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Name Description
walisph/map Basic Google Map for Walis Apps
walisph/merchant A Merchant library for Walis Applications
walisph/news A News library for Walis Apps
walisph/skeleton The WalisPH Skeleton Application
walisph/walis-template-buyandsell Buy and Sell Walis Apps template
walk-code/common-toolkit Common Toolkit
walkboy/yii2-filterform Yii2 form style filter
walkboy/yii2-indeterminate-checkbox-list Yii2 multi-level checkbox list
walkboy/yii2-success-counter Simple counter for landing pages
walkboy/yii2-tabselect Yii2 tab styled select input
walker-development/ldap-auth Basic readonly authentication via LDAP for Laravel 5.5+
walker-development/zoho-oauth-sdk Zoho CRM API SDK for Laravel
walker/incutio-php-http-client HttpClient is a client class for the HTTP protocol.
walkeralencar/ci-php-analyzer Advanced Static Analysis of and Auto-Fixer for PHP Code
walkeralencar/ci-php-parser A PHP parser written in PHP
walkeralencar/spark Laravel Spark provides a starter scaffolding for Laravel SaaS applications.
walkeralencar/spark-auditing App demo to package laravel-auditing.
walkeralencar/spark-installer Quick installer for Laravel Spark.
walkeralencar/sparks Laravel Spark provides a starter scaffolding for Laravel SaaS applications.
walking-dead-road-to-survival-cheats/walking-dead-road-to-survival-hack Walking Dead Road To Survival Hack Tool available for Browser, Android and IOS, it will allow you to Get unlimited Gold, easy to use and without downloading.
walking-war-robots-hack-gold/free-walking-war-robots-cheats-2018 *New* Walking War Robots Hack 2018: (Android - iOS) Cheats Get 999999 and more Free Gold and Silver (No Survey), The latest Free Gold and Silver Walking War Robots Generator is available for both Android + iOS devices, 100% Working and Fast Delivery (Upda
walking-war-robots-hack-unlimited-gold-cheats-2018/hack-walking-war-robots Walking War Robots Hack Cheat Gold Generator available for Browser, Android and IOS, it will allow you to Get unlimited Gold, easy to use and without downloading.Our Walking War Robots hack cheat can be applied on all kinds of Android and iOS smartphone.
walkor/workerman An asynchronous event driven PHP framework for easily building fast, scalable network applications.
walkskyer/util php tools kit
walksoft16/roles :description
walksoft16/users :description
walksoftsas/mongodb A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
wall2flower/yaf-library yaf-library
wallabag/php-mobi An experimental Mobipocket file creator in PHP.
wallabag/tcpdf Keeping a working 6.2.x TCPDF version.
wallabag/wallabag open source self hostable read-it-later web application
wallabies/image-focus Image Focus is an image crop plugin where you can crop your images by focal point.
wallace/laravel-multiple-creator Create multiple rows using model::create() in Laravel.
wallacemaxters/facebook implementation of facebook PersistentData for libraries that do not use native session of php
wallacemaxters/facebook-sdk-laravel Solution to use the facebook api with Laravel 4 session, instead of the php native session
wallacemaxters/ipinfo PHP Library of
wallacemaxters/laravel3 A package for resolution limitations of Eloquent of Laravel3
wallacemaxters/timer Timer is a library for work with times, specially greather than 24 hours
wallaceosmar/carion-framework A basic singleton registry manager.
wallacesilva/nfemail-sdk NFeMail Sdk para facil integração com a API do - NÃO OFICIAL
wallacesilva/phpjsonlite A simple, self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, json document store for PHP
walle89/swedbank-json Unofficial API client for the Swedbank's and Sparbanken's mobile apps in Sweden.
wallee/magento-2 wallee integration for Magento 2
wallee/magento-2-2 wallee integration for Magento 2.2
wallee/magento-2-3 wallee integration for Magento 2.3
wallee/oxid-6.0 WLE Wallee Module
wallee/sdk wallee SDK for PHP
wallee/shopware wallee integration for Shopware
wallend/newman-php-coverager Library for newman tests phpcode coverage
wallesoft/easy esay php framework
wallesoft/easy-api-docs create api doc
wallesoft/wechat esay wechat framework
walletmix/smsgateway Sms Gateway
wallhd/php-imap Object-oriented IMAP for PHP
wallmanderco/elasticsearch-indexer Elasticsearch indexer for WordPress and WooCommerce
wallrio/directly micro-framework to provider web pages quickly
wallrio/instafeed captures instagram user posts
wallrio/methoddb ORM using method
wallrio/onservice Interface for creating servers and services
wallrio/suite framework for development web
wallsfantasy/event-store-laravel-package A package for using the event store in a Laravel project
wallsfantasy/service-bus-laravel-package A package for leveraging the Prooph Service Bus in a Laravel project
wallstreetcn/ucloud-php-sdk description_text
wallstreetio/laravel-ontraport A Laravel package to easily integrate the Ontraport API.
wallstreetio/ontraport A PHP package to easily integrate the Ontraport API.
walmsles/event-dispatch De-coupled event subscribe/dispatch class
walmsles/silverstripe-event-dispatch Integrate walmsles/event-dispatch into Silverstripe
walrider/readability Package calculating how difficult a writing sample is to read
walter/module-slider magento2 slider module
walter74/yii2-back2top A simple widget button to use to go back to the top of the page
walter74/yii2-yiipress Module Yii2 for content management system Yii App
walterdolce/behat-seleniumserverextension A behat extension for people who forget to download & start the selenium server
walteribeiro/angular-preset Laravel 5.5.x Front-end preset for Angular 4
walterra/j4p5-bundle JavaScript for PHP5 - 'fork' from
waltertamboer/communicator A PHP library that helps communicating by broadcasting your messages to one or multiple channels.
waltertamboer/doctrine-criteria-serializer A small PHP library that can be used to serialize a Doctrine Criteria object.
waltertamboer/pharcompiler A PHAR compiler for PHP.
waltertamboer/sabredav-module A Zend Framework 2 module to work with SabreDav while respecting ZF2's application flow.
waltertamboer/wtrating A Zend Framework 2 module that provides functionality to rate or like something.
walterwhites/appium-module Appium module for codeception
walterwhites/php-client-codeception PHP client for Selenium 3.0/Appium 1.0
walthere/ueditor-for-laravel UEditor.js for laravel5
waltherfbg/dynamo-session AWS-DynamoDB Session Handler
waltoncon/readyup Adds some useful things to your Laravel project to get started quicker
waltye/blog Yii 2 Basic Application Template
waltz/band Waltz.Band is core libraries for Waltz framework
waltz/score Waltz configurating framework for Waltz framework
waltz/stagehand Waltz utility package
walusiacisko/debugger-bar-minimizer Minimize function for Nette Debbuger Bar
walva/payment-ogone-bundle Payment Bundle providing access to Ogone gateway
wam/assetbundle Asset management for Symfony 2
wamania/container Simple PHP container