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Name Description
u_mulder/bxtools Tools to simplify bitrix dev
u-alberta/ist-coding-standard The coding standard for IST.
u-alberta/uoda-client A PHP client to interface with the UAlberta Open Data API (UODA)
u-developpement/repository Laravel Repositories
u-paid/laravel_jwt_auth JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel 4 and 5
u-saber/mk A short description of what your package does
u01jmg3/ics-parser ICS Parser
u0mo5/phpspider The PHPSpider Framework.
u0mo5/phpspy The PHPSpider Framework.
u0mo5/tools tools
u2d/upload-bundle Bundle permettant de gérer l'Upload de fichiers simplement grâce aux annotations
u2u-packages/delivery-manager Onfleet delivery manager
u3rajee/excel An eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV in Laravel 4 with the power of PHPExcel
u9sn/pdoclient Pdo-helper
u9sn/pdolib Logging for PHP 5.3
ua_drupal/ua_bootstrap University of Arizona's official sub-theme for Bootstrap.
ua_drupal/ua_cas Pre-configures the contrib Drupal CAS module to work with the University of Arizona's WebAuth central authentication service.
ua_drupal/ua_quickstart Install Drupal with the UA QuickStart install profile.
ua_drupal/ua_quickstart_builder Project template for Drupal 8 sites built with the UA QuickStart distribution.
ua-parser/uap-php A multi-language port of Browserscope's user agent parser.
ua1-labs/firebug An expandable PHP debugger panel.
ua1-labs/firedb A Simple NoSQL Database Written In PHP
ua1-labs/firesql Set your SQL database on fire by making it into a NoSQL database.
ua1-labs/firestudio An application framework.
ua1-labs/firetest A Lightweight PHP Testing Framework
ua1-labs/ulfberht Ulfberht is a powerful and light weight service based PHP Dependency Injection management tool.
ua1-labs/ulfberht-application The application framework for an Ulfberht Shell Application.
uabassguy/brandastic-newsletter-coupon N/A
uabookstores/laravel-preset The University of Arizona BookStores' Laravel Frontend Preset
uabookstores/laravel-shibboleth Enable basic Shibboleth support for Laravel 5.x
uafrica/commonmark-ext Extended parsers and renderers for The PHP League CommonMark parser
uafrica/delayed-jobs A CakePHP Plugin to manage and process background jobs with priority and retries
uafrica/kit-kat Got a KitKat?
uafrica/oauth-server OAuth Server for CakePHP 3 using the PHP League's OAuth2 Server
uaktags/ngcsv1 1and1 NGCS API v1 PHP 5.4+ library
ualberta-iapps/simplesamlphp-module-kerberos Kerberos authentication module for SimpleSAMLphp
uam/amazon-search-bundle Amazon search page as a Symfony 2.x bundle
uam/autotabs-bundle Symfony 2 bundle to include the jquery autotabs plugin
uam/aws-bundle Symfony bundle to provide a wrapper service around AWS S3
uam/aws-ecs-bundle Amazon Product Advertising API Bundle
uam/aws-ecs-client PHP client library for the AWS ECommerce Service (Amazon Product Advertising API)
uam/cookie-consent-bundle Add a banner allowing the user to consent to your symfony app's cookie policy
uam/datatables-bundle Datatables jquery plugin packaged as a Symfony bundle
uam/html5-bundle Html5 layout as a Symfony bundle
uam/postmark-swiftmailer-bundle Symfony bundle to provide a Postmark SwiftMailer service
uam/propel-addressable-behavior A Propel behavior that adds address-related fields to a table.
uam/propel-s3object-behavior A Propel behavior that allows objects to save a file to AWS S3.
uam/symfony-propel-skeleton Symfony Standard Edition with Propel ORM
uam/tcpdfx Extension of TCPDF library and FPDI library with added convenience methods.
uam/twig-i18n-extension Twig i18n extension
uamext/yii2-widgets Widget suite for yii2
uapixart/laravel-turbosms Turbosms package for Laravel
uapixart/laravel-wayforpay Wayforpay package for Laravel
uarmadik/time-test A package to test packagist
uasier/img-upload 基于百度识图的图床工具
uatthaphon/laravel-activity-monitor The activity logged to monitor your website
uatthaphon/laravel-thai-address Thai provincial database with latitude and longitude.
uavn/dictator The best PHP 5.3 Admin Generator in the galaxy
uax/gps GPS Convert
uax/mns AliYun MNS SDK.
ubatgroup/graylog A package to send logs to graylog
ubbs/hack-lib-filter Generic filter library
ubbs/hack-lib-net Networking library
ubbs/hack-lib-validator Generic validator library
ubbs/php-lib-filter Generic filter library
ubbs/php-lib-net Networking library
ubbs/php-lib-validator Generic validator library
ubc-web-services/clf A Drupal 8 UBC CLF 7.0.4 Child theme for Galactus
ubc-web-services/galactus A Drupal 8 UBC CLF 7.0.4 theme
ubc-web-services/ubc_ckeditor_widgets A Drupal 8 module to add some common widgets to CKeditor
ubc-web-services/ubc_d8_config_modules Custom UBC Drupal8 Modules
ubc/ctlt-coding-standard CTLT PHP CodeSniffer Coding Standard
ubc/examdb Exam Database
ubc/ltcommons UBC LT Commons
ubc/ltcommons-bundle LtCommons bundle for Symfony 2
ubc/sisapi UBC SIS API Services
ubc/sisapi-bundle SIS API library bundle for Symfony 2
ubc/ubc-test Test
ubccr/log PEAR Logging Framework
ubccr/ralph A simple SPARQL client built on top of Guzzle.
ubccr/simplesamlphp-module-authglobus Globus Auth module for SimpleSAMLphp.
ubcent/gump A fast, extensible & stand-alone PHP input validation class that allows you to validate any data
ubeeqo/laravel-scout-settings Import/Export Algolia settings into your Laravel Scout project
ubeeqo/laravel-sift A Laravel 5 package for Sift Science
uber/package this is testing package
uberboom/oauth2-basecamp Basecamp Provider for the OAuth 2.0 Client
uberboom/pdfforms-filler A PHP class using the Java Command Line PDF Forms Filler for filling in PDF forms.
ubergallery/framework UberGallery main framework components
uberlights/zoho-subscriptions PHP Client Library to Consume Zoho Subscriptions REST API
ubermanu/flamingo Task runner for data processing with PHP + YAML
ubermanu/migraine Task runner oriented on data migration.
ubermuda/maple Simple property mapper for PHP 5.4
uberproxy/php-client UberProxy PHP client
ubertheme/module-ubdatamigration N/A