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Name Description
v_sestrenskyi/itua_dmbuilder Модуль конструктора модулей на D7
v-bartusevicius/levenshtein-array-sort Sorts haystack with strings by Levenshtein distance to needle
v-bucks-codes/v-bucks-codes-2018 Unlimited v bucks codes that gives free v bucks. All of these codes are valid and you can redeem them at fortnite
v-bucks-generator-2018/fortnite-free-v-bucks-generator New Fortnite Free V-Bucks Generator 2018,If you are searching for Fortnite Free V-Bucks you just got lucky we are giving away Free V-Bucks today So Hurry up and get your No Survey Fortnite V-Bucks 100% Working FREE GENERATOR TOOL 2018
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v-cult/phalcon Manage Phalcon's projects using MYSQL. Cli commands to easily create controllers, actions, tasks, javascript and less files with some librairies managed with bower. Project template with google connect and websocket. Internal libraries management with Ful
v-cult/phalcon-cms Phalcon CMS
v-dem/queasy-helper Helper functions, part of Queasy PHP Framework
v-grabko/go-rpc-php-client Библиотека позволяет из под php общатся с Golang.
v-kieft/svg-template-engine A simple SVG templating engine for php
v-knyazev/datagrid-bundle FORK! Fix for symfony 2.3. This bundle provides easy creating of jqGrid datagrids
v-knyazev/excelbundle This is a Symfony2 Bundle helps you to read and write Excel files (including pdf, xlsx, odt), thanks to the PHPExcel library
v-knyazev/form-bundle FORK! Fix for symfony 2.3. This bundle provides extra form types empowered by jQuery
v-knyazev/phpexcel PHPExcel - OpenXML - Read, Create and Write Spreadsheet documents in PHP - Spreadsheet engine
v-matsuk/time-overlap-calculator Time overlap calculator
v-reap/entity-attribute-value-model Entity–attribute–value model (EAV) for laravel
v-reap/laravalue-admin laravalue-admin is a admin panel for customizable teamwork managment system.
v-reap/laravel-admin laravel admin
v-six/silex-raven A Silex Service Provider for Raven
v-technologies/simpl-es ElasticSearch PHP API. Simpler. Really.
v-technologies/transformist File conversion library
v.chetkov/cloud-payments Library for work with CloudPayments API
v.chetkov/vcs-statistics-counter Счетчик статистик VCS
v.erofeev/brackets-lib checks bracekts
v.ilinyh/reformagkh-parser website parser
v/12.brain-games Project 1 (hexlet)
v/13.gendiff Project 2 (hexlet)
v0lume/yii2-gallery-manager Port of 'zxbodya/yii-gallery-manager'. Extension for yii2, that allows to manage image galleries.
v0lume/yii2-meta-tags DB based model meta data for SEO
v0lume/yii2-rbac Database role base access control manager for yii2
v108b/nette-acl Nette permission extension
v108b/nette-bsforms Templates for Nette Forms using Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework
v108b/nette-crud Component factory to help making crud
v108b/nette-modal Component for modal windows
v108b/nette-sandbox Nette application template for rapid development
v17development/flarum-seo Adds SEO tags for your Flarum forum
v18/summa-debug This is package to display pretty error pages.
v1rus_falcon/telegram This is a library for creating telegram bots based on the same telegram APIs
v1shky/fancyit A package to generate fancy string from normal string
v2e4lisp/cecho echo color string to terminal
v2e4lisp/preview mocha.js like bdd test framework
v2ray/v2ray The v2ray Utils bundle
v3kwip/ppp PHP Pullers & Pushers
v3labs/doctrine-extensions A set of minimalistic Doctrine 2 ORM extensions.
v3labs/math Math library for php 5.4+
v3labs/payubiz PayUbiz library for PHP
v3project/aff Base app module v3project for skeeks cms
v3project/aff-core-app Base app module v3project for skeeks cms
v3project/api V3Project API
v3project/app-v3-shop Магазин V3Project на базе SkeekS CMS
v3project/core-app Base app module v3project for skeeks cms
v3project/yii2-helpers V3Project Yii2 Helpers
v3project/yii2-hiccup V3Project Yii2 Hiccup
v3toys/skeeks Module for skeeks cms
v3toys/yii2-api V3toys yii2 api
v3toys/yii2-v3project-api V3toys yii2 api
v3u3i87/tool php Personal toolkit
v3u3i87/upadd Upadd is a small PHP MVC framework, and realize more light more driving model operation
v4savedra/fimose UCria e elimina fimoses
v5/demo a test composer product
v5dj/igetui 个推官方SDK.
v8-ict/laravel-smart-cache Allows to capture the entire response with a middleware, and while caching it observer the checksum of the database tables used to create the response, if any related table has a modified checksum, it refreshes the response. This makes it serve live data
v8-ict/utils Common used utils like helpers, string and array functions, that are used for V8 ICT Projects.
v8ch/combine Team organization API
v8ch/combine-core Team organization API
v8ch/combine-event The Combine Event package
v8ch/combine-extras Team organization API
v8ch/combine-member The Combine Member package
v8ch/combine-shared The Combine Shared package
v8ch/eloquent-model-traits Utility traits for use in Laravel Eloquent ORM models
v8ch/harvest Event module for the Combine team-organization framework
v8ch/laravel-auth-api API implemention of Laravel's built-in authentication architecture
v8ch/laravel-teamwork-api Project-focused team organization
va-fursenko/socialite-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
vaadah/laravel-datatables jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4|5
vaado/de_seb SEB Banklink PrestaShop module
vaail/nocaptcha No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA For Laravel.
vaalyn/authentication-service An authentication service for the Slim Framework 3 using the Eloquent ORM
vaalyn/authorization-service An authorization service for the Slim Framework 3 using the Eloquent ORM
vaalyn/azuracast-api-client An API client library for the AzuraCast API
vaalyn/config-loader-service A config loader service for the Slim Framework 3