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Name Description
waiterphp/installer waiter installer
waiterphp/service-user this is app sample app
waitlee/ding-tools ding ding tools for laravel 5.3
waitman/postcheck Check POST with CSRF
waitman/x2engine-client x2engine Client
waitmoonman/db this is a database operation class, query the constructor!
waitmoonman/easy-extends 一个简单快速安装PHP扩展的程序
waitmoonman/gps 一个快速开发的框架
waitmoonman/qrcodeplus 可以生成四色, 九色, 十六色, 背景图二维码, 彩色二维码!
waitmoonman/route this is a route!
waiyanhein/html-anchor-replacer Lightweight library to crawl all the urls or links in a paragraph and replace with html anchor tags. Crawling is perfect.
wajatimur/odbc-driver ODBC Driver for Laravel
wajidakhterabbasi/swoole Implements swoole php extension in symfony projects
wajih/ci CodeIgniter Core
wajihweriemi/php-utils A Collection of useful php helpers functions.
wajihweriemi/standalone-bundle Symfony 3.4.* Standalone Bundle
wajishah/vali-admin The Material Admin Panel.
wajox/eventmapper Eventmapper connector library
wajox/onecjson json abstraction for 1c json odata
wajox/phpmyconsole MySQL web-console php-script
wajox/symbitcore bitrix wrapper core
wajox/y2modcms cms module for yii2-base
wajox/yii2base Yii2 Base Application
wajox/yii2widgets Widgets for Yii2 framework
wakasann/laravel-admin laravel admin
wakasann/laravel-validation Laravel Validation Service Fork from prettus/laravel-validation
wakasann/yii2-audit Yii2 Audit records and displays web/cli requests, database changes, php/js errors and associated data.
wakasann/yii2-chartjs-widget ChartJs widget for Yii2.
wakasann/yii2-dialog An asset bundle for bootstrap3-dialog for Yii 2.0 framework.
wakatta/intercom-php Intercom API client built on top of Guzzle 3.7
wake/pager A lightweight PHP paginator.
wake/php-array-kit Simple functions help using array in php
wake/shadow A Lumen framework extends.
wake/shine A starter project with Lumen core and Silex development style.
wake/silex-file-loader An easier way to load php files in Silex 2.
wake/silex-mobiledetect-provider Silex 2 service provider (and trait) for awesome MobileDetect library.
wake/silex-subrequest-helper Provide subrequest helper functions and traits for Silex.
wake/silex-twig-assetic-integration-provider An integration library of Twig and Assetic works for Silex.
wake/silex-twig-helper Provide a better way to use Twig for Silex. This is base on Silex/Application/TwigTrait.php by Fabien Potencier and add some helpful functions.
wakeapp/enumer Provides possibility for enum
wakeapp/enumer-bundle Provides possibility for enum component
wakecent/apiclient Client library for Google APIs
wakecent/apiclient-services-wakecent Client library for Google APIs
waken/composer2 first test composer pkg
waken/composer3 first test composer pkg
wakeonweb/behat-contexts Provide some behat contexts
wakeonweb/errors-extra-library Wakeonweb errors extra library
wakeonweb/event-bus-publisher WakeOnWeb EventBus publisher
wakeonweb/gelf-extra-logger-bundle WakeOnWeb Gelf extra logger
wakeonweb/kong-oauth2-firewall-bundle Kong OAuth2 Firewall Bundle
wakeonweb/kong-oauth2-server-bundle Kong OAuth2 Server Bundle
wakeonweb/message-bus-publisher WakeOnWeb MessageBus publisher
wakeonweb/message-bus-receiver WakeOnWeb MessageBus receiver
wakeonweb/salesforce-bundle WakeOnWeb Salesforce bundle
wakeonweb/salesforce-client WakeOnWeb Salesforce client
wakers/cms-base-module Base module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-category-module Category module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-lang-module Lang module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-onpage-module OnPage module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-page-module Page module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-sandbox Sandbox for Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-structure-module Structure module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/cms-user-module User module of Wakers CMS 5
wakers/nette-propel2 Propel 2 ORM integration for Nette 2.4 with Tracy debugger panel
wakerscz/cms-base-module Base module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-category-module Category module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-lang-module Lang module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-onpage-module OnPage module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-page-module Page module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-sandbox Sandbox for Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-structure-module Structure module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/cms-user-module User module of Wakers CMS 5
wakerscz/nette-propel2 Propel 2 ORM integration for Nette 2.4 with Tracy debugger panel
wakumaku/ip2c Small and simple library to resolve the country where an Ip comes from.
wakumaku/php-tika-server tika server binary
wakup/monge-php-api PHP interface for Monge web services
walczakmac/staffim-rollbar-bundle Bundle for Symfony2 that reports errors to Rollbar
waldemar/superupload cakephp media upload plugin
waldemarnt/media Multi upload plugin
waldemarnt/pdfparser Pdf parser library. Can read and extract information from pdf file.
waldemarnt/user-agent-bundle bundle to handle header user-agent versions
waldhart-software/dummy Waldhart Shop dummy to claim vendor name
waldhartsoftware/dummy Waldhart Shop dummy to claim vendor name
waldiirawan/apisteroid API Library
waldo/datatable-bundle Symfony2 Ajax Datagrid Bundle for doctrine2 entities
waldson/omnipay-erede E.rede driver for the Omnipay payment processing library
waldson/omnipay-rede-rest-api Rede driver for the Omnipay payment processing library
waldson/twig-module-for-kohana TWIG module for Kohana 3.3 to use twig templates as Kohana views seamlessly
waldz/php-multios-daemon Create long-running jobs, daemons, self recovering processes for any OS environment
waleedahmad/pinterest-laravel PHP Wrapper for the official Pinterest API
waleedzahid106a/doc-reader Just a Simple Annotation Parser in PHP
walf443/test_tap php port of perl's Test::More
wali/versioncheck version check for wali
walisph/assets Assets Module for Walis Applications
walisph/dashboard Dashboard Module for Walis Apps
walisph/kernel Kernel of Walis Apps