studio/yii2-ckeditor-widget CKEditor widget for Yii2.
s4studio/yii2-wschat Private chat based on web sockets and ratchet php (Yii2)
s4urp8n/kohana-admin kohana admin site template
s4wny/cloud-royale-api Unoffical API for Cloud Royale
s4y/admin Admin base classes
s4y/assets Small asset manager for PHP
s4y/form PHP Dynamic Form Widget
s4y/grid PHP Data Grid Widget with using Zend Db v1
s4y/log PHP Data Log template class
s4y/paycom-integration-php Set of classes to easy integration with Paycom (Payme) payment system
s4y/twbshelper Twitter Bootstrap Helper for PHP
s5/pager Paginator
s6t/hello-world just test
s7design/file-upload-virus-validation Makes virus check validation for uploaded files
s7e9/watch-hd-love-hip-hop-atlanta-season-7-episode-9-online-full-free Watch [HD] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 7 Episode 9 Online Full Free
s94/debug Laravel 5 wrapper for the Debug API.
s9e/bencode Bencode decoder/encoder
s9e/flarum-ext-autovideo Automatically turn video links into playable videos.
s9e/flarum-ext-fancypants Provides enhanced typography.
s9e/flarum-ext-mediaembed Embed third-party content in your Flarum.