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Name Description
x-bird/smarty 改自latrell/smarty,增加配置项,让其支持fis smarty插件的配置项.
x-class/l5-swagger-bootstrap-ui Swagger UI to Laravel 5
x-class/omnipay-99bill 快钱支付SDK
x-cms/media media module for x-cms
x-com/websolveleadsupportsystemclient Client for sending leads to Websolves Lead Support System
x-feng/taobao-skd taobao open api
x-feng/xiecheng php
x-fig/monolog Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
x-fran/g-trends Google Trends API for PHP
x-fran/tar-users A generic user registration and authentication module for ZF3.
x-nicon/simple-php-cache Simple PHP cache
x-o-r/walker Easily and securely retrieve some values in datas
x-team/wp-cli-ssh Invoke WP-CLI on another server via SSH from local machine
x-tof/doctorsender-webservice Api to controll doctorsender service
x000000/storage-manager Storage manager with thumbnails support
x1125/firebase-admin-sdk Firebase Admin SDK
x135v4/compolibrary Simple PHP Framework 'X135' CORE library.
x135v4/install Simple PHP Framework 'X135' install packeage.
x135v4/x135v4 Simple PHP Framework 'X135'
x1982/php-substrate Landers PHP Substrate
x1ankun/yii2-google-authenticator Yii 2 extension wrapper to google authenticator
x1ankun/yii2-zoom Yii 2的扩展包装Zoom
x1c/demo dd
x1n73ct/grepmail Email graph
x1nick/lsc LSC Library
x25/rpc-server Reflection based JSON-RPC server
x25/socialize A set of APIs that make your app more social.
x2ts/model-init Regenerate model comments according to database
x2ts/x2lib-aliyun-search Aliyun Open Search Wrapper
x2ts/x2lib-jpush JiGuang push classes
x2ts/x2lib-oss Aliyun OSS wrapper
x2ts/x2lib-qrcode QRCode wrapper for x2ts
x2ts/x2lib-smtp PHPMailer wrapper for x2ts
x2ts/x2ts The core of x2ts framework.
x2ts/x2ts-curl The cURL wrapper for x2ts
x2ts/x2ts-daemon The daemon module
x2ts/x2ts-i18n The internationalization module
x2ts/x2ts-ldap LDAP auth and management
x2ts/x2ts-parallel Parallel runner
x2ts/x2ts-remote-lock Remote locks
x2ts/x2ts-rpc The RPC module
x2ts/x2ts-session The token & session classes for x2ts
x3/functional Functional Programming Utilities
x3ak/doctrine-orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP
x3tech/caldav-client Simple to use CalDAV Client inspired by simpleCalDav
x3tech/laravel-shipper Integrate Docker into your Laravel development workflow
x3wil/czech-stemmer Port of stemmer for Czech language
x3y/laravel-jieba Laravel package for fukuball/jieba-php.
x4d/sbadmin2-template-bundle Symfony2 Bundle for Start Bootstrap SB Admin 2 Template
x51xxx/devtools This tools provide you useful scripts to generate code helping to develop faster and easy applications that use with Phalcon framework.
x59/horde-exception Horde Exception Handler
x59/horde-idna IDNA backend normalization package
x59/horde-listheaders Horde List Headers Parsing Library
x59/horde-mail Horde Mail Library
x59/horde-mime Horde MIME Library
x59/horde-stream Horde stream handler
x59/horde-stream-filter Horde Stream filters
x59/horde-stream-wrapper Horde Stream wrappers
x59/horde-support Horde support package
x59/horde-test Horde testing base classes
x59/horde-text-flowed Horde API for flowed text as per RFC 3676
x59/horde-translation Horde translation library
x59/horde-util Horde Utility Libraries
x5hell/helper helper functions
x5hell/yaml-config config code generator from yaml config
x64integer/rmq-php RabbitMQ wrapper
xaamin/blade Laravel blade templating out of the box
xaamin/curl CURL Wrapper
xaamin/encoding PHP Class Encoding that fixes mixed encoded strings.
xaamin/fractal Laravel wrapper for fractal
xaamin/hashing Password hashing
xaamin/jwt PHP Implementation of JSON Web token with RSA
xaamin/pdf FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP. F from FPDF stands for Free: you may use it for any kind of usage and modify it to suit your needs.
xaamin/session Session Wrapper
xaamin/validation Illuminate validation outside Laravel
xaamin/whatsapi Wrapper for Whatsapp messenger
xaav/queue-bundle Job Queue for Symfony2
xabbuh/block-relocation-problem Algorithms for solving block relocation problems
xabbuh/cr-api-bundle integration marmelab/phpcr-api into the Symfony2 framework
xabbuh/di-configuration-bundle Override Symfony service definition configuration with ease
xabbuh/lrs-bundle A Symfony bundle providing an xAPI Learning Record Store
xabbuh/oauth1-authentication OAuth1 authentication for the HTTPlug library
xabbuh/panda-bundle integration of the Panda encoding services into the Symfony2 Framework
xabbuh/panda-client PHP client for the Panda encoding REST-API
xabbuh/xapi-client client library for the Experience API (xAPI)
xabbuh/xapi-client-bundle Symfony integration of the Experience API (xAPI) client
xabbuh/xapi-common base package for Experience API implementations
xabbuh/xapi-data-fixtures common test data fixtures for the xAPI libraries
xabbuh/xapi-doctrine-storage common classes for Doctrine based driver implementations of an xAPI storage
xabbuh/xapi-model Experience API model classes
xabbuh/xapi-mongodb-storage MongoDB driver implementation of an xAPI storage
xabbuh/xapi-serializer Experience API model serializer
xabbuh/xapi-storage-api abstract definition of an xAPI storage interface
xabbuh/xapi-validator Experience API model validator
xaben/blog-bundle Simple symfony2 blog bundle
xaben/facebook-bundle Symfony2 integration for Facebook social plugins