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Name Description
wa7eedem/smsgate an sms gate to send messages form a provider like and
waahhhh/minecraft-query use minecraft queries in php
waaltcom/whatools-php PHP lib for integrating Whatools into your app easily.
waarneembemiddeling/bigregister-bundle Symfony2 bundle intergrating the Dutch BIG-Register SOAP client
waarneembemiddeling/bigregister-soap php 5.6+ implementation of the Dutch BIG Register SOAP interface
waavi/laravel-scout-mysql-driver MySQL driver for Laravel Scout.
waavi/laravel-value-objects Value Objects for Laravel 5.1
waavi/mailman Easier email sending for Laravel 5 with CSS inlining.
waavi/model Eloquent models with auto validation on save and update.
waavi/recaptcha Google Recaptcha for Laravel 5
waavi/responsecache Response cache for Laravel 5.1
waavi/sanitizer Data sanitizer and Laravel 5 form requests with input sanitation.
waavi/save-url Laravel 5 package to redirect users to the last visited page on login.
waavi/tagging Tags for Laravel 5 Eloquent models.
waavi/translation A Translation package for Laravel 5 with database and cache support
waavi/url-shortener Url Shortener for Laravel 5 with support for Google and Bitly drivers.
wabel/certain-api-wrapper PHP Wrapper to use certain API v2.0 and integrate Events with Your Other Business Applications
wabel/threads-io-php-plug Plug to your PHP application and start collecting events data from your users.
wabel/zoho-crm-client-wrapper A Wrapper for the zcrm-php-sdk based on wabel/zoho-crm-orm v1. It's a package for manipulating of data from your Zoho CRM Account through the API v2.
wabel/zoho-crm-copy-db This package contains code to help you copy ZohoCRM records directly into your database.
wabel/zoho-crm-orm An ORM like package used to manipulate data from your Zoho CRM Account through the API.
wabel/zoho-crm-sync This package contains code to help you synchronize ZohoCRM records with your database.
wablas/wablas-client-php (Unoficial) Wablas Client PHP
wabsa/sample_timezones Demo-package to show time
wac/ma-librairie Description
wackymole/symfony-starter Project description
wackystudio/flatblog-engine Static site/blog generator
wadam/casperjsphp PHP wrapper for CasperJS
waddah-mor/sms Simple wrapper for SMS Server Tools
wadday/openweather OpenWeatherMap api tweak for Laravel
waddlingco/streamperk-bundle StreamPerk Bundle: Provides the functionality of StreamPerk
wade/converter Converts figures to words and words to figures
wadehuang1993/auto-correct-chinese-typesetting a tool for auto-correct chinese typesetting.
wadeshuler/my-sendy-api PHP Wrapper for the Sendy API.
wadeshuler/php-paypal-ipn Forked, Fixed, and Updated on 2-3-2015. A class to listen for and handle Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) from the PayPal server.
wadeshuler/sendy-api-app Examples for My Sendy API.
wadeshuler/yii2-ckeditor-cdn My restriction free version of a CKEditor CDN extension for Yii2
wadeshuler/yii2-jwplayer JWPlayer extension widget for the Yii2 Framework
wadeshuler/yii2-members-system Member System based on the Yii2 framework
wadeshuler/yii2-sendgrid Yii2 Mailer extension for SendGrid with batch mailing support. This extension is designed to replace them all! The only Yii2 SendGrid extension you will need!
wadeshuler/yii2-sliderrevolution Yii2 Slider Revolution jQuery Wrapper Extension
wadeshuler/yii2-sms This is the base library for providing SMS support in your Yii2 application. You can make your own plugins for SMS providers off this base package. It is not to be directly used.
wadeshuler/yii2-sms-twilio A Twilio SMS plugin for Yii2 based off my base package, Yii2 SMS, to make sending SMS messages as easy as emails!
wadeshuler/yii2-subscriber Yii2 subscriber module for sms and email campaigns using queues.
wadeyu/laravelvalidator a simple laravel validator extends
wadify/store-key-client-php Provides a client for store key databases (like DynamoDB, redis, etc..)
wadify/wadify-sdk-php Wadify SDK for PHP - Use Wadify Web Services in your PHP project
wadmiraal/wind Lightweight, PSR compliant log server for fast and efficient logging. Wind exposes a REST server, but does not provide any logging functionality as is.
wadodev/teamwork-desk PHP wrapper for the Teamwork Desk API
wadova/wadova The community framework for wadova boards
wadvice/jad-log JadLog SDK
wafflestack/wafflestack WordPress with an better ecosystem
wafflestealer654/computer-repair-website Designed for the computer repair class in my school.
wafflestealer654/intl-substitute A PHP Library those who don't have PHP's intl extension.
wafflesystems/dal A database abstraction library for PHP.
wafflesystems/gpio PHP Library for accessing GPIO hardware.
wafflesystems/io PHP Library for abstracting and implementing commonly used IO code.
wafflesystems/model A PHP implementation of the MVC model layer.
wafflesystems/sessions PHP Library to create a new way to handles sessions.
wafto/laravel-sepomex Servicio Postal Mexicano (Sepomex) laravel library
wagento/module-subscription This Module is for purchase products as subscription compitable with Braintree Payment Method.
wagento/zendesk Zendesk Connector
wagner-goncalves/srcidadao-coletor-senado Biblioteca para Download de XMLs dos Serviços de Dados Abertos do Senado Federal e Processamento dos XMLs para um banco de Dados MySQL.
wagnerpinheiro/sf-php-unit2plugin Unofficial git copy of symfony plugin sfPHPUnit2Plugin
wagnpeng/test 测试包
wagter/kluisje-client A PHP client for the jrswgtr/download-vault API
wahid/middleware This package helps you to check the user is a registered user or guest user
wahyuandi840/csvreader Library Sederhana Untuk Membaca File CSV ke format Array
wahyuandi840/filemanager Library Sederhana Untuk Membaca Dan Menulis File Dengan PHP
wahyuandi840/myrajaongkir Raja Ongkir API PHP Untuk Akun Starter Dan Akun Pro
wahyuandi840/random Library Sederhana Untuk Membuat String Acak
wahyugnc/yii2-pdfjs This extension is a rewrite of extension owned Lucky Vic written in Yii 1
wahyupujiono/rajaongkir-laravel Raja Ongkir API Laravel 5
wai/emails Email Templates for Laravel 5.5+
waibelp/yamlizer Yamlizer is an PHP object serializer built with an eye on simplicity and performance.
waigeo/jsloggerbundle Symfony WaigeoJSLoggerBundle
waigeo/taskmanagerbundle Symfony WaigeoTaskManagerBundle
wailovet/vphp 小工具
waimao/alibaba-api Api for Alibaba
waimao/aliexapi Api for Aliexpress
waimao/amazon-mws-self Use Amazon's MWS web services with Laravel 5.x. Based on creacoon/amazon-mws-laravel package and modified to make it compatible with latest Laravel releases (+ bugfixes).
waimao/dhgateapi Api for Dhgatecom
waimao/trafficbot-api Api for Trafficbot
waipy/work-wechat company wechat
waiterphp/admin waiterphp后台类库
waiterphp/app waiterphp应用开发框架
waiterphp/app-core waiterphp的应用核心类库
waiterphp/builder waiterphp builder
waiterphp/core waiterphp的核心类库
waiterphp/drives-view-smarty this is app sample app