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Name Description
y-urbanevich/combinator Get all possible combinations.
y-urbanevich/laravel-create-update-trait Create/Update trait to Laravel 5.4
y-yamagata/psysh-laravel add psysh command.
y0lk/oauth1-etsy Etsy API OAuth 1.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth1-Client
y0lk/php-mysql-interval Convert DateInterval to MySQL temporal INTERVAL expressions
y0lk/sqldumper SQL dump utility
y2468101216/dynamic-domain dynamic map your ip and domain's record, support godaddy
y2468101216/laravel-godaddy-domain dynamic map your ip and domain's record
y284663247/qrcode qrcode create base phpqrcode
y284663247/wxpay 微信支付
y284663247/yii2-app-advanced Yii 2 Advanced Project Template
y284663247/yii2-app-basic Yii 2 Basic Project Template
y4t6/hello-composer This is the my first composer pachage
y80x86ol/laravel-modules modules for laravel5
y80x86ol/normal-api a crypt for php
y80x86ol/simpla The Simpla PHP Framework
y80x86ol/simpla-framework The Simpla PHP Framework Core.
ya-hui/phprouting PHP Lightweight routing library
yaangvu/bbb-api-php BigBlueButton PHP API Library for PHP updated by YaangVu
yaap/theme Theme support for Laravel 4/5 with assets, theme extends etc.
yaapi/coding-standards YaAPI Coding Standards
yaapi/di YaAPI DI Package
yaasoft/yii2-comments Comments Module For Yii2 Framework
yaasoft/yii2-yaa-cms Yaa CMS Based on Yii 2 Advanced Project Template
yaasoft/yii2-yaa-core Core Module For Yee CMS
yab/cerebrum The easiest way to add some mental magic to any part of your Laravel/Lumen app.
yab/crudmaker An incredibly powerful and some say magical CRUD maker for Laravel
yab/crypto Cryptography tools for Laravel and Lumen
yab/formmaker A remarkably magical form and input maker tool for Laravel.
yab/homeforge A tool for adding and removing domains from homestead
yab/laracogs Prepare your Laravel apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, facades and boilerplates.
yab/laracogs-installer A CLI tool for generating laracogs apps
yab/laratest The easiest way to generate tests from your existing files and routes.
yab/laravel-scout-mysql-driver MySQL driver for Laravel Scout.
yab/quantum A pre-built use case of Quarx for even more rapid building of sites and apps.
yab/quarx Add a CMS to any Laravel apps gain control of: pages, blogs, galleries, events, custom modules, images and more.
yab/quarx-installer A CLI tool for generating quarx sites
yab/quazar An E-Commerce platform for Laravel Apps using Quarx
yab/watts Prepare your Lumen micro-service apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, and configs.
yabacon/paystack-php Helps make your Paystack API calls giving a stdClass object.
yaband/payment YaBand Payment Module for Magento 2
yabandpay/payment YaBand Payment Module for Magento 2
yabawt/webmarketer-client-php API Client to send leads to
yabhq/wordpress-custom-post-type Easily create custom post types in WordPress using an easy to understand API
yaboroda/ybsy-file-bundle This bundle provide tools for uploading files and link it to existing doctrine entities
yaboroda/ybsy-test-helper-bundle This bundle provide tool for easing unit tests with test db
yabrady/packagetest-for-laravel test for laravel
yac/ajax-modal Modal load view via ajax
yac/yii18n i18n for javascript files
yad2/test test build laravel package
yadagroup/texto-bundle Infobip SMS library for PHP using in Symfony project
yadahan/innstant-php Innstant PHP Library
yadahan/laravel-authentication-log Laravel Authentication Log provides authentication logger and notification for Laravel.
yadahan/laravel-cardcom Laravel Cardcom provides an expressive, fluent interface to Cardcom's billing services.
yadahan/nova-bouncer A Laravel Nova tool for managing Bouncer roles and abilities.
yadakhov/curl A simple php curl wrapper class.
yadakhov/insert-on-duplicate-key A trait for MySQL INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.
yadakhov/json A simple wrapper class to work with json in PHP.
yadakhov/laradump A mysqldump wrapper for laravel. Dump your table schemas and data into files.
yadakhov/okdata A wrapper class for the OkData json api specifications.
yadakhov/sportsodd A class to work with sports odds. Convert between american and decimal odds.
yadakhov/tor A simple wrapper class for Tor service in a Linux environment with init.d.
yaddabristol/crud Base Crud Controller to extend from
yadelivery/name-case-lib Library for inflecting Russian and Ukrainian Names. Fork of
yadelivery/serializer Library for (de-)serializing data of any complexity; supports XML, JSON, and YAML.
yadgen/xmtlib xxoo
yadjet/helpers PHP Helper Class
yadjet/http Http
yadjet/mts-sdk MTS SDK
yadjet/yii2-date-picker Date picker for Yii2
yadjet/yii2-file-upload-behaviors File upload behaviors For Yii2
yadjet/yii2-multi-level-selecter Multi level selecter for Yii2
yadjet/yii2-rbac The RBAC GUI for the Yii framework
yadjet/yii2-tagged-behavior Tag behaviors For Yii2
yadjet/yii2-ueditor Baidu UEditor For Yii2
yadjet/yii2-validators Yii2 Validators
yadjet/yii2-wechat overtrue Wechat SDK for Yii2
yadjet/yii2-ztree JQuery ZTree Yii2
yaec/yaec Yet Another ElasticSearch PHP Client
yaecho/file write & read files
yaelgisha/pingdom A PHP library for dealing with the Pingdom REST API
yaf/extras Extras package for the Yet Another Framework
yafa11/mc-viewer Memcache key viewer
yagerguo/yii2-ad-manage An ad module for yii2
yagerguo/yii2-post-module A post module for yii2
yagerguo/yii2-setting-module A setting module for yii2
yagerguo/yii2-special-post-module A special post module for yii2
yaglot/yaglot-php PHP SDK for the Yaglot API